Drake's Queen ••••• A DRAKE MERWIN FANFIC by Eatyourschool
Drake's Queen ••••• A DRAKE MERWIN...by Eatyourschool
NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION NOW UP ON MY WATTPAD A gone series fanfiction- Drake Merwin (PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS DRAKE'S PSYCHO) Lilly Michael's: Sadist, pyromaniac and quite...
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The FAYZ interviews [ON HOLD] by Maureentjetje
The FAYZ interviews [ON HOLD]by MaurFAYZ
[ON HOLD] Hi! I have no idea how you found this book, but I'm glad you did! It's a fanfic about the GONE series by Michael Grant. Basically, it's a bunch of interviews. ...
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Left Behind |Being Rewritten| by Aj-Aurora
Left Behind |Being Rewritten|by s.m
❝She was made of destructive magic❞ ···· Created: 20 / 11 / 14 All Characters in the original series belong to Michael Grant, I own Grace Lukas and any new char...
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Abomination Relation (Gone fanfic~Drake x Sam) by Logical_Cat
Abomination Relation (Gone fanfic~...by Logical_Cat
(All characters belong to Michael Grant.) Anything is possible with enough persistent torture. And now, thanks to the unwavering will of the Gaiaphage, some of the most...
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Caine and Diana || ˢᵗºʳʸ ºf ᵘˢ by daeemon
Caine and Diana || ˢᵗºʳʸ ºf ᵘˢby may we meet again
a fan-made story set in GONE by Michael Grant *STORY BASED ON GONE AND FOLLOWS STORYLINE ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO MICHAEL GRANT* Caine has discovered he has the power of...
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Stories of the FAYZ (The Gone Series) ~completed~ by hlwing
Stories of the FAYZ (The Gone Seri...by hlwing
Untold stories of the FAYZ
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Caine X Drake Drabbles by drkemerwin
Caine X Drake Drabblesby drkemerwin
Random Caine Soren & Drake Merwin stories
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Gone Series Roleplay by Demiphoenix1125
Gone Series Roleplayby AndJeffersonInLoveWithKlance
What it says in the title. Don't worry, this is just a... FAYZ. *Ba-dum-ch*
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GONE by WordsOfTheWitch
GONEby Victoria
IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE. EVERYONE DISAPPEARS. GONE. Everyone except for the young. Teens. Middle schoolers. Toddlers. But not a single adult. No teachers, no carbs, no do...
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Gone FAYZ/horse shifter by PuraRazaCabalo
Gone FAYZ/horse shifterby PuraRazaCabalo
Drake,Caine, and Diana are all horse shifters. No one knows but them. When the new girl Kat joins the school they sense there is something different about her. Will Kat...
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GONE/FAYZ HEADCANONS by Alexanderdanghethin
the title explains it
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Christmas One-Shots by explicitlukercy
Christmas One-Shotsby wheeler
GONE series Christmas One-Shots for 'fayz fams' on instagram Update, March 3rd, 2018: lol I'm posting this unfinished disaster in March 2 years later because that's just...
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