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Fearsome Saviour by emmy-AA
Fearsome Saviourby emmy-AA
His reputation preceded him. Stories were told about him. He was a brute, he was a hideous looking man. He scared off people. Were they true? With all the wealth he poss...
Scary Short Stories † by purrpleheart
Scary Short Stories †by RÍONA
Forest Nightingales - The Forest Wants to Play by NESMAN
Forest Nightingales - The Forest W...by NESMAN
Lewis Nightingale is late coming out of work and so on the way home he makes a decision and brave the forest he has feared since he were a small boy. But a cruel spirit...
Jinxed by JinX-Rebirth
Jinxedby INACTIVE TILL 8/20
"I'm bad luck ,always have been ,always will be "jinx said sadly "Trust me jinx , when I tell you you're nothing but my lucky charm " Baran (A.K.A Ma...
Chasing After His Fearsome Soul (Amadeo Series#1) by Blytherfly
Chasing After His Fearsome Soul (A...by nnevvy
Lanz Hailee is a girl with a spoiled brat attitude. A young bachelor in her 18. The only heiress of their family. Apart from that, her looks doesn't really shows how muc...
Monster : Born of flesh by SahilChaudhry
Monster : Born of fleshby Sahil Chaudhry
This is my first story I hope people like it this story will be about a world of humans but among them exists a new breed they are called monsters Disclaimer: I do...
Fearsome by galaxy-ic-1101
Fearsomeby N. Galaxy
After a car accident, I only had pieces of memories left which was in my dream. The thing is, I'm wanted. But I forgot everything! What did I do in the past? All I saw w...
Tales of Disgrace by millidios
Tales of Disgraceby raphs
Life is really a blessing, isn't it?
Bonnie, The Haunted Doll! by Pandabrittbritt
Bonnie, The Haunted Doll!by Pandora
A little girl named Ashlyn gets a doll for her birthday... Somethings not right about this doll... But what is it? Let's find out.
St. Canard's Catalogue of Colorful Criminals by Sputtersparky-tm
St. Canard's Catalogue of Colorful...by Sputtersparky-tm
Young wanna-be writer, Niamh Featherfoot, is a fan of the criminals of her home city, St. Canard. One day hoping to be able to publish a book on all the lesser known vil...
The Vampire and The Motel by emaan416
The Vampire and The Motelby Emaan Fatima
Hello my fellow readers! Komal Here! Before we get into all the formal stuff, I would like to thank a few people. I would like to thank one of my cousins for playing...
Into The Forest by Tdog5505
Into The Forestby Teddy_bear
Have you ever believed in fairies? Or small imaginary creatures that could talk? Well I did but like everyone else I grew out of them, until one dark quiet night where t...
Fearsome Lonely by RainbowPoptartzx
Fearsome Lonelyby Queen Quirkious
Brooklyn. That girl... Huh.. Ever wondered what life was like for her? Tough? Easy? Risks? She knows about all that. Cause she went through it.
Fearsome Five (Slow Updates) by MaggieRose25
Fearsome Five (Slow Updates)by Maggie Rose
Five seniors. One Basketball team. Secrets amongst them that are yet to be revealed. Will they fall apart or will their secrets bring them closer. Rhody, Elena, Kyrie, F...
THE CURSED TRIPLETS by WordDreamer2007
If you like horror tales then follow me. I have all the different kinds of horror stories you an start with my own story which is horribly haunted story i swear its true...
Daysky  by lamboboy1738
Daysky by MASK1738
WWE: The Marine [-BOOK TWO-] by LlamaSuperHero
WWE: The Marine [-BOOK TWO-]by Jessica Marie :3
(~~Please read first story before this one :P~~) John has been the face of the WWE for many years, and he's willing to give it all up to go back to the Marines. He leave...