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The Forest Lord's Bride: Elven of Caramil, #1 by vintage_mari
The Forest Lord's Bride: Elven Rose Andrews
Elenaril of House Sylmarith, princess of Caramil, enters a contract marriage with Omarion of House Sylmaril, a widowed lord with no heirs whose forest home is being dest...
  • fantasyadventure
  • fantasy-
  • highfantasy
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°Esper° ~Jikook~ by _Jiyongsmile
°Esper° ~Jikook~by Kim Hana
Jimin - an extra ordinary creature living in a near forest in Jeon empire. He can turn into human whenever he wants. Jungkook - the heir to the throne of the empire. Is...
  • kookmin
  • fangirl
  • suga
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Mythical Guardians by Bladewing683
Mythical Guardiansby Bladewing683
Welcome to Peramis, a world filled to the brim with magical wonders. Yet, the majority of humans live their lives in complete ignorance of the so called mythical creatur...
  • mythology
  • writteninaction
  • heaven
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Wrapped in Chains (18+) by CannibalisticNecro
Wrapped in Chains (18+)by E. A. Hard
"You sing as the sirens," Drynn said once. "You sing with the hungry passion of a beast, but with such beautiful lamentation." The vampire Valla was...
  • demon
  • bloodandgore
  • magicalcreatures
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A Flight of Wyverns by TwelveRealms
A Flight of Wyvernsby A. Corylus
"A flight of wyverns must save us, and you will lead it!" said the elder. Stormraven was still a new wyvern-rider, not even a full turn had passed since she h...
  • rider
  • fantasy
  • wyverns
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Renegades [16/20] (A new-planet roleplay) by RoseAblaze
Renegades [16/20] (A new-planet RoseAblaze
"In a world of lies, there can only be one truth." ~ The DragonHeart. "They come, they go, but little do they know..." ~ The IceQueen. "Let's no...
  • newplanet
  • galaxy
  • spaceship
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The Staff of Wonders by stories_by_ginger
The Staff of Wondersby ginger
"The Staff of Wonders to a sorcerer presents, to restore balance to a world where evil ferments. To access its power, five things are required: A diamond by Dwarves...
  • dragons
  • epicfantasy
  • magicalcreatures
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Kiodelphia Academy of Magic by LittleBlueDuckling
Kiodelphia Academy of Magicby LittleBlueDuckling
In a land of magic, hidden behind large mountains was the small town of Kiodelphia, home to the handful of human magicians who preferred to stay on Earth. Every four yea...
  • fantasyadventure
  • kids
  • lightnovel
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A Demon and a Vampire by theoggoriginals
A Demon and a Vampireby theoggoriginals
A girl with a tough shell or is she just faking it?A boy who thinks he's better than everyone. One a vampire, the latter a demon. Then, evil intrudes. Will they stop the...
  • fantasycreatures
  • vampire×demon
  • paranormal
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Heaven and Hell by PixieNotFairy
Heaven and Hellby PixieNotFairy
#9 under 'heavenandhell' #206 under 'heaven' Angelina is one of the best Angels Heaven has. When she is sent on Earth for yet another mission, she meets the strongest De...
  • action
  • youngadult
  • fiction
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Tales of Old (Choose Their Adventure) by Makayla_Redmon
Tales of Old (Choose Their Makayla Redmon
Grand adventures, epic quests, and spoils. This group is soon to gain or lose it all. Join the party on their journey, your decisions making the difference between fight...
  • fantasyadventure
  • halfling
  • tiefling
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The pet by Rebeccacool
The petby Rebeccacool
Eviee is a pet who was born in a barn my people who were made to bread. She was sent to an orphanage but when she was 10, she was sent to the pet shop to be bought. She'...
  • pet
  • fantasycreatures
  • vampire
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Of Gold and Glass by ramanges
Of Gold and Glassby ramanges
Throughout the worlds, five destinies entwine with each other as they search for the NINEs, who have abandoned their System to eradication by an evil clothed in gold. A...
  • dragons
  • darknessandlight
  • youngadult
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Fairy Tales  by ShalomKolontarov
Fairy Tales by Shalom Kolontarov
Tells the story of a new world, one in which fairy-tale legends and modern life collide. Naomi is comfortable in her life as a bail bonds collector when Lior-- the chil...
  • fantasizing
  • fantasycreatures
  • love
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Destiny's Hope (On Hold)  by XxxkinseixxX66
Destiny's Hope (On Hold) by Neo's girl
Titled by: @snowyroses- Cover made by: @XxxkinseixxX66 Power it held....danger it has....destruction it follows when bad man helds these powers... Every seconds are coun...
  • collins
  • erza
  • hxh2011
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URELIA The City Of 7 Seas  by AlexJaneAguria
URELIA The City Of 7 Seas by Alex
She wanted to be free! Her hand started bleeding, without the water everything she did was useless. She stood up and ran. As fast as she could! Her dressed ripped from...
  • magicalcreatures
  • fantasyfiction
  • fantasy
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Trapped by Raven_clawX5
Trappedby Nina Black
Susan is 14, deaf, and has had a crush on a boy called Sander for a while now....(at least 2 yrs)
  • fantasy-romance
  • fantasyadventure
  • fantasycreatures
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Flutterby  by kerriebain9
Flutterby by Kerrie Bain
The world Fabriel has become flooded into war, chaos and fear. After a human known as Miguel betrays and murders the council members He becomes the new ruler of Fabriel...
  • fantasy-romance
  • fantasycreatures
  • fantasyadventure
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Nightingale Of 7 Wonders by Mystic_Astral
Nightingale Of 7 Wondersby No name
These teenagers who they called themselves as Shadowhunters, are having trouble with their cases in Japan Institute. Can they get the bottom of this case? Can they trus...
  • fantasy
  • shadowhunters
  • fairytail
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The Mystery by MaddyBong005
The Mysteryby Maddy Picton-Finnigan
Charlie has always been homeschooled, knowing only the world of monsters and mythical creatures, and what she is herself. One day though, her parents are killed in a car...
  • monsters
  • mystery
  • fantasycreatures
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