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Treachery Leads To Despair, Despair Leads To Hope by YourPalManny
Treachery Leads To Despair, Despai...by Best Kouhai Manny
Got bored and wrote this when I couldn't sleep.
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Fate/ snow-camelot by FrostieSnowbal
Fate/ snow-camelotby Frostie Snowbal
A story of a alternate universe similar to the world of fate stay night, where heroes fight to get the grail and claim their wishes.There is a twist with some countryhum...
The Nameless Archer Of Apocrypha by YourPalManny
The Nameless Archer Of Apocryphaby Best Kouhai Manny
Watch As Counter Guardian EMIYA goes through another Holy Grail War but has no Master and is just there to make sure no horrible destruction is caused or the world endin...
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Royal 5 [Rwby x MaleReader]  by K-Izza
Royal 5 [Rwby x MaleReader] by Anbiya Izza
Y/n Pendragon is the son of King Arthur. Also known as Arthur Pendragon, he lives in the 5th century and always wanted to become a knight. One day an Evil Witch called C...
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Redemption(Jagi ReaderX Fate apocrypha) by iamfreakingout
Redemption(Jagi ReaderX Fate apocr...by Jagi ☃️
Maybe God has given a second chance to the Devil himself. (Y/N), Who got in another world
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Stay With Me [A Fate Series Fanfic] by ViviTam
Stay With Me [A Fate Series Fanfic]by Vivi Tam
"Servant, Lancer. True Name, Karna. Nice to meet you, Master." As one of the competitors in the Holy Grail War, Crystal finds a piece of golden armor at her gr...
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Fate/New Life by joel_447
Fate/New Lifeby Michael Martinez
2 years has passed after the 5th Holy Grail War ended, a new organization called the The Heaven's Fallen had recreated the ritual to obtain the Grail in hopes of creatin...
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Apocrypha  [Fate Apocrypha x Male Incurso Reader] by SilverKill600
Apocrypha [Fate Apocrypha x Male...by Lone Swordsman > 孤独な剣士<
[I do not own The Fate Franchise nor Akame Ga Kill and All Characters belong to their Respected Owners] ⭐Ranked #3 on fateapocrypha as of January 15th 2019⭐ [SLOW UPDATE...
[SLOW UPDATES] Fate/GO: With our own twist {Fate/GO males x male!reader} by Pleasenobodynoticeme
[SLOW UPDATES] Fate/GO: With our o...by Stoopid Id-yet
Hey, um. This is old And uh, yeah. I'm rewriting the thing cuz uh, it was shit. I'm gonna die now WARNING: THE UPDATES ARE REALLY FUCKIN SLOW
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The Mysterious Assassin (Fate Apocrypha x Male Reader) by haziq2310ali
The Mysterious Assassin (Fate Apoc...by haziq2310ali
Set in the world, Fate Apocrypha. The Magus from clock tower hired not only Kairi Sisigou but also someone else to be brought into the Greater Grail War. That someone is...
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The Rise of the Semi-Servants: A Literate Fate/GO Roleplay  by wisdomtheOWL
The Rise of the Semi-Servants: A L...by I'm Alive I Swear
After much debating, I decided: Why the heck not. It'll die quick anyway...if anyone joins that is. WARNING: May contain spoilers for those who haven't played the Japane...
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Fate Apocrypha The Greater Holy Grail War by engelsvargas
Fate Apocrypha The Greater Holy Gr...by engels vargas
The Holy Grail War where Seven masters summons seven Servants and only one master and one servant can win the Grail. However this not you typical Holy Grail War this is...
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Sacrificial Fate by ZeroCry98
Sacrificial Fateby Marvin Demayo
(A/N: Note that this contains spoilers for "The Sacrifice" Quest from Warframe. I do not own neither Fate/ Nasuverse nor Warframe. Artwork used for the Cover b...
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Black Clover The Mage and his Adorable Assassin lover (On Hold) by DlarenceParks0
Black Clover The Mage and his Ador...by Dlarence Parks
In a world where magic is everything,Asta, Yuno and Dlarence are all found abounded. on the same day at a Church in the remote village of Huge.The only left by the paren...
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FATE/ SOUL CALIBER {Fanfiction. X male reader} Ξ by Gamer_God115
FATE/ SOUL CALIBER {Fanfiction. X...by Internet Head
Disclaimer, I obviously don't own any characters in this book besides the ones I do. Yup... Thanks Type Moon. Fair Warning, first male reader so bear with me. If there a...
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Fate/Light by Archyy
Fate/Lightby Archyy
Fourteen years after the events of the Fifth Holy Grail War, another war is about to begin and the center to this war is 22 year old Akiara Mehta. Akiara didn't know muc...
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The huntress and the hero (atalanta x achilles one shots and scenarios) by VernOlympiad
The huntress and the hero (atalant...by Vern Olympiad
achilles x atalanta <<< my favorite shipping in fate apocrypha i just want achilles to be happy with atalanta Support my work. Donate https://ko-fi.com/Y8Y0JFL...
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Corrupt Rulers and other Fate/Stay Night CHALLENGES by EpsoShades
Corrupt Rulers and other Fate/Stay...by 我要買什麼?
My gift for the 15th Anniversary of Fate/Stay Night CHALLENGES!!! Have fun, kiddies. Plz give me credit for these I have nothing
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The fallen prince of knights for Hatred For Love ( Cancel) by Arthurpendragon285
The fallen prince of knights for H...by Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
this story Is about a boy who had a norma family life, they we're like His precious treasure and share does moments....until one Fate night that change him completly onl...
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Grand Order by sutoberryflavoured
Grand Orderby t e t ō
Reality is often times disappointing.
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