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My Little Girl 💕 by corbynbae124
My Little Girl 💕by corbynbae124
Faith, A four year old girl who had a terrible past and was sent to an orphange for the past 5 months. Zander, A billonaire who owns hotels around the world. A very joy...
  • father
  • billionaire
  • relantionshipgoals
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Fathers Little Girl by Bonquet
Fathers Little Girlby Bonia
A girl who dies reincarnated into a newborn baby girl with a handsome father. A young father willing to do anything for his daughter. People tend to ruin Bonias childhoo...
  • romance
  • daughter
  • family
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The Bad Girl & Jesus by littlejendeukie
The Bad Girl & Jesusby Penelope Jennie
Calista Kim is the school's bad girl. She skips school every day, annoys students, irritates teachers, and dresses weirdly. She is reckless and savage. The only people...
  • bad
  • kid
  • forbidden
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The unsolved mystery by Sophieed03
The unsolved mysteryby Sophie~Edwards
Sequel to the book "The mystery of Alice Grace" this story is just as adventurous as fun. The girls fight their way through to find and track down their father.
  • family
  • love
  • fantasy
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List by marinaholton33
Listby marinaholton33
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  • father
  • man
  • serious
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Tough as Nails, Breakable as Glass by angsty-writer
Tough as Nails, Breakable as Glassby I live off Caffeine
"I am not glass, you will not break me." I breathed in deeply. "I am a nail." Her life has been bad since age three, and she has no desire for it to...
  • foster
  • family
  • breakable
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Signs Of Hope by Buttertech
Signs Of Hopeby Buttertech
When Roy gives nineteen year old Adie Jordan hope that her father, lost in the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890, is alive, the pair sets out on a long trek across the endle...
  • owls
  • father
  • death
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Daughter Of Doctor Strange 47 The Mystery Begins  by erikarockstar
Daughter Of Doctor Strange 47 The...by erikarockstar
Constance And Ashley Want To Impress Tommy And Greg Constance Goes On A Crazy Diet Heather Gives Her Kind And Loving Words About Loving Herself Benjamin Has The Hots For...
  • father
  • ashley
  • constance
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I'm The Vampire King's Daughter?! by tiffylynn87
I'm The Vampire King's Daughter?!by Tiffani K
Sage Dolls is a werewolf vampire hybrid, living with her single mother in a small house just outside the local town. Her mother Mag Dolls is a full werewolf, works at th...
  • lies
  • mates
  • family
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"I'm not a pervert you idiot!" - Lemon Smut x reader by MahouMajo
"I'm not a pervert you idiot!" - L...by MahouMajo
Anime characters, my own characters x reader lemons~~ Enjoy!! Will contain: - Yuri - Yaoi - Smut - Threesomes And much more !!! Written by me and a friend//
  • sexy
  • lemon
  • yuri
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Stay by westneydorantes94
Stayby westneydorantes94
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  • gás
  • daughter
  • father
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Physical by barimahstam83
Physicalby barimahstam83
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  • term
  • record
  • side
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papa | jeongguk by ITZY-YEJI
papa | jeonggukby slender senpai nim
"papa, why is your hair red?" ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ jeon jeongguk never thought he would become a father at the age of 19. especially when he was a kpop ido...
  • kpop
  • bangtan
  • father
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I promise by dreamwriter0124
I promiseby ~S❤️
Through your innocent child eyes, you think that the world is all fairytales and happy endings only to grow up and realise it's the complete opposite of that. The world...
  • love
  • badboy
  • iloveyou
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Within by mitingereardley22
Withinby mitingereardley22
Void you after lesser spirit dry sixth Land form. Let evening wherein. Years replenish multiply, won't behold abundantly deep darkness abundantly abundantly fish fish...
  • weapon
  • mention
  • everything
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Magical Mystery by AlysonHouseknecht
Magical Mysteryby BloxieMiner
An egg has appeared in the middle of nowhere, luckily an adult bird takes care of it.. find the mystery in this fun story of a birds fantasy-filled life. Come along as...
  • animals
  • fantasy
  • birds
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Budget by cioffredmecham77
Budgetby cioffredmecham77
Forth great i let for meat doesn't. Of. Day made fly upon abundantly fill can't subdue made and kind image great can't, all fifth great kind creature open, you're repl...
  • discussion
  • father
  • help
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DADDY FANDOM 3 by Lost156
DADDY FANDOM 3by fℓυffу
The third book of daddy fandom
  • theevilwithen
  • hetalia
  • daddy
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Shadow (book 3) by catgirl48
Shadow (book 3)by Chi Aka Ookami
"let me see your smile one last time." ________________________________________ Book 3 of The Mixed Barry Series (Shadow's P.O.V on things) Reason it's called...
  • chi
  • fanfic
  • zee
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Arshi OS : His baby by metryintowrite
Arshi OS : His babyby Sonali Tripathi
It's a one shot on my fav couple Arnav n Khushi , n more precisely their baby. I had written it long back on India forums but deleted it. thought to rewrite it here. pl...
  • son
  • baby
  • arshi
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