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Minato x fem Kakashi (lemon) by Female_Jiraiya
Minato x fem Kakashi (lemon)by Female Jiraiya
pretty much what the title says. every thing will be explained in the story mostly the first chapter. there will me a cover just give me sometime.
Unlucky by crimsonteresa
Unluckyby crimsonteresa
Minato was duped by Kushina, but she gets the worst of it when the nine-tailed fox takes revenge. Kakashi comes along with unfortunate timing and the fox is sealed withi...
Naruto (fem itachi x Male uchiha reader X Fem Kakashi) by Nasapeepolover
Naruto (fem itachi x Male uchiha r...by Nasapeepolover
I wrote this to get ideas never intended to publish but here it is
Y/n of the hidden leaf  by LeeBakugo
Y/n of the hidden leaf by Lee Bakugo
I just messed up the first one so new one it is
Naruto : Broken Bonds by tanjirop
Naruto : Broken Bondsby Dark Traid Asta
Kakashi still thinks why Naruto left Team 7? Fem Kakashi x Naruto One-shot
My Ninja Way (Male Reader X Naruto) by ManofPandas
My Ninja Way (Male Reader X Naruto)by ManofPandas
Most of you have probably seen, read or heard of the story of Naruto. But what if there was a slight twist? And that twist is that only women were able to use Chakra an...
Boruto and Naruto oneshots by hdfbfb
Boruto and Naruto oneshotsby K1ttyr1ot
Welcome welcome! This is a oneshot book about sasunaru, mitsuboru, and obikaka! Of course the bottoms are Naruto, Boruto, and Kakashi🤧 You may request but it has to be...
After the death of Kushina, Minato never showed he was sad to anyone to keep the village running and not to discourage his students. But he never expected Kakashi and Ob...
going down the rabbit hole by AlunaGray
going down the rabbit holeby AlunaGray
In which Hatake Kakashi blames rabbits, gets reborn as a girl, and breaks the laws of time, space and dimension. Crack treated seriously. AU. [Discontinued]
Konoha High by kzsren
Konoha Highby 𝒓𝒆𝒏
Kakashi moves back to Konoha City after leaving for 7 years to France to help her grandparents with their business She attends Konoha High which is the best school in th...
A Male Ninja On A All Girls Team Part 1 by Markahomie
A Male Ninja On A All Girls Team P...by Markahomie
Alex was a great ninja he was a master in taijutsu, excelled greatly at ninjutsu, above average in genjutsu. But he was completely anxious down to his core, just imagine...
A Wolf's Hunt by Mightyenaboy975
A Wolf's Huntby Mightyenaboy975
Grey is an orphan who was placed on Kurenai's doorstep. He grew up with her, Anko, and Yuugao as his personal trainers. Soon he is put on Team 7 but there was a twist.
reborn in Naruto as Obito by theonepunchman6
reborn in Naruto as Obitoby the one punch man
person died after getting hit by a truck and meet a God and is granted wishes and with the choice to go to any world he wanted. he picks Naruto, and with his former trai...
Love Shock [A crackfic that'll likely never leave the drafts] by milf-danger-noodle19
Love Shock [A crackfic that'll lik...by 💜That genderfluid bimbo snak...
In which a girl named Krystal gets struck by lightning and wakes up as a baby Kakashi. Now that would be your typical reincarnated into Naruto story, right? Wrong. Beca...
Genderbent Oneshots  by Satoru_Kin
Genderbent Oneshots by BrokeBitch
Legit just me giving myself comfort for my bisexual ass. Have fun on the ride lmao.
The family you make by Writergeek1998
The family you makeby Writergeek1998
It all goes downhill on a mission gone wrong.
The Rise of A Legendary Shinobi (HIATUS) by XX-san
The Rise of A Legendary Shinobi (H...by XXAlter
Naruto, a sweet innocent child who has never done any harm were shunned and tortured by the villagers in his village almost everyday. One day, it went too far and Narut...
The War God's Daughter by AlunaGray
The War God's Daughterby AlunaGray
In which Hatake Kakashi defies prophecies, reads self-indulgent porn and adjusts to his - er her new life as a daughter of a pompous god. A Naruto and Percy Jackson & Th...
Naruto's Journey of hatred who will fix it? by blixter6
Naruto's Journey of hatred who wil...by Lilian Odimegwu
What if Minato and Kushina were alive and they had 3 children during the Kyuubi attack and 1 more after. What if one of the children were neglected what if that child wa...
hayate x female kakashi by kawamarusenju
hayate x female kakashiby itachiuchiha
This is when kakashi was a kid during the third ninja war kakashi was in the academy with others she liked this one kid but she never could speak to him about her feelin...