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The Anything black hero: Izuma Midoriya by Aphera-Sama
The Anything black hero: Izuma Mid...by Crimson Angel
What if Izuku Midoriya was a girl? And instead of being quirkless/powerless she had a quirk/power? What if Izuma Midoriya (female Izuku) had a quirk which allowed her to...
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Todoroki's weapon by InsaneSepticJane
Todoroki's weaponby 'Angelic' Brutis
Izuku has a quirk which is called 'requip' this quirk allows her to requip any set of armor or weapon she wants and Her 'master' can make her into any weapon or armor th...
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(Bnha) I'll Be A Hero by MySoulReader
(Bnha) I'll Be A Heroby MySoulReader
(Discontinued!) Izumi Midoriya, a girl who is said to be quirkless yet still wants to be a hero. She is also the daughter of Hiashi Midoriya, the previous number one her...
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A Loyal Pet || A Female Deku AU by LittleCrystalCat
A Loyal Pet || A Female Deku AUby A Lil’ Crystal Cat
Man-Child Tomura Shigaraki was demanding a pet, a new ally, a stress reliever (So he gets over his scratching fits), and something to lift up the lifeless atmosphere of...
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✶ c h a n g e d ✶ { Female Deku AU } by star_roses
✶ c h a n g e d ✶ { Female Deku AU...by 𝔰𝔱𝔞𝔯
Izuku Midoriya was walking home when he was taken by a random stranger, then, everything changed. How exactly? Well, Izuku is now a female. . . . Female Izuku x Todoroki...
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(Fem!Izuku) The Hero Singer by SkiesBoi
(Fem!Izuku) The Hero Singerby 𝕊𝕜𝕚𝕖𝕤𝔹𝕠𝕚
Izuka Midoriya moves middle school at a young age. But before she moved she was training with All Might. After moving she started training with Gran Torino! What will ha...
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Jewels are beautyful fem Izuku by Power_Rose
Jewels are beautyful fem Izukuby Rosina Röckseisen
Izuku has a very special quirk. She can make gems and crystals. Her body is out of gems/crystals too what makes her very fragile because ... haha you must read the story...
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My Another World - A Parallel Universe with a Cheat like Ability by Nado_Naka
My Another World - A Parallel Univ...by Hikari Morinozuka
AU: While fighting a villain, Izuku Midoriya met his tragic demise. Regretting the thought of not achieving his objective of being the number one hero, he came to life i...
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I'm Sorry by Poppyseed259
I'm Sorryby Onii-Chan
Izuku Midoriya has never had an easy life. Her world was completely shattered when she learned she was quirkless. Then her best friend became her bully and tormenter. Wh...
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Smile (Fem deku x baku) by DlLSHAD
Smile (Fem deku x baku)by deku
||Femdeku x Baku || no quirks involved || unedited || completed ✓ Deku is a female, who's childhood friend with Bakugo Katsuki.But due to her father's work she had to l...
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I love you, I love you not. ( Katsuki x Female Izuku ) by nutmagwriting
I love you, I love you not. ( Kats...by natsumegu
+ "K-Kachann...I-I.." + "Just fucking say it Deku!" + "I-I love you!" + "Tch, well I love you not." _____________________________...
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MHA: Chosen by Olympus (Up For Adoption) by chu1luc
MHA: Chosen by Olympus (Up For Ado...by flufluv3421
Midoriya Izuka was born with something outside of a quirk. She was blessed by many Greek Gods and Goddess. As she grew, she would gain a new quirk or two every year. But...
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Female Deku X Bakugo | Book 1 by KaiReads1289
Female Deku X Bakugo | Book 1by Kai💕
One day Izuku was walking home and he stumbles across a guy attacking a woman. He tries to help but once he captures him he uses his quirk on Izuku. What will happen nex...
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One Forgotten(Fem! Izuku x Bakugo) by Bean_Chan
One Forgotten(Fem! Izuku x Bakugo)by 𝕍 𝕀 𝔹 𝔼
Former best friends and it never changed. Until Izuki had to move. The separation broke them both. But when she comes back. Katsuki is the most happy he has ever been...
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•>[BNHA]<• FEM IZUKU by _Sleepy_Kuro_
•>[BNHA]<• FEM IZUKUby ☁︎Kuro Uzumaki☁︎
Fem izuku with a healing quirk and many adventures in the future! With her new friends in U.A., will she find love or make enemy and rivals? With her quirk and the power...
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The Symbol Of Hope: Pneuma by MySoulReader
The Symbol Of Hope: Pneumaby MySoulReader
DISCONTINUED Stopped after final exams Izumi Midoriya lived a tragic life. First, her father left her and her mom, then her so-called friend Katsuki Bakugo almost killed...
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 Fem!Bakugo X Izuku X Fem! Todoroki (maybe lemon) by everbreath
Fem!Bakugo X Izuku X Fem! Todorok...by Daniel French
bakugo and Todoroki are turned into girls as a side effect of the villain who turned them into girls they both develope feelings for Izuku Midoryia.
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The Divine Hero: Izumi Midoriya (Kaccanxfemdeku) by TriggeredIida
The Divine Hero: Izumi Midoriya (K...by TheGreatestKing13
A girl, brought into this world by someone who left her. Wasn't gifted with the power of a quirk, no. Instead she gained something more powerful...A Stand.
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Let You Love Me (KatsuDeku) by KisaDon
Let You Love Me (KatsuDeku)by KisaDon
Pro-hero Deku took a blast for Pro-hero Ground Zero, went to coma and woke up with a surprise
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In a World Divided by Poppyseed259
In a World Dividedby Onii-Chan
Hybrid's are a normal part of life. They are a crossbred from animles and humans. Most Hybrids, depending on the breeder, can go for thousands of dollars. You can tell i...
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