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Thicker than Blood - Book One (Watty Awards 2012) by thethornsofmylife
Thicker than Blood - Book One (Wat...by Ruth
Book One in the Soul Seeker Series. At fifteen Amelia is forced to move in with her birthfather when her mother passes away. A man she's never met before in her life, st...
Silver Skies // BNHA OC by RMK1012
Silver Skies // BNHA OCby RMK
In a world where 80% of the population have some uncanny ability, or a quirk, the rise of professional heroes has significantly increased over the years. When a young gi...
Tickle Commissions by Featherscape
Tickle Commissionsby Featherscape
Here I have compiled a collection of one-off tickle stories. Each one was a prompt commissioned and by readers. I am not currently accepting commissions. I will update o...
Black Swan  (Conan x Reader) by WolfPack14Midnight
Black Swan (Conan x Reader)by Lunar Eclipse
Y/n is the younger sister of Kaito Kuroba or the famous magician thief known as Kaito Kid. In the daylight she goes as Y/n Kuroba. But at night time, she goes as Black S...
12*1 Eyes On Us [Hyewon X Minjoo] by Hyewonnie11
12*1 Eyes On Us [Hyewon X Minjoo]by KWANGBAE IS LIFE
Wherein the chosen trainees are invited to a special school Kang hyewon has never in her life thought that her decision will effect her life 100% like this Kim minju th...
feathers new art book! by timberclan_cats
feathers new art book!by timberclan
TITLEEEE (hehe i drew cover :3)
A Sparrow's Feather by Imaginary_Capable16
A Sparrow's Featherby Kelly Kuznetsov
| Nominated for 'Best Visual-Audio Fanfiction' In the Fanfiction Awards 2018 | | Beautiful cover by @v-xviii | "Jack I swear, I will run you through with this swor...
A Feather From My Heart [Pit x Reader x Dark Pit] by Ggnata-C
A Feather From My Heart [Pit x Rea...by Gnat_TheNintendoGirl
(Y/n)'s a simple girl living in a simple village. Living alone in a small complex with no family, her village keeps her company. (Y/n) knows everyone and everyone knows...
Slingficerz 3 The Finale by bituinhana3202
Slingficerz 3 The Finaleby team ShiLah
"You think you already won? think again Sora and Nurul"
Fall With Me (Book One) by High_Elf-Kinky_Pixie
Fall With Me (Book One)by High_Elf-Kinky_Pixie
Once someone dies they receive a second chance. A chance to live a normal life with a twist. Angels and Demons have many purposes and the Academy of Nándor, people of d...
 City In The Clouds by Unga_Bunga_
City In The Cloudsby Frogamoth
Clay was a boy who lives his life an outcast due to his abilities. In attempts to maybe change how people view him he gets sent on a mission to find the city lost in the...
Barefoot Bystander to Ticklish Babysitter by demonoftheearth666
Barefoot Bystander to Ticklish Bab...by DM123
Cover made by @BarefootPoetAdvocate. Credit to him for also giving the idea, outlining it, chapter names, and helping me with editing for this story. (On hold until I fi...
'A waters drop, a feathers touch ~ power au by Victor_phantomhive
'A waters drop, a feathers touch ~...by victor_phantomhive
lance has a secret, but can he keep it? power au, but only lance has powers (except for allura of course) some langst, ill warn for triggers
Blades of a Feather (Of a Feather Saga book #1) by KAAshton
Blades of a Feather (Of a Feather...by K. A. Ashton
Jari is the first male valkyrie; yet, he's targeted by Death's scythe. After a sacred ritual deems him corrupt, he's torn from his wings and thrown down to Avalon; a wo...
Yours To Tickle by Fionacat1251
Yours To Tickleby ThatAuthorGirl
You were decided. You were finally doing it. You were going to kidnap someone and use them as your tickle slave, and you had never been more excited.
Dance of Feathers - Sabito - Demon Slayer by NyxieNight239
Dance of Feathers - Sabito - Demon...by ~Itsuka~
Foxes were creatures of cunning and wits. They normally are seen as sneaky animals who steal food from others and trick those who are naïve into traps. But, people never...
Warrior Cats OC Rater (Open For Business!!) by FoxgloveNotHolly
Warrior Cats OC Rater (Open For Bu...by Killer Princess
Just a standard OC rater. If you use my form and are polite and nice we'll get along fine!
Caged Bird *prequel to Angel Wings and Unchained* by Thewriterspilledink
Caged Bird *prequel to Angel Wings...by Thewriterspilledink
*Prequel to Angel Wings and Unchained* (Although this is first in the series, you can read it in any order and it'll still make sense to the stories) The start of it al...
The Last Delivery by imomckenzie
The Last Deliveryby Imogen
One last drop off, then it's feet up and a glass of wine. Or maybe not??