The Billionaire and The Hijabi by scopian_16
The Billionaire and The Hijabiby 🌺 aalihha
"I am willing to give my everything to you, if you agree to be mine forever" ---- He looked Italian He dressed brands He spoke billionaire language ...
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A nerd, a fashionista and a cheer squad leader get together to set the school annual festival on fire. See what happens when they call her, their friend. See what happen...
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Agatha & Grace by Selexxum
Agatha & Graceby Ms. Alien👽
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The Adventure Never Ends by artsy_fangirl_
The Adventure Never Endsby Prisiliana T.
Y/n lives in an old village surrounded by a big forest. Their dream is to explore the world and tame the wild beasts that roam the earth. With the help of her friends sh...
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(12 chòm sao)Chào em,Tiểu Bạch! by Arichan_TLL
(12 chòm sao)Chào em,Tiểu Bạch!by Hermione Malfoy
nữ:BD,Sot,NM,CG,SN,TB nam:TY,St,MK,BB,XN,KN Chuyện này hai nhân vật chính là Bạch Dương và Thiên Yết.
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Triple Is Better by redmonsterr
Triple Is Betterby me&my pals G'N'R
Arielle, Belle and Snow White are triplets. They have same faces and same genes. But totally different personalities. Together, they make The Matthews Triplets. Arielle...
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The Photographer And The Fashionista {On Hold} by Ella_Parker
The Photographer And The Ella Parker
Meet Paris Rose Lane. She is everything that a girl dreams to be. She is rich, beautiful,a model and has the perfect image. This is however the image that she has painte...
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Rydel Swan, Bella Swan's Older Sister (Twilight) by Emily_Winsett
Rydel Swan, Bella Swan's Older Emily Winsett
The brown-haired brown eyed beauty that goes by the name of Rydel Grace Elizabeth Swan, is the older sister of Bella Swan. When she was nineteen, she changed her hair co...
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The Insensible Gangster by lilmissgangster
The Insensible Gangsterby aimee flores
Everyone believes that Georgina Sapphire Earnhart is already dead from the tragic car accident 7 years ago. They were completely devastated, Earnhart Clan was broken and...
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How Could I Unlove You?  by Sarupreethi
How Could I Unlove You? by Sarupreethi
"Ad... Adhi.... ", she stammered in a huskier tone, which clearly showed that she was drunk. "You okay love? ",I asked her. I never expected that I...
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Everything FASHION in general!!  by PINK-NIAH15
Everything FASHION in general!! by PINK-NIAH15
Need help to choose characters for your stories and design your book covers? Also have nice good looking outfits to fit with your characters??lmao... Well I'm your gal...
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Swag Outfits and Beautiful make-ups by xxi_trixxia
Swag Outfits and Beautiful make-upsby Trishia Mae Cabebe
Hey! Since i am bored now and somethings came up to my not-so-oh brillant idea that 'why don't i try to make a book that full of pictures of swags outfit and beautiful m...
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Fashionista by UnnatiHiremath
Fashionistaby Unnati Hiremath
Angie is crazy about about fashion and loves designing out of the box outfits . But life isn't easy when your mother, superstar Sophia Marie,thinks you're​ a complete fa...
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