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Decisions Made by XxzasexX
Decisions Madeby D
Harry is tired of everyone making his decisions for him, so he decides to take matters into his own hands, making one drastic enough to change everything for everyone fo...
Myself ( Kevin Alston) by QueenJayjayy
Myself ( Kevin Alston)by QueenJ
Layton Greene is from the bronx and she always got her heart broken what happens when she meets Kevin Alston from the bomb digz and producer allstar wants to sign her.
WATTPAD'S FBI ━ cliches ! by un-lost
WATTPAD'S FBI ━ cliches !by 𝐑
we're certified, we're very professional, and we're very, very tired of Wattpad's [F]ilthy [B]unch of [I]diots ━ cliches ! [BEWARE WE BARK] // basically a rant book.
One Liners by BrokenWriter01
One Linersby StRaNgEr
A collection of one - liners. Some sad, some happy.
FED UP by Hustle_Everyday_
FED UPby Baby Unicorn
Yes, frustration. These poems have usually came out when I was or am in frustration. Republishing it for @xxonedirextionfanx. I put it down cause I thought it wasn't go...
What happened to Wattpad... by oEch0o
What happened to Wattpad...by oEch0o
We have finally seen the straw that broke the camel's back. Wattpad has slowly been sapping the quality of it's reading experience and I have finally reached my breaking...
The Girl by kittehns
The Girlby kittehns
About a girl who just gets shit from everyone, and she finally has enough .
My Life Journals by beachflowersmusic
My Life Journalsby - M xx
Just a book about what I feel now and then.
Please don't let me wake up. (aug 16, 2016)  by unforgettable_mind
Please don't let me wake up. (aug...by unforgettable_mind
A day where I was feeling hopeless, a day where everything I was feeling inside just collapsed...
The Aftermath by PoetryByDesign
The Aftermathby PoetryByDesign
Just wanted to get some heavy things off of my mind and chest and forget all the rest. And dig down deep into my core and to let the whole world know that when it comes...
I'm falling. by calixic000
I'm falling.by caliso
(trigger warning: suicidal speech, death) this is shit I'm so sorry
Blood, Sweat, & Tears by GigglingWitch
Blood, Sweat, & Tearsby GigglingWitch
A poem I wrote... I am finally reached my limit of holding my tongue. I had no one to vent to, so I wrote this.
It Ain't Yours To Throw Away by RyeGeoff
It Ain't Yours To Throw Awayby Rye Geoff
Bella grew up when she was very young. She grew up to survive. She hadn't made room in her life for dreams or love or herself. Bella is older now and she recounts how sh...
These Niggas for everbody by ayo_shont1000
These Niggas for everbodyby ayo_shont1000
Keisha is 20 years old N fed up with these Niggas. "They not acting right 2017" she says. "they in ur life get wat they want N walk out" she goes on...
We'll See by Womansera
We'll Seeby Womansera
It's just a diary of a girl who seems to be lost in the labyrinth called life.
Falling in love in the cruelest way-Taylor Swift by IfItNeverLasts
Falling in love in the cruelest wa...by IfItNeverLasts
Taylor wants to take a break of her stressful life and finds herself on the way to Greece. She has no idea what awaits for her there