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Never Again: A Naruto Fanfiction by jarodlikestowrite
Never Again: A Naruto Fanfictionby Spawn of Satan
They lost. He lost them. He would never lose them again. . . After Madara killed him, Naruto finds himself back in the body of his younger self, right when he was made...
Grace: A Naruto Fanfiction by Shaxoss
Grace: A Naruto Fanfictionby Cakexo
"I'm just the Son of a Hero and Grandson of a God." Just after he was born, he was taken, kidnapped from the village named Konoha. And since then, he was raise...
The Student: A Naruto Fanfiction by jarodlikestowrite
The Student: A Naruto Fanfictionby Spawn of Satan
On the night when Itachi Uchiha slaughters his clan, Naruto is beaten and tortured severely by the local villagers of the village. The Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, co...
Another Hatake by kusewrites
Another Hatakeby sekudude
What if one day while Naruto was getting beat he somehow activated the Sharingan? What if the same day an ANBU by the code name Dog found him and decided to adopt him? ...
I'M WHERE?! (Naruto reincarnation) by Igneous06
I'M WHERE?! (Naruto reincarnation)by The magician
(Y/n)(L/n), an otaku who loves weapons and inventions like hidden weapons, guns and other types. But Most of all he absolutely LOVES Naruto. Wished he could do jutsu and...
Kitsune (naruto fanfic) by n4mikaze03
Kitsune (naruto fanfic)by Namikaze
Uzumaki Naruto is a cheerful, naive boy and a prankster. little that people know that he is a special Anbu and the assassin under the codename Kitsune. naruto x fem sasu...
The Abandoned Child: Naruto Fanfiction by jarodlikestowrite
The Abandoned Child: Naruto Fanfic...by Spawn of Satan
Minato survived the sealing of the Kyuubi as did Kushina. But after the sealing Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, and Tsunade take the two younger siblings, Naruko and Menma, aw...
You Saved Me by Raihantheruler
You Saved Meby Raihan
Fem Sasuke x Naruto. The Council wary that Suki Uchiha might betray the Leaf again, issued an ultimatum. She could marry Naruto, the only person capable of restraining h...
The ice prince and princess (Naruto x fem!Sasuke) by Justrayray124
The ice prince and princess (Narut...by Naruto_Uzumaki_124
Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto is the cold, smart, and strong boy at the academy. That being said, he is also extremely cold thanks to a certain last name that only Minato know...
Y/N Uchiha of the Leaf[HIATUS] by Kilpice
Y/N Uchiha of the Leaf[HIATUS]by Kilpice
So, dying sucks, but hey, I get a chance at reincarnation so that's awesome! But... I'm being reincarnated into the world of Naruto,Waking up, he finds himself as an Uch...
The Crimson Fox and Black Raven (narufemsasu) by leaguemaster14
The Crimson Fox and Black Raven (n...by leaguemaster14
After a falling out with the people he used to consider friends, and having enough of the verbal abuse from his village and leaving, Naruto falls into depression and all...
Slashed: A Naruto Fanfiction by Shaxoss
Slashed: A Naruto Fanfictionby Cakexo
"Funny isn't it, Sasuki? With our backgrounds, our roles could've been easily reversed." They were born into an accursed world full of corpses. As they continu...
The Anbu's Flash by HaiseUchiha
The Anbu's Flashby Haise Uchiha
What if Naruto, on his sixth birthday, received a gift from his dad in the mail? And what if the gift was a scroll that contained all of the fourth Hokage's special tech...
Uzumaki by almostelectric
Uzumakiby Electric
Uchiha Satsuki, avenger, doesn't love anything, or anyone. Not revenge, not tomatoes, and definitely - definitely! - not Uzumaki Naruto. But when she winds up on a genin...
Naruto: Legacy of the flash by Theghost_ofthesenju
Naruto: Legacy of the flashby Theghost_ofthesenju
Ok so first of all this story does not belong to me, it belongs to a writer by the name of NXSE on fanfiction.net but since he left it incomplete I will try my best to c...
The legacy of the Uchiha legend (Discontinued) by SashankDhungana1
The legacy of the Uchiha legend (D...by Sharingan Naruto
What if Kushina and Minato never died during the attack of the 9 tailed fox. What id the 3rd Hokage sacrificed himself to save his village. What if Hiruzen sealed all of...
Primal by Raihantheruler
Primalby Raihan
Fem Sasuke x Naruto. Suki Uchiha knew that she could never fully articulate her bond with Naruto. Theirs was primal bond that refused to be severed. "What kind of H...
Glimpse Of The Future [ Revised ] by minamiko987
Glimpse Of The Future [ Revised ]by Daniella
Disclaimer: I don't own naruto or anything surrounding it, It all own by Kishimoto . This is a revision of and earlier work that's still up, but I got overwhelmed by the...
The Wilting Leaf by dontgiveashit13
The Wilting Leafby HelloBitches
"Sasuke" Uchiha after defeating Naruto at the valley of the end brings him to Orochimaru for reasons even "he" doesn't know and the snake finds a sea...
My husband by NitsuaLeoj
My husbandby Nitsua Leoj
OC character x fem Sasuke. Sastsuki is married off to the senju clan after the Uchiha massacre. She isn't happy about it of course. Her husband is seen as a prince aroun...