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RED : Souvenirs écarlates by OceaneGhanemt
RED : Souvenirs écarlates by OceaneGhanem
Lorsqu'une rumeur fait état de l'émergence d'un étrange tombeau au coeur du désert égyptien, Red est persuadée que c'est celui tant recherché des Archanges. Le problème...
The Offering by YurikoHimet
The Offering by YurikoHime
The Offering only happens once every hundred years, but when it does, two people are brought together for partnership, bound by a vow that is stronger than marriage, and...
Beautiful Mistake by LlamaMBiersackt
Beautiful Mistake by LlamaMBiersack
"I'm a demon, born to destroy. I can never love, for who could love a hideous beast like me?" "I'm an angel, sworn to protect. I can never love, for who could love a ki...
Disney Roleplay by ECav04t
Disney Roleplay by ECav04
The next generation was born and now they will go on adventures, travel, get in fights, have drama and love stories will appear. What will your character do?
Cursed Souls by EffieThant
Cursed Souls by EffieThan
Nine centuries ago the small village of Belinor faced the anger of one man, Agrovan. He spent countless nights awake waiting for that one thing that would make his curs...
You are my queen by diana_phant
You are my queen by diana_phan
Namaku ying mei, aku putri dari kerajaan xi. Aku dinikahkan dengan raja dari kerajaan tun. Padahal aku tau kalau kerjaan tun jauh. Tapi apa lah dayaku. Aku ingin menebus...
☾  Supernatural  ☽ by Haska123t
☾ Supernatural ☽ by Haska123
Cass to siedemnastoletnia dziewczyna ,która wraca po ciężkiej chorobie. Zaczyna sobie wszystko powoli układać. Poznaję nowych wrogów, ale też przyjaciół. Pewnego dni...
Favored Intelligent Concubine (Updates On Thursday) by Gomonicalet
Favored Intelligent Concubine (Upd... by Gomonicale
The Forbidden City, a palace with thousands of years of history. Magnificent, majestic, enigmatic. A little too enigmatic, though. Tired from visiting, she decided to sl...
Fantastic Beasts by MerelGerritzent
Fantastic Beasts by MerelGerritzen
Alexa Arinett is a young girl. A witch. She is 18 years old and lives in New York city. She hears all kinds of stuff about a beast or thing that is terrorising the city...
A dream ( shqip )  by albana28t
A dream ( shqip ) by albana28
Ina nje vajze qe bente nje jete krejtesisht normale , mbas nje telefonate jeta e saj ndryshon plotesisht . Por cfare do te ndodhe ne fund ??
Air Kingdom by Pinkloveryeat
Air Kingdom by Pinkloveryea
Emma Fairthorn is part of the Royal Family in the kingdom Air. Air is a place high up in the sky. Humans with the ability to fly are called Airians and they live in thi...
Heroes [Fantastic Beasts] Newt Scamander  by Isle-Of-The-Lostt
Heroes [Fantastic Beasts] Newt Sca... by Isle-Of-The-Lost
She's stalked him for years, he's secretly watched from the shadows of his creatures. They both find each other interesting so it comes to no surprise that the introvert...
Winged-Ella by WhatisWithint
Winged-Ella by WhatisWithin
The Kingdom Fuga has been at war with the Kingdom Magicae for 19 years. No one is winning. Everyone hates the other side. The kingdom Fuga is very special because everyo...
Abandoned Wolf Of the Moon Book Two: Blood Moon by QueenOfAllShipperst
Abandoned Wolf Of the Moon Book Tw... by QueenOfAllShippers
Nova is just one girl...but maybe she's something more, she must take either a journey to find the dead or an adventure to find the living. What will she find? Read Aban...
Amaranthine Hearts by RaiJinxLazarot
Amaranthine Hearts by RaiJinxLazaro
May dahilan siguro kung bakit ako nandito sa Gehenna o ang outside world, kung bakit wala akong alaala, at kung bakit may mga pagkakataong may kakaiba sa aking anyo. ...
Je n'ai aucun titre  by Marge12345t
Je n'ai aucun titre by Marge12345
Prosper, jeune adolescent de 13 ans, vit depuis ses 6 mois chez l'illustre famille Snoc. Pensant à fuguer depuis déjà quelques temps, il se décide enfin à le faire après...
THE LAST PETAL OF RED ROSE [ Malay Version ] by mirukuNcoffeet
THE LAST PETAL OF RED ROSE [ Malay... by mirukuNcoffee
Miyuna Hayashi, seorang gadis yang mempunyai rupa paras yang menarik perhatian dan luar biasa. Oleh kerana itu, dia diburu ramai orang untuk dijual supaya mendatangkan b...
Fairy Dust by s0meb0dyrand0mt
Fairy Dust by s0meb0dyrand0m
Fairies are taught to stay inside their kingdom's borders at all times because of the dangerous creatures that roam the outside world known as humans. Legends and tales...