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Shattered: The Lost Fairies by kickoffRachelJackson
Shattered: The Lost Fairiesby Rachel/Rowan "RJ" Jackson
Dear Reader, I will warn you now, only read this if you think you can handle the way you think of the world changing entirely. This is a historical account of my family...
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Louder (Inuyasha And Sesshomaru Ambw)  by Tearsfillthesky
Louder (Inuyasha And Sesshomaru Am...by Bre
"I'm just gonna dance right through the pain."
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Alex Rider crossover - Hawaii-five-O by Rider_007
Alex Rider crossover - Hawaii-five...by Rider_007
Alex is in Hawaii for a vacation. What he doesn't know is he is gonna start working again sooner than he has expected.
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At Lo Levad ~ An NCIS Fan Fiction by vintagefirefly
At Lo Levad ~ An NCIS Fan Fictionby Katie
The renowned 'masked killer' returns with a vengeance, but this time he's not giving up. When the team come across their most personal and shocking case yet, rules hav...
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Genesis by starqueenxox
Genesisby sameeha
When Zak betrays Isa and cheats on her, their marriage falls apart. Isa doesn't realise this until a year after staying with him, constantly blaming herself for what hap...
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FED by -naybndo
FEDby 👾
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IFanos Residentes Da Fábrica Que Pode Facilmente Ser Qualquer Coisa by ArthurCrownguard
IFanos Residentes Da Fábrica Que P...by Arthur Ouriques
5 Alunos fazem uma prova. 5 Alunos tiram a nota necessária. 3 Alunos passam. 2 Alunos não passam 2 Alunos ficam pra reclassificação. Os 2 são chamados na reclassificaç...
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The Pastors Sons Daughter  by Beyondme54
The Pastors Sons Daughter by Beyondme54
Part 2 to Pastors Son. The life of Serenity Martin....Kennedy Wayan's daughter.
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Assemble (Book Two of The Avengers Reports) by WritersBlock039
Assemble (Book Two of The Avengers...by Miss Moffat
NCIS Special Agent Natasha Romanoff is lying in a coma in a hospital bed, diseased by gamma radiation. No one knows how she received it, but they know that if Special Ag...
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Trip by meeksramsey86
Tripby meeksramsey86
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Political Science by work56turkey
Political Scienceby work56turkey
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Message by metcalfgewecke74
Messageby metcalfgewecke74
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HARMONY { SPENCER REID & B.A.U. } by apaigewrites
" i can tell a lot by a person by what they choose to see in me " it was no secret that spencer reid was boy genius; he always had the right answer for ever...
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Note by augustuscannon48
Noteby augustuscannon48
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Two by bibbyeskin58
Twoby bibbyeskin58
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Box by ludlowsalway21
Boxby ludlowsalway21
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Security by buttoncalderon61
Securityby buttoncalderon61
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Federal Reserve Bank Definition And The Real Real Truth About It by ship56mel
Federal Reserve Bank Definition An...by ship56mel
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