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Lance X !Fat Reader X Prince Lotor - Race to Your Heart by bonkers-4-hatter
Lance X !Fat Reader X Prince Lotor...by Niki
Love is already confusing enough as is, but throwing in an alien prince, a flirty Cuban and not to mention an ongoing war; confusing just turned into ultra complicated.
  • voltron
  • lancexreader
  • fighting
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Red Harvest X !Fat Reader - Giddy Up by bonkers-4-hatter
Red Harvest X !Fat Reader - Giddy...by Niki
Help comes from the most unlikely sources. [Commission]
  • fatreaderinsert
  • commission
  • chubbyreader
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A Flash of Love by bonkers-4-hatter
A Flash of Loveby Niki
"I don't have a power... I'm just normal, nothing special with super speed, strength or an unlimited amount of money to buy me super special gadgets and toys."...
  • barryallen
  • ch1
  • fatreader
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Billy Rocks X Fat Reader - Holiday Surprises by bonkers-4-hatter
Billy Rocks X Fat Reader - Holiday...by Niki
The holidays can bring out things that surprise us the most... [Commission]
  • readerinsert
  • billyrocksxfatreader
  • themagnificent7
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Call me X(Male Reader in RWBY) by Jmasterbooth
Call me X(Male Reader in RWBY)by Jmasterbooth
this is not a love story, this is a story about a guy(you) who tells people to call him X, he's worked for Ozpin since he was 14 and now that you're 17 he let's you join...
  • savior
  • mreader
  • best
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delicately beautiful by The_Dream_Writer
delicately beautifulby The_Dream_Writer
(y/n) (l/n), a sweet, teenage girl that's plus size - but that won't stop her from pursuing her dreams. Jayce Fulmer, a rich business man's only son. His only aspiration...
  • bbw
  • chubbyreader
  • thick
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