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End-Game / FaZe Adapt by The_World_Of_Stories
End-Game / FaZe Adaptby The_World_Of_Stories
" You two are End-Game, the distance can't break you guys apart," Alissa says. {UNDER EDITING}
Faze And Clout House Imagines by gilinskyboiiii
Faze And Clout House Imaginesby nätälië
Basic infomation: Your instafamous, 905k followers. Twitter: 345k followers Youtube: 780k This book is just gonna be full of random imagines that i think of to do with t...
Carolina | Faze Blaze by mw_gaht
Carolina | Faze Blazeby 🤠🤍
"No we're not dating" "Yet" "Oh really" "You have feelings for me don't deny it Carolina" "Why does everyone insist on calli...
faze clan imagines 💫 by daranslo
faze clan imagines 💫by socks ☻
yall are really gonna have to comment requests for this one but anyways i love these boys and i just thought itd be fun 🥳 i include alot of underrated boys like mito, k...
almost lovers → faZe clan by vscomaloley
almost lovers → faZe clanby a
"you changed me for the better, but you changed me for the worse" [[ group chat ]]
faze texts ⇛ faze clan by dolangoof
faze texts ⇛ faze clanby dolangoof
a compilation of texts you receive from the guys at the faze house ↳ #525 in fanfiction - 18/4/17
his sister | adapt by adaptsviolet
his sister | adaptby faZe & cloutgang <3
In which Ricky's ( faZe banks ) little sister moves into the clout house to pursue her youtube career, but struggles with her overprotective older brother.
Clout Gang (Instagram Posts) by fazestoriez
Clout Gang (Instagram Posts)by fazestoriez
19 year old Lauren Walters is a new Youtuber and is recruited to Clout Gang. See her experience with the whole Clout Gang and FaZe Clan squad through Instagram posts.
adopted by atthispointidek0101
adoptedby 🦕🦕🦕
she's 15 and has been in the system for 7 years. when she gets adopted for good by faze banks and alissa violet, how will life turn out?
Gold/ FaZe Adapt [ON HIATUS] by The_World_Of_Stories
Gold/ FaZe Adapt [ON HIATUS]by The_World_Of_Stories
Jazz King, who was known as a YouTuber, is now known for her impressive and continuing to impress, skills in the CWHL. As she is selected to play and represent Canada in...
"Gaming Love." (FaZe X Reader) by cayden66
"Gaming Love." (FaZe X Reader)by ⭐️Midnight⭐️
~~Made before the house in LA~~ "Who do I want to fall in love with?" I asked myself, only if I knew who I would choose in the end... •(AUTHORS) EDIT• This boo...
FaZe Banks Little Sister - FaZe Adapt by ChaiTea1230
FaZe Banks Little Sister - FaZe Ad...by Chai
The younger sister of FaZe Banks-Hallie Bengston, has possibly the most hectic, all over the place life. Being in the public eye while trying to keep her private life pr...
Wrong number. Faze Teeqo  by YoungApex
Wrong number. Faze Teeqo by YoungApex
" love you you got the wrong number." Short story fanfic.
FaZe Imagines and Preferences by MrsAlamiaClifford
FaZe Imagines and Preferencesby Princess Rayne
~Template to get an imagine~ Name: If you want it costumized Nickname: Either real nick name, or the one you want him to call you. For example, if your names Ariana, an...
my favorite part - temperrr by atthispointidek0101
my favorite part - temperrrby 🦕🦕🦕
alex and kendall grew up together in phoenix. after three years, kendall decides to move to LA. alex offers her a room at the faze house and she graciously accepts. she...
Faze Group Chat {F.Temperrr} by LaylensBabes
Faze Group Chat {F.Temperrr}by laylen
i'm sorry this is really bad but oh wellllll
FaZing by JustFazing
FaZingby Jeszylove
The hardships begin. This is the time to believe, to achieve and to accomplish. From the memories of a young teen, to discovering the break through of adulthood to my fu...
Smash or Pass by fualkznh8iwheuxje7
Smash or Passby Courtnie Luna
This is so you can have fun tell me who you want next
RECONNECTED ➟ daniel seavey [DISCONTINUED] by seolarworld
RECONNECTED ➟ daniel seavey [DISCO...by deedee 🍁
Daniel and Valerie had been internet friends for over three years when they met through a mutual friend but as time went on they both became busy and began talking less...