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The Dragon Huntress by RandomTeen88
The Dragon Huntressby Random Teen
In the Drakonskin clan, dragons, are used for two purposes one for hunting, another for fighting. You have to join either the hunting pack or the riders pack but, its no...
To Wish for Peace  by MamaAlipro
To Wish for Peace by MamaAlipro
In a world of ten billion human beings each with their own personal agendas, nothing can be taken at face value and no truth can bebe accepted without a pinch of salt. Y...
The Stalking Eyes by that__girl__again
The Stalking Eyesby that__girl__again
This is a scary / supernatural story that I'll be working on from time to time our main character is named Cecilia and she is constantly involved with a dark entity whic...
The Flooded Sea by CheeteWrites
The Flooded Seaby Cheete
A boy named Toby, and a spirit named Fentri go on a journey to find the last remaining country after the world flood.
2014 : covered in blood by Sinuu07
2014 : covered in bloodby Sinu Nigah
A 17 year old kid goes to the ghost world for saving his loved ones. He has to apologize to two ghosts for the mistake he made in 2014. What will happen to his story fi...
404 by AriSketches
404by Ari.Sketches
In a world with no consequences, a group of unlikely friends meet on Haven road, a road paved red with the blood of victims and murderers alike. Despite their differenc...
The Story That Will Never Be Told by spiceandsass
The Story That Will Never Be Toldby caitlin 92137
"She's mad but she's magic" "My worth is not determined by others" "Freedom lies in being bold" "The world is filled with nice people...
DRAKEBLOOD by ColinCreeley
(work in progress)A young, Yvenian boy finds himself stranded in the unforgiving, frozen tundra of the New World in the midst of a war threatening to throw the seven kin...
2+2=5 by Muhamed_Ahmed
2+2=5by Muhamed Ahmed
Introduction Place: Manhattan, New York City, US. Date: 21/10/2064. Main character: Christopher Green Jr. Main idea: After 40 years of infection with...
Evelyn Wohl and the Way Back Home  by JayaPrabha21
Evelyn Wohl and the Way Back Home by JayaPrabha21
"Stay with me." She tried to say but any voice refused to come out. "I'm dying" she thought and that was all she could think of before the whirlwind...
Death of the Disappearing Act (#Wattys 2019) by CrestedGecko83
Death of the Disappearing Act ( CrestedGecko83
No one is panicked about the zombie apocalypse. In fact, the only ones who know there's an apocalypse are the zombies themselves. Jonathan was a compulsive thief with a...
PROMINENSA, Lost in Dream by shinsara1997
PROMINENSA, Lost in Dreamby Sara Shin
Enam orang pelajar SMK Al Islam, berencana untuk berlibur ke Puncak, Bogor, Jawa Barat. Namun, di tengah perjalanan, mereka mengalami kecelakaan akibat jembatan runtuh. ...