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Life by SomiyaJ
Lifeby 🌹Vibez
Life- /līf/ particular type or aspect of people's existence People experience the good part of life. Others experience the bad part of life. Then there are people who ju...
  • urban
  • druglord
  • school
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Middle Child Problems by multi-fandomfreak
Middle Child Problemsby FangirlTrashUwU
I'm doing this causr I found none id the WHAT SO EVER Relatable problems that the middle child in the family go through because I know I go through every single on of th...
  • childhood
  • relatable
  • favouritism
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Anime Quotes by Natsuki_Naomi
Anime Quotesby Yuzu Nikaidou
Welcome to my Quote Book! This contains quote that can inspire you everyday. The pictures or the quotes doesn't belong to me. I just want to share this to all of you. ...
  • happy
  • otaku
  • anime
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 Kaira OS: The Favourite Child by shailjamanya05
Kaira OS: The Favourite Childby Shailja Manya
Peep in to know!!! Was not getting any idea for any other story...so decided to write a new OS
  • kaira
  • naira
  • jealousy
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I'm B R (O K) E N by sunflowerchxld
I'm B R (O K) E Nby sunflowerchxld
Marla Grace looks happy on the outside but not really in the inside. She has depression, anxiety, and anorexia. At home she is verbally abuse by her step father Chris an...
  • gangs
  • depression
  • drama
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Best Books on Wattpad by LivvyK_
Best Books on Wattpadby Livia K
I'm selective about the books i read and usually judge them from the first few chapters. Some books i really wish will never end while some books i ditch immediately. Th...
  • ôn
  • favourite
  • preferred
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Dreaming ❤️ by GarGarTrash
Dreaming ❤️by GarGarTrash
Kacey was overjoyed when she got accepted into The Galaxy Garrison. She could hardly wait until her space adventure began but she saw a ship land and that ship changed h...
  • favouritism
  • space
  • garrison
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Were All a little Weird But I'm Just Different by AlissaBrooks09
Were All a little Weird But I'm Ju...by Sabrina Frost
Fiona is the shy,loser kid at school.No one really notices her unless they come to bully her. She has a little sister and her parents only notice her little sister and f...
  • love
  • favouritism
  • jonas
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The Legacy of Robert Wise by SophieSophie898
The Legacy of Robert Wiseby Sophiee
Arabella Wise is out in the streets in the unholy hours of the morning following a middle aged drunk man. Don't ask. In a very one-sided relationship, she cares for him...
  • favouritism
  • life
  • death
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Letters by darkdreamer87
Lettersby Shaz.
  • neglected
  • favouritism
  • unloved
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Diary of Songs by kueenQ
Diary of Songsby kueenQ
lyrics to your favourite songs all the time. every part of your life sparkle. just try to bend in and leave a little sparkle wherever you go.
  • lyrics
  • songlyrics
  • stories
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My Parents Favor My Sister by cadeymusic
My Parents Favor My Sisterby ɔɐpǝʎ
This is a one shot. Umm yeah that's all I have to say
  • day
  • basketball
  • oneshot
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Save Me From A Broken Home  by cheesecakeLOL1998
Save Me From A Broken Home by cheesecakeLOL1998
Hadley "Hadie" Booker lives in a broken home. Her mother and father favor her younger sister. Her younger sister's a total brat and her current boyfriend is to...
  • magcon
  • jackjohnson
  • brokenfamily
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Favouritism by Foodizzzlaypp
Favouritismby Ilabfries🍟
There was a child named Katie and has a sister called Anna.... Katie suffered through a lot of circumstances just because of her mother..... She had to sacrifice some th...
  • kindness
  • favouritism
  • suffering
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Focus // Adopted by Ariana Grande by LifeIsdeath_
Focus // Adopted by Ariana Grandeby mxds
Jamie, your average 14 year old, with a dark past of family's and an obsession with Ariana Grande. "is this real life?" I accidentally said outside while st...
  • ariana
  • grande
  • story
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The trouble with Amadeus by troubleclef1204
The trouble with Amadeusby Nakyla Brady
King Corneillius had 6 wives, the youngest of which, Kendeki, was his favorite. And her first child, Melodious, seems to be the one he will pick for his heir. What will...
  • royalty
  • children
  • favouritism
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Imperium Academy by Vigilant_Schemer
Imperium Academyby Vigilant_Schemer
In a world were super human powers are a common occurrence it would make sense that there would be a place to teach the next generation how to control their powers. And...
  • teams
  • superpowers
  • familyproblems
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"Monster" by cynthia_chung1995
"Monster"by Cynthia :>
  • influence
  • favouritism
  • ritual
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