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The Snowflake Wish That Changed Everything by USZW901
The Snowflake Wish That Changed Ev...by PokéBlue
Sonic has become fed up with Amy constantly trying to be together with him, Sonic would do anything to make it end, even make a wish on a snowflake if he had to, but lit...
Tails Secret Tale by Zenosan
Tails Secret Taleby Zenosan
All Tails ever wanted was to live happily ever after with her best friend and crush Sonic the hedgehog the only problem is Sonic doesn't know she's actually a girl and s...
Aftermath: Femtails(&/x) sonic by Fishcatcher123
Aftermath: Femtails(&/x) sonicby Fishcatcher123
(NSFW) Sonic and tails chased after eggman again. this time, tails got hit by his new weapon and the 'side effects' are just kicking in...(I haven't seen any femtails co...
Crisis Of Harmony And Chaos. by NewStrangeAngel151
Crisis Of Harmony And Chaos.by Roy Deleon
Ever since being taken care of as a kid, all the male human ever wanted was to help out with Salonika and her resistance crew. What did he get in return? Just words like...
Tails' gender-bend by user37414697
Tails' gender-bendby Coraline
Tails is a girl and always has been. Sonic and his friends have just found out. Sonic has just realised that he has a crush on the fox.But what happens when sonic sees a...