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A Deathly Deal by CamillaLou
A Deathly Dealby Camilla Lou
A teenage girl left for dead in a forest by her schoolmates hallucinated that she made a deal with a grim reaper. But what happens when that hallucination wasn't one at...
Aishiteru Ace by Tailor45Sparkles
Aishiteru Aceby Tailor45Sparkles
Star crossed lovers, that. got reincarnated and fate brought them together. Now that their older they end up on different paths. But sometimes paths can intertwine with...
The Rise of a Legend by SapphireCelest
The Rise of a Legendby Sapphire
This is a female Luffy fanfiction that includes a haki knowing 7-year old that has a powerful devil fruit and relations to the yonkou, the seven warlords, and even the n...
Shinsekai High School (Edited) by CamillaLou
Shinsekai High School (Edited)by Camilla Lou
The academy's bullies were unrivaled in beauty, wealth and intelligence. What happens when three new students arrive and shake things up? I don't own the story cover. On...
Dragon Queen by TabithaHorton632
Dragon Queenby Tabitha Horton
Monkey D Luffia or Luffy is a 12 year old half dragon runaway. Watch as she sets sail 5 years early to become the Queen of Pirates. She just has to make sure that her el...
Grand Line University (One Piece AU) by REDLIPSTICK77
Grand Line University (One Piece A...by REDLIPSTICK77
This is a story about the college Female Luffy! Who will she end up with? The mysterious Trafalgar Law? The Rebel Eustass Kid? or The Badass Zoro? Follow Luffy in her a...
Straw Fox Queen by PVZ2lover
Straw Fox Queenby PVZ2lover
This story is inspired by two other stories I read named "Dragon Queen" and "Coby's Choice". Monkey D. Lolita (better known as Loli) is an ordinary...
Beginnings of the Magical Pirate Queen by MechaLOVERXD
Beginnings of the Magical Pirate Q...by Mecha LOVERXD
Monkey D Leila was once Dorea Rose Potter until she was abandoned by her former family and adopted by Monkey D Dragon.
My bestfriend by _PhoenixLuna
My bestfriendby Luna
A short Law x female Luffy Oneshot
Brothers (Edited) by CamillaLou
Brothers (Edited)by Camilla Lou
Law goes over to meet Luffy's family for the first time. I don't own the story cover. One piece is owned by Eiichiro Oda.
Daughter of the Revolution by AnnaSalgon
Daughter of the Revolutionby Anna Salgon
Monkey D Luffy, daughter of the Revolutionary Dragon has been apart of the army since she was old enough to fight. She shares her father's dream of fighting for what she...
Heartbeat (Edited) by CamillaLou
Heartbeat (Edited)by Camilla Lou
Law is a pessimistic and cynical doctor whose current relationship is only souring his opinion on life even more. But what happens when his hospital decides to hire a ma...
The Summer With The Shark by kittyface27
The Summer With The Sharkby Khylie Egger
Zoro moves to a tiny town with nothing but some beaches. When he goes to the notorious cove with a "monster", instead he finds a mermaid. Then the best summer...
Tenyashas And Strawhats by chu1luc
Tenyashas And Strawhatsby flufluv3421
I noticed the lack of Doflamingo x Luffy stories here, so I thought, why not? So here it is! Doflamingo, a wealthy, powerful business mogul is basically a man who has ev...
Monkey D. Lily by moressy101
Monkey D. Lilyby moressy101
a story where Luffy is a girl and is raised by dragon not to mention a genius that plans to keep this all a secret from her future crew
Cosmic Pirate Queen of the Sea (Adopted) by chu1luc
Cosmic Pirate Queen of the Sea (Ad...by flufluv3421
When Sailor Cosmos goes into the Galaxy Cauldron, she finds herself reincarnated as a certain future aspiring pirate. With dangerous pirates, persistent marines, and my...
The Amazing World Of Luffyko by Narboku77
The Amazing World Of Luffykoby bokuto66
So did another thing and why not this soo luffy know as luffyko is a girl who is like gumball and story like gumball yee
Lady Pirate by Il-cielo-tradito
Lady Pirateby Viridian
Straw hat Luffy, Captain of the Straw hat pirates has a secret, something that 'he' has been hiding for a long time. Luffy is a woman named Monkey D Luffiana, she was to...
Opposites | one piece genderbend story  by Brickchwan
Opposites | one piece genderbend s...by Brick
The straw hats go against a group of pirate bounty hunters, one of them has a strange devil fruit and bring temporary opposites into their dimension!
Lovely Luffy Adventures by AlienTae-Taehyung
Lovely Luffy Adventuresby Tae_Tae
Monkey D. Luffy the captain of the Straw Hats and the daught of Dragon the revolutionary has been keeping a huge secret from her crewmates what's this huge secret she be...