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Final Fantasy One-Shots by tsukkki-
Final Fantasy One-Shotsby ★彡 UNI HIATUS
A book of one-shots & drabbles for characters from the Final Fantasy franchise. *CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS*
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Individual Roleplay! by Fantasy-Vibes
Individual Roleplay!by panda :)
I have a want to roleplay again so i decided to do individuals! i can roleplay: ~final fantasy (7, 9, 10, 12, & 15) ~kingdom hearts (i've played all the games) ~naruto (...
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Rydia's Last Cure | ✔️ #WattPride by kourtnienet
Rydia's Last Cure | ✔️ #WattPrideby Kourtnie McKenzie
Growing pains just leveled up, thanks to a sylph casting a spell on this summoner-girl's internal clock. Bisexual and asexual female leads. Complete FFIV fanfiction nove...
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Dissidia Final Fantasy Tent Camping by naehoge
Dissidia Final Fantasy Tent Campingby Smith!
(SHITPOST) chaos and cosmos are cheap as all hell they couldn't afford getting the dissidians nice lounging so they're in tents these tents they're a mile away from Sa...
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Severed Hearts by Moonlit_Lilly
Severed Heartsby Lily
{Final Fantasy IV x Pokémon crossover} Contest entry
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When I Love You Isn't Enough by empressgwenny
When I Love You Isn't Enoughby biigachoo
She's sick with loneliness, but he can't seem to figure out why. It would help if she spoke up a bit more. The first in the series. Around two years post game. Palom x L...
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  • love
  • angst
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The Book of Songfics by Moonlit_Lilly
The Book of Songficsby Lily
So, how this is going to work is this: I'll write out one shots based upon various songs. These oneshots may be simple original stories, or they may be fan fiction based...
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Borne unto the Stars by Moonlit_Lilly
Borne unto the Starsby Lily
Lunarians and those of the Blue Planet were not always separate. Once, they lived among one another in peace. Lunarians brought magic and technology along with other kno...
  • lunarians
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  • cid
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Blissful Innocence by Moonlit_Lilly
Blissful Innocenceby Lily
{Occurs during what would have happened if Zemus didn't try to destroy the Blue Planet} {FFIV fanfic} He was still an arrogant little boy. She was the perfect daughter...
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  • eblan
  • innocent
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Archer by Moonlit_Lilly
Archerby Lily
With the tip of a blood red arrow embedded into a target, I smile. My commander nods in approval. If Father were still alive, he'd smile too. Father died while Rosa and...
  • edge
  • magic
  • joanna
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Coming of the Darkstar by Aywren
Coming of the Darkstarby Aywren
*UPDATES EVERY WEDNESDAY* Five years after the Crystal Wars, the Ex-Dark Lord, Golbez, comes back to the Blue Planet, a place he swore he'd never return. What he finds...
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Oneshot (FFIV)  by Milon-
Oneshot (FFIV) by Milon-
Title says it almost all. Its also cagmilon so i dunno if ya like that.
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Final Fantasy IV A dragoon's tale  by SuperSailorPlum
Final Fantasy IV A dragoon's tale by SuperSailorPlum
It's the same plot of final fantasy 4 but told in Kain's point of view.
  • finalfantasy
  • cecilharvey
  • ffiv
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Cecil from Final Fantasy IV goes absolutely insane and eats his foot by lotad916
Cecil from Final Fantasy IV goes a...by lotad916
Cecil from Final Fantasy IV goes absolutely insane and eats his foot
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