Marry Me (Dramione) by escapism-
Marry Me (Dramione)by escapism-
Hermione Granger wants to get married and start a family of her own. But her future plans of wearing a wedding dress are shattered when Ron breaks up with her sudde...
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The Way to a Dragon's Heart (Natsu x Reader) by barbsac
The Way to a Dragon's Heart (Natsu...by (ง •̀_•́)ง
(Y/N) (L/N) was only a young girl when she 1st met Natsu Dragneel, a young Fire Dragon Slayer. One day Natsu decided to leave (Y/N) in fear of leading her to danger sinc...
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UnderTale Oneshots (FINISHED) by OuterSpaceChild
UnderTale Oneshots (FINISHED)by OuterSpaceChild
(I DO NOT WRITE ABOUT UNDERTALE ANYMORE SO PLEASE DON'T REQUEST ON MY CHAPTERS) This is my oneshots of UnderTale. It invloes AU'S to! Background picture by Casper-Cat on...
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Save Me From Myself by Maximum_Ride_14_15
Save Me From Myselfby Miraculous_Maximum15
Marinette Dupain-Cheng starts to fall apart. Being bullied at school and the stress of Ladybug causes her to rethink everything as she's falling to rock bottom. Adrien...
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Percy Jackson-The New Hogwarts Teacher by samigirl101
Percy Jackson-The New Hogwarts Tea...by Samantha
The Giant war is over and Percy Jackson is spent. Finally there's a chance he can be with Annabeth for a while and he eagerly awaits the summer they have planned togethe...
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Escapade [harry styles au] by melodrxma
Escapade [harry styles au]by ellie
Patience Blake is a top agent, but so is Harry Styles. Will they work well together, or will problems stand in their way?
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Out of Time ★ [1] ✔ (EDITING) by -florianraven
Out of Time ★ [1] ✔ (EDITING)by L ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ
Highest Ranking: #48 in Fanfiction (10/5/16) PREVIOUSLY FEATURED A tale of loss, fractured bonds, newfound friendships, and action-packed battles, Out...
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Club Of Misfits ✏ Lashton & Malum by Larry_Lashton
Club Of Misfits ✏ Lashton & Malumby baby
❝Everyone has flaws. You me, Michael and Ashton - we're all just a club of misfits.❞ A club for those who need a friend created by two best friends. © 2014, Angie (larry...
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Son of the Rivers (Wattys 2015 Entry) by PixelUp
Son of the Rivers (Wattys 2015 Ent...by PixelUp
A being born from the Five Rivers of the Underworld, stronger than most gods, Feared by many. Always hiding, always there. An immortal being that carries out the will of...
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Why Are You Hiding Your Wings? | Destiel College AU by CasDesDean
Why Are You Hiding Your Wings? | D...by CasDesDean
What do you do if you're forced to go to college and share a dorm with someone? Doesn't sound bad? Well, try hiding wings on top of it!
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Yellow. by thisnegra
Yellow.by ché.
Harry is a single autistic father, ready to prove his love for his little daughter and willing to break the ableist stereotypes placed on him. This is a heartwarming sto...
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Something Great (H.S) by Jenemilyrose
Something Great (H.S)by J. E. Rose 🌹
Jenelle Taylor is a 21 year old shy TV presenter for MTV Australia. She embarks on an adventure of a lifetime with her partner Angus, when their job takes them around th...
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Sage ▸ Stiles Stilinski [Book One] by vividparacosm
Sage ▸ Stiles Stilinski [Book One]by ℰm.
"You do realize that I'm supposed to tell you when you're throwing yourself into a dangerous situation and that doing this will probably get you killed, right?"...
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It Would Happen Eventually  by blurrybuck
It Would Happen Eventually by Buck
Peter and Wade. We all knew it would happen eventually, but Tony isn't so accepting.
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Daryl's Angel (Book One in the Apocalypse Angel Trilogy) by hope_forever_18
Daryl's Angel (Book One in the Apo...by A trashy little moose
"Why're you bein' so nice to me?" "I would want the same if I were you." Hope Starling was alone when the dead started rising. She had always been a...
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overdrive • bellamy blake by dxltas
overdrive • bellamy blakeby dxltas
❝give me faith and i won't leave❞ We were born in space. We were expendables, none of us really mattered; not to anyone anymore. Our home wasn't home, it was a ship of m...
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Sherlock Imagines and Preferences by Just_A_Sherlockian
Sherlock Imagines and Preferencesby Just_A_Sherlockian
This is a collection of Sherlock oneshots written by yours truly. The majority of these oneshots are about the adventures you share with Sherlock Holmes, but I occasiona...
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Hunter x Hunter is an amazing manga, one problem... It has no romance, so I added a female character that'll add a twist.... My name is Nijika. I don't know how I...
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rise ➶ captain america [1] by -buterabubbles
rise ➶ captain america [1]by ♡
❝take my hand, we will stand and together we will rise❞ Where she gives him hope, and where he gives her love. ➶ [ captain america// steve rogers ] [ the first...
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What Family Means by NightmareWritez
What Family Meansby NightmareWritez
Stony - Superfamily Peter's Aunt recently died. She had a wonderful life, and sadly did pass away when she had a heart attack. It not doubt broke him. And now Spider-Ma...
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