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Turnabout Yandere (Miles Edgeworth x Phoenix Wright) by VTenya-Maki
Turnabout Yandere (Miles Edgeworth...by тєиуα ιι∂α
Sometimes love makes you go out of your way to do things you wouldn't normally do. Sometimes love makes you feel jealous. Sometimes love makes you want to kill. ~ One of...
  • insane
  • death
  • wrightworth
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Heavenly by ArfaSaleem
Heavenlyby Arfa Saleem
Niccy likes the human world, it's beautiful but he misses his true home. the land of the Fey sidhe, the Seelie Court he was part of, called Heaven poetically. But he had...
  • fey
  • adventure
  • love
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We Fey-ted few Draco Malfoy x Reader by SweaterCorner
We Fey-ted few Draco Malfoy x Read...by GoGoRagingWriter!
After his father's purchase from Knockturn alley, Draco has to persist in begrudgingly trying to befriend the fey reader that holds the key to Voldemort's resurrection.
  • magic
  • slowburn
  • spells
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The Avian Chronicles by tartpie1234
The Avian Chroniclesby tartpie1234
For 2000 years a mountain divided two races, each with their own culture. The Northern people who lived in snowy, mountainous, isolated villages, while the Southern peo...
  • fey
  • school
  • magic
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"Foolish Lovers." || Franziska Von Karma x Maya Fey. by rosegoIdd
"Foolish Lovers." || Franziska Von...by rosegoIdd
Franziska Von Karma (aged 20) is a skilled prosecutor, who is perfect in every way. However, she has one hamartia: Maya Fey (aged 19), who is determined to melt the pros...
  • lawyer
  • aceattorney
  • lesbian
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The Thing From the Well by Alcifer
The Thing From the Wellby Alcifer
A fairy prince climbs out of a well, in search of True Love, a young lass that has led him astray. What happens when fairies and a small town collide? Nothing good, thin...
  • pastoral
  • spoof
  • humorous
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The Five Feathers by Navy-Knight825
The Five Feathersby Navy Knight
Book 1 of the Four Races Series. Eirene Slayer hides her true self to survive the threats of the Fey. As an Enhanced, she is required to live in the shadows, stealing to...
  • magic
  • modernlife
  • death
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The Forgotten  by EllaJaneWeston
The Forgotten by EllaJaneWeston
700 years ago Fey and Humans went at war which raged on for months, they lost many soldiers. Rulers on both sides signed a treaty stating that they must stick to their l...
  • fantasy
  • fey
  • war