Loving The Present(On going) by iheartangel_
Loving The Present(On going)by Ms. Angge
You always hurt me but I chose to stay beside you because I love you I did not leave you even though you did push me away I did not stop you loving even if you did not l...
  • amnesia
  • fiction
  • love
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Dusk Till Dawn by SushiiXOX
Dusk Till Dawnby SushiiXOX
All Dusk ever wanted... they were all Dawn's. Fame, recognition, love. Trying to live up to the sovereigns of Myredreath's expectations is harder when her flawless siste...
  • royalty
  • kidnapped
  • slightromance
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Soiled Cinderella by Queen_Jedidiah
Soiled Cinderellaby Oladiti Favor
Her Only Motto "play a game you are sure of winning
  • favoritism
  • royalty
  • business
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forgive me  by just-go-wid-the-flow
forgive me by maya
some regrets , unsaid apologies..
  • favoritism
  • nonfiction
  • child
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Burn Away by Blackswan45
Burn Awayby Endure School Punishment
Have you ever seen an emerald get burned away by fire? In this poem,a brother and his sister were fighting because the sister thinks their mother loves brother best. The...
  • favoritism
  • gem
  • toofargone
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Driven Insane By The Pressure by BattleScars67
Driven Insane By The Pressureby BattleScars67
ADHD , Divorce , Assasination , Pressure , Loneliness , Stepmom , Favoritism , Self harm , Not hungry . I have been there done that not in the same circumstances but Im...
  • self
  • pressure
  • adhd
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The Protectors by Kat_Botelho99
The Protectorsby Kathleen Botelho
What if Harry Potter didn't go to the Dursleys? What if Lily and James lived? And what if Harry had a twin brother? Harry James Potter is the real boy who lived, but h...
  • harrypotter
  • wbwl
  • neglect
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hidden emotions by theoldme27
hidden emotionsby theoldme27
"Best way to not get your heart broken,is to pretend you don't have one" -Charlie sheen
  • unwanted
  • favoritism
  • broken
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Big Sis, Little Sis #Wattys2016 by PikachuandAsh127
Big Sis, Little Sis #Wattys2016by PikachuandAsh127
How far would you go to be the favorite? Mallory and Mackenzie are twins, with Mallory pulling ahead by two minutes. But that's the only thing so far that Mal has won...
  • breakthecliches
  • fantasy
  • fiction
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I'm Just Too Nice by Thymajesty
I'm Just Too Niceby Thymajesty
Hi my name is Beatrice Hamilton. But my friend Nathan calls me Bea. He's the only friend I have, and I don't know where I'd be without him. My parents hate me though I...
  • teenfiction
  • bully
  • teen
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I will always love you by lizstonerock06
I will always love youby Liz
Ally Stone is meeting her boyfriend at "their sign" when she sees her boyfriend and best friend kissing. Lucky her! Well thank you Tyler. In her moment of need...
  • humor
  • nontraditional
  • breathtaking
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Harmonic [On Hold] by Kittencatten
Harmonic [On Hold]by Katherine
In which a girl falls in love with music.
  • twins
  • depression
  • relief
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The Jingoist by tragiphile
The Jingoistby tragiphile
This is the story of Floydd Waters. A boy who cares about nothing due to being largely overshadowed by his charismatic older brother. So when Floydd manages to make it...
  • abusiveparents
  • favoritism
  • siblings
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The Teenage Life by tayyyyyypaige
The Teenage Lifeby tayyyyyypaige
  • boys
  • relationship
  • parents
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Soulless by LostPeopleOfEarth158
Soullessby Breanna
Tommy and Tammy were born into an uperclass family. Tommy was born gifted in just about everything and quickly becomes the favorite child. Tammy has no gifts that she ca...
  • favoritism
  • twins
  • accident
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Audrey Hepburn, my favorite actress by AudreyLansbury
Audrey Hepburn, my favorite actressby Patricia Audrey Lansbury
Audrey Hepburn became my favorite when I first watched "My fair lady" which she portrayed Eliza Doolittle. Her beauty, grace, and poise made me inspire her tha...
  • stage
  • admiration
  • audrey
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Anna by ChocolateMunstah
Annaby Lalaine
Nikola was their parents' favorite child. Always giving her kisses, hugs, and everything she always wanted while Anna was treated badly. It wasn't her fault from the ver...
  • hatred
  • drama
  • other
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Wild Child by OneAndOnly1996
Wild Childby OneAndOnly1996
Meet Madelyn Rose, sixteen year old wild child. Growing up with no rules or any responsibility she's not used to anything else. Meet One Direction a hit boy band who use...
  • niall
  • zany
  • one
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Enough For You by FreeHugs4FiveDollars
Enough For Youby Priscilla-Ann Marceau
A poem/short story about favoritism and neglect.
  • boy
  • brother
  • sad
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The Alphabet is for Drabbles (A Hey Arnold! Fanfic) by IsadoraMaryAlice
The Alphabet is for Drabbles (A He...by IsadoraMaryAlice
A series of Hey Arnold! drabbles (mostly A/H). Enjoy. ;)
  • best
  • favoritism
  • make
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