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Hitman reborn (Reborn fanfic) by isanamiya
Hitman reborn (Reborn fanfic)by Isanamiya
Hailey Kanzaki known as the number one assassin The Rose. what happens when during her mission her so called teammates back stab her? waking up as ...Skull de Mort?! Wh...
Skull in Naruto!? (KHR and Naruto crossover) by Zero-1307
Skull in Naruto!? (KHR and Naruto...by Zero-1307
Well when Skull life ended he thought he was going to rest in peace but apparently death didn't want him and he Reborn as a girl!?
Mafia's Strongest Witch by chu1luc
Mafia's Strongest Witchby flufluv3421
The Mafia knew of the Arcobaleno. The Strongest Martial Arts user, The Strongest Illusionist, The Greatest Scientist, The Great Seer, The Combusin Commander, The Number...
Another chance at happiness (Harry Potter and KHR crossover) by Zero-1307
Another chance at happiness (Harry...by Zero-1307
At the end of the war Iris Potter (fem Harry) had enough of being used as a pawn and decided to take her godson Teddy away from the magical world. She went to a complete...
Skulls true life story by MistArcobaleno
Skulls true life storyby OtakuGirl
What if Skull isnt what he looks like? Why did he hide his true self? What does arcobalenos do if they find the true about Skull De Mort
Mother are you proud? (KHR) by Medic_Eclipse
Mother are you proud? (KHR)by Eclipse
"mother are you proud of me" are the last words skull ever says with the acrobeleno around her in shock as she took a anti-acrobeleno bullet to the heart for t...