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Mafia kings ex    ( on hold) by cherry_gems9
Mafia kings ex ( on hold)by cherry_gems9
Sofia rose also known as Sofia king The wife of the king of the underworld He divorced her because he thought she was embarrassing him and made him look weak But poor...
Professor snape and The-Boy-who-Lived  by luluisamaze
Professor snape and The-Boy-who-Li...by Lu
I figured that my first story wasn't that good, so I decided on making a sort of revamp on 'guardianship'. I hope you all like it better!
Oh Alpha I've felt pain. by KarenWildman
Oh Alpha I've felt pain.by Karen 😁
Aurora is a strong feisty human street fighter with an abusive and unstable home life, constant uprooting and moving is a feature in her life since she can remember. The...
I can't deny (bakukiri) by mimi15K
I can't deny (bakukiri)by it's classified
*no quirks* *less angry Bakugou* Kirishima gets a girlfriend but only to hind his feelings for Bakugou but Bakugou gets a bad vide from her and that bad feeling gets rev...
love of him (Father and daughter story) by malyda-rose_yonce
love of him (Father and daughter s...by MalydaRose_yoncé
a little girl by the name of ally fell in love with her step dad Dave and so did her sister Stacy they both try so hard to be his lover but some things went well somethi...
You can't save me no one can  by Spicybug
You can't save me no one can by ahhh
||This book is on hiatus or might not be continued|| This is a story about Lucy who goes to Fairy Tail High School. She is abused by her farther and he blames Lucy for h...
Naruto D Law, Son of Law (Fanfic) by painanime
Naruto D Law, Son of Law (Fanfic)by painanime
Naruto is hated by the village which makes him hate the village, one day he meets a man named Law which he soon sees as a farther. Must inform: I made a secondary Naruto...
My butler  by MissRed123
My butler by Harley Quinn
JELSA!!!!!(the modern version) This story is about a girl named Elsa. Her father is president of Arendalle. Do she lives in the white house one day her butler quits and...
Jonah x reader  by tbhimdead
Jonah x reader by Period blood
When a new girl at work cached jonah the aplha males eyes she wondered if anything will happen
Harry Potters Evil Twins. by Mcnaughtyyy
Harry Potters Evil Twins.by Mcnaughtyyy
Harry Potter is having his 4th and 5th children. Twins, but they get kidnapped at birth by an evil maniac, he who must not be named. They enter a scary adventure with 1...
In a Nutshell by luluisamaze
In a Nutshellby Lu
So I wanted to do this story ever since TFA came out, and it's almost 2018.. So I decided I would probably release it on new years to give you guys a late christmas pres...
Sorrowful Poems by booksrmybatteries
Sorrowful Poemsby Jaci
Just some poems that I write when I get in the mood. Feel free to leave some comments or vote or whatever you want to do. :) Thanks for reading, enjoy.
Jessica Anderson by shannonashworth26
Jessica Andersonby shannonashworth26
Story about a girl who has her life turned upside down when s series of unfortunate events occur.
Snuggling Sweethearts Secret. by Xxgabby91Xx
Snuggling Sweethearts Secret.by Xxgabby91Xx
Hola ! This story is about an issue that i feel strongly effects families each year ! Children being un-aware of their parents ! Hope you take it to consideration and en...
Abusive bullying by unicorn4life5
Abusive bullyingby unicorn4life5
A girl gets abused by her dad and she feels alone her mum died a few weeks back and since then she has been getting bullied and abused. This boy called tom helps her thr...
A whisper through my ear  by AimeeFreeman
A whisper through my ear by Aim Freeman
A child loses their farther but the child doesn't greave as it feels like nothing has gone, the last wish that the father had was to watch his little girl grow up, so th...
My father favorite daughter (J.J x Reader) by jiminlittlebabygirl
My father favorite daughter (J.J x...by シ𝐽𝐼𝑀𝐼𝑁𝑆𝐻𝐼
"Mom, can we see dad?" "Leave me alone Y/N" "Mom, can we see dad?" "Of course sweet" Are you Serious 
17 by Minnie_micky
17by Minnie_micky
17 17 17 17 it just kept coming up
Family roleplay by Alexis_therealme
Family roleplayby Alexis_therealme
What dat title says. c: