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She Said If I Sleep With The Men I Will Turn Into A Boy Again ( Harem ) by ilovemoney0_0
She Said If I Sleep With The Men I...by Your wife💅
This is my second fanfic about Fem-cale ______ "You have to sleep with a guy if you want to turn back." "What!!" Cale Choi han and Beacrox shouted &q...
Cale Turn Into A Girl?!  by ilovemoney0_0
Cale Turn Into A Girl?! by Your wife💅
In the morning " AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! RON!!! " Bang~ The bathroom door open and the person who open it was Ron with a worry expression on his face when h...
Fuck you, God of Death! by Vei_vie
Fuck you, God of Death!by justcallmevei
The war against the White Star was finally over, Cale with his own eyes saw that Bastard lying lifeless on the ground or so he thought. "What the hell?!" Cale...
Catharsis by namiuzunaruto
Catharsisby uzunami129
Affection, affinity, or even fixation of all the Male Main Characters on 'a girl who has charm like sunrise' dissipat...
The Darling of the gods by Aliatra851
The Darling of the godsby A Rσʂҽ σϝ Exιʂƚҽɳƈҽ
Living in a hell hole for the second time had been rough. To survive as someone else entirely, Cale Henituse, the lout of the Henituse Family had thought that his life w...
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