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The Mystery by MaddyBong005
The Mysteryby Maddy Picton-Finnigan
Charlie has always been homeschooled, knowing only the world of monsters and mythical creatures, and what she is herself. One day though, her parents are killed in a car...
  • creatures
  • fantasycreatures
  • monsters
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Thank You For All You've Done by person10908
Thank You For All You've Doneby Arwen Prior
Another original story. This is set in a world where magic and monsters are common in society, but it's set in modern times. Vampires, werewolves, demons, Fae, and such...
  • fantasy
  • vampires
  • original
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A Flight of Wyverns by TwelveRealms
A Flight of Wyvernsby A. Corylus
"A flight of wyverns must save us, and you will lead it!" said the elder. Stormraven was still a new wyvern-rider, not even a full turn had passed since she h...
  • treefolk
  • rider
  • goblins
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Flight can be dangerous. by Raven_clawX5
Flight can be Nina Black
Flight can be dangerous so watch out....
  • futuristic
  • danger
  • 13andup
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Trapped by Raven_clawX5
Trappedby Nina Black
Susan is 14, deaf, and has had a crush on a boy called Sander for a while now....(at least 2 yrs)
  • fantasycreatures
  • reallife
  • fantasyfiction
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The Planet of the Lost: A Doctorwho story by Raven_clawX5
The Planet of the Lost: A Nina Black
the doctor regenerates into the 16th form and gets stranded on a planet, runs into another timelord with her android and another human male companion, but as they look f...
  • fantasycreatures
  • shortstory
  • fantasy-romance
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Fiction Coffee by FreakyNinjaBoy
Fiction Coffeeby Ed Ninja
This is the life of a Non-binary selkie's struggles after opening a coffee shop and looking for their perfect mate, while dealing with their slightly chaotic fairy bestf...
  • dragons
  • fairies
  • nonbinary
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URELIA The City Of 7 Seas  by AlexJaneAguria
URELIA The City Of 7 Seas by Alex
She wanted to be free! Her hand started bleeding, without the water everything she did was useless. She stood up and ran. As fast as she could! Her dressed ripped from...
  • fantasy
  • fantasycreatures
  • fantasyadventure
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Forbidden Literature by Nevermore_1024
Forbidden Literatureby Nevermore_1024
When an elven librarian and her half elven friend get caught between a dark sorcerer's quest to obtain eight arcane tomes and a nation sworn to protect them, they may fi...
  • dragons
  • fantasyfiction
  • magic
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The Soul in the Suit: Origin Stories by MeganHites
The Soul in the Suit: Origin Megan Hites
In a world where magic reigns, betrayal and tension run as thick as blood as a war brews on the horizon. A war that newly crowned King Alevan Venderbilt, the kinslayer...
  • witch
  • magicalcreatures
  • bear
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The Demon That Didn't Want to Be Rewrite by WinterMoonfromQuotev
The Demon That Didn't Want to Be WinterMoonfromQuotev
A world of demons and angels has been at war for a thousand years. From this war came the walls around cities, the division between races, the abandonment of their gods...
  • fantasyfiction
  • demons
  • wrongwinged
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Starrlings by ellekirks
Starrlingsby elle kirkpatrick
Lumi is the fire princess, born in the dying embers of the Fire Wars. With her parents perished in the flames, all Lumi has is her twin brother, Tai. ✩ Lumi knows that o...
  • action
  • diversity
  • unlimitedpride
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the chronicals of juckan the ice prince by stifflar-black
the chronicals of juckan the ice stifflar black
this is the story of gods if you wanna know more read to find out June 17
  • godsandgoddesses
  • lovestory
  • fantasyadventure
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Flutterby  by kerriebain9
Flutterby by Kerrie Bain
The world Fabriel has become flooded into war, chaos and fear. After a human known as Miguel betrays and murders the council members He becomes the new ruler of Fabriel...
  • persona5
  • fairytail
  • persona3
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Let it be known by Browniesz
Let it be knownby BronieB
You can be born from sin but you don't have to live a sinful life. The realm of the angels has been a sacred and holy -untouched by...
  • romance
  • fairytail
  • angelsvsdemons
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Unexpected Friend by Bizarrenikki
Unexpected Friendby Nikki
Astra is a knight who is challenged with a difficult task guys, this is just a short story I wrote in class. I hope you enjoy it's crustiness.
  • unlimitedpride
  • fantasycreatures
  • fantasyfiction
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Legend of Antalasia by Celemenia
Legend of Antalasiaby Celemenia
Gruesome monsters from an experiment gone wrong are ravaging the world. Few kingdoms fight back viciously even as many fall. The Dragon Kingdom, once respected and fierc...
  • fantasy
  • epicfantasy
  • theinfernoawards2019
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A Demon and a Vampire by theoggoriginals
A Demon and a Vampireby theoggoriginals
A girl with a tough shell or is she just faking it?A boy who thinks he's better than everyone. One a vampire, the latter a demon. Then, evil intrudes. Will they stop the...
  • monsters
  • vampire×demon
  • fantasy
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The Megalomaniac  by deleting_image_file
The Megalomaniac by deleting_image_file
[INCOMPLETE] In a world where magic, faith, and science live as one, a young women named Octavia is trapped in the clutches of a coniving slave merchant, Mrs. Fernsby...
  • bountyhunter
  • fantasy
  • magical
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Celebrimbor's New Story. by geofanidark
Celebrimbor's New geofanidark
Celebrimbor after his death in the second age was in the halls of Mandos for many years. He decided to do a deal with Namo and become alive again with his family. What w...
  • tolkien
  • light
  • eldar
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