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Fell!Poth One-Shots by SmaugBandit7
Fell!Poth One-Shotsby SmaugBandit7
A series of Fell!Poth one-shots, because this pair needs a little more love! I take suggestions for future stories!
Lurik/Fell!Poth 30 Day OTP NSFW Challenge by Roseen_Indigo
Lurik/Fell!Poth 30 Day OTP NSFW Ch...by ..... Life man
(Art Not Mine!) Hey everyone, Roseen Indigo here! Welcome to my 30 day OTP challenge! Lurik is obviously my OTP and since I love these 30 day OTP challenges, I figured w...
fell poth why not by Ck-anime-life
fell poth why notby call me ck
OK so me and @flameonleaf were rp and I asked could I turn it in to a book she said yes so this is our book please follow her and she's Goth I'm palette OK plz like it...
Sanscest stories by TheSpookySpooks
Sanscest storiesby MarriedToTheFuckingGodOfDeath
Feel free to make any request you want, I might do it, or I might not, lol, Jk, ill try my best, they'll get longer I promise
Sancest Oneshots and other ship Book Ideas  by Yunamping8
Sancest Oneshots and other ship Bo...by Doodle star
I have two rules: 1.)Don't like, Don't read. Obviously. Why would you even come here if you don't like it? 2.)Be KIND to your fellow Readers. I do not want my comment s...
Painfully Obvious. [Fell Poth || REWRITTEN] by ruby-rxse
Painfully Obvious. [Fell Poth || R...by rose
"Sometimes the right one is so painfully obvious it's as if they're jumping and waving a sign at you." After years and years of abuse from Palette, Goth decid...
caged emotions by Florina112
caged emotionsby Florina112
I don't own the characters nor the picture. Credit belong to their rightfull owners. Fellpoth story. I changed the characters a little bit for this story. Have fun readi...
Do You Even Love Me? by _QuartzCrysta_
Do You Even Love Me?by Quartzite
Cupcake/Fell Goth, lived a hard life in UnderFell. She(Yes I'm making Fell Goth a 'she') and her parents fight quite alot. She one day meets a certain skeleton while she...
Shattered Tears (A Fell Poth Love Story) by Alyse_The_Fangirl
Shattered Tears (A Fell Poth Love...by KÏŁŁĖRMÃRË TRÅŠH
"....Do you love me?" "Of course not, you pathetic shit!" "...Do...you love me..?" "..." A love story on Fell Poth where Lotus's...
Miracles - fell poth by Edgefellpalette
Miracles - fell pothby Edgefellpalette
You can guess who came up with the title Angel: ME!!
Ненавижу тебя.. by BroukenInk
Ненавижу тебя..by Lime Girl
Описание? Баклажан тебе.. Читай, тогда и узнаешь :^
Corrupting Fatals (Fell!Poth Story) by LotusAfterDeath
Corrupting Fatals (Fell!Poth Story)by Lotus AfterDeath
A young male skeleton nearly gets killed by a year older taller skeleton male but survives. He stays in the save-screen for almost 5 months, and he eventually meets some...
Hateful love (Fell!Poth) by Wichy25
Hateful love (Fell!Poth)by Wichy25
Warning:cussing, harm, self harm, maybe sexual content?. Ok I don't know what will happen soo hope u like it and etc.
Cupcake ||A Fell Poth Story|| by NightLight_Creates
Cupcake ||A Fell Poth Story||by •NightLight_Creates•
Lotus and Rurik start dating,but the question is.... for how long...? Rurik and Lotus have their ups and downs,but in the end they still love each other....at least...
Leave me alone: Fell Poth by CME2DAY
Leave me alone: Fell Pothby CME2DAY
Goth: "I don't think.. it's working." Pallete: "w-what?" Goth: I hand him the picture in my left hand,"I don't know.. ask her." I spat and...
Petals Of Emotions | Fell!Poth {Continuum} by Cheshemi
Petals Of Emotions | Fell!Poth {Co...by Secretly Trash-
I recommend you read Weirdly Vivid's first part of this and the first book. I'm sorry this took forever to come out but now with exams coming out and then sumer holidays...
Sanscest One-Shots by NightDragon574
Sanscest One-Shotsby NightDragon574
First book One-Shots for any ships. Will do anything request, including •Angst •Fluff •Lemons May make into full books if wanted. All characters belong to original creat...
I Hate You, I Love You {Fell!Poth} by UT-sin-trash
I Hate You, I Love You {Fell!Poth}by UT-sin-trash
contains fluff, depression and a lil bit of harming Fell!Goth Lotus//Cupcake Fell!Palette Rurik//Pudding