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EriSol One-Shots by TyrianNoChill
EriSol One-Shotsby Done With Life
A series of one-shots about everyone's favorite couple EriSol.
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ask Erisol and Me!!! by GamzetteMacara
ask Erisol and Me!!!by Gamzette Macara
hey 2ollux her gzt and Ed are bored so we thought why not answer questions yay please note the sarcasm!!! me/Eriden that's not nice Sol/sollux!!
waiit... ED'2 a giirl? (Erisol) by Zoroark8910
waiit... ED'2 a giirl? (Erisol)by Oxy
Eridan Ampora. The troll who most call desperate and clingy. The troll who talks in a wwavvy accent. Who would ever suspect he was hiding a secret...
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Ask fem!Eridan by Eridah_Ampora
Ask fem!Eridanby Eridah_Ampora
Hey, I'm eridah, ask me some questions.
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Ask/Dare Erikah Ampora by ErikahAmpora
Ask/Dare Erikah Amporaby Gay Cinnamon Roll Ho
Ask me anyfin, I Suppose.
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