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The Crown Prince's Bodyguard ✔️ by Kim_Knights
The Crown Prince's Bodyguard ✔️by Kim Knights
When the prince is involved in a near death experience, he is saved by a mysterious person. With a grateful heart, he employs the man to be his bodyguard and keeps him c...
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ANGRBODA ※ Tony Stark  [1] by Fleur-DeLys
ANGRBODA ※ Tony Stark [1]by Leila
❝ Having you around has made Earth seem strangely... tolerable. ❞ Known as the Harpy for her fierce and calculating ways, Angrboda never expected anyone to dare take adv...
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THE PRINCE'S WARRIOR by 12kuhu2005
"All good things come to an end Sasha" She could hear her father's voice in the back of her head. Once the commander of the strongest army in the world Sasha...
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The alpha by RebeccaTurner128
The alphaby @Devils_Daughter
Skylar Is a girl with a dark and dangerous past, most of which she can't remember. Matt is her best friend who also happens to be the alpha of the blue moon pack. They a...
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Rune Stealer by Harleydutch
Rune Stealerby Harley
In the lands of Kainor some people are born with runes. These runes, scrawled in black at the base of the right side of the neck, grant the person a certain power. These...
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It's a Reincarnation of the Reincarnator (Book I) by SuzannaSlanderz
It's a Reincarnation of the Reinca...by SuzannaSlanderz
Disclaimer: None of the art used in this story belongs to me. It belongs to the original artists. Edit: Due to several requests I decided to focus more on this story an...
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Fight or Flight by XThe_WyldeX
Fight or Flightby XThe_WyldeX
Meg is a trained assassin and martial artist in a male-dominated line of work. When a spot on a task force opens up to take down the very target that killed her father...
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One in a Million by Queen_FP
One in a Millionby Queen_FP
A galaxy plagued by war, death, and division. All sides are fighting for power. Where one side has a droid army, the other has clones fighting for them. Those clones are...
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overpowered orphan by maybunX
overpowered orphanby maybun
a young orphan, Liv, has been brought up in a murderous world. hundreds of mob wars, terrorist attacks, school shootings, and theft have been taking place for the last c...
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Girl On Mission #Arshi  by BlessedGirl31
Girl On Mission #Arshi by Blessed Girl
A mysterious ride. "So Major Gupta are you ready for this mission? " Mr. Arjun Kapoor, Joint secretary of defense asked. "Yes Sir" She replied with s...
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Arcanae: the War Phoenix by Lyria_White
Arcanae: the War Phoenixby Lyria_
In an oceanic realm littered with magic, Crescent Isle had always been sheltered off from the remainder of the world for an odd reason. It was as though a giant dome had...
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Human Mate with Surprises by LINKINPARKfreak44
Human Mate with Surprisesby Tyson Eilers
---Not official cover--- The wolf just looks at me and then looks to his own back as if saying hop on. "Yeah no way that's happening. You get your paws on me, a hum...
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For you by kimjinjua
For youby kimjinjua
The biggest boyband in the the world hated by the biggest mafia of asia cant have a goverment agent cause they too scared and the best private agent is a female...wait a...
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The Legend of Yin Linea by stutijani
The Legend of Yin Lineaby Samuel Millers
Sometimes fate plays cruel jokes in life, but it is up to us that we don't give a chance to mess up our life. War only brings death and destruction, but for Linea it was...
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The Werewolf Princess by Romanian-Princess22
The Werewolf Princessby Romanian-Princess22
"When the time is right, please find her. Look for her, before she finds her mate, and know everything she shouldn't know," the woman said with an accent. &quo...
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The Hybrid Mate by TurtleReadsBooks
The Hybrid Mateby TurtleReadsBooks
"It's not the size of the dog in the fight , it's the size of the fight in the dog." -Mark Twain Life for Clarabelle was filled with secrets. Secrets she tries...
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Recommendation historical chinese novels by mademoiselle0695
Recommendation historical chinese...by Amani Kaïs
Hi ! I am a big fan of novels and I have honestly read hundreds in my life, which makes me hard now. Here you can find my favorite chinese historical novels, and ONLY...
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Queen Of Darkness (Avengers Fan-fiction) by SpeedSk8ter
Queen Of Darkness (Avengers Fan-fi...by SpeedSk8ter
Tara Lamira is the most feared assassin, that puts her high on SHIELD's radar. After she begins killing HYDRA assets Nick Fury believes that if she can be persuaded to j...
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Ballad of Silence and Wings by eleonne
Ballad of Silence and Wingsby Eleonne Moona
A silence to keep and a wicked queen to defeat. An exiled princess returns to her kingdom, bent on slaying the immortal sorceress, the Queen in the Glass Mountain. B...
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A Whisper to the North by AbigaelOfAgartha
A Whisper to the Northby Abigael
Damsels aren't supposed to wield swords, especially ancient swords that will have the blood of thousands spilled across it. ✵✵✵✵✵ Deep in the mountains of Cambria, there...
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