Not God, but Zodiac by xendaniels
Not God, but Zodiacby XenDaniels
Have you ever thought that zodiac signs aren't just combinations of stars? No, they are not: they have a special power that can help you to reach your full potential. No...
  • teenfiction
  • dolantwins
  • scifiction
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Alternative Berseria the X: The Dragon of The Hyland by kaiserdracon
Alternative Berseria the X: The Kaiser Dracon
The history always hides more than one truth. Dive into the alternate story of 'Tales of Berseria' with Avernus Diphda; the self-exiled warrior prince of the Hyland King...
  • fandom
  • velvetxoriginalcharacter
  • talesofberseria
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Scarlet City  by artemis_0209
Scarlet City by ┌|°з°|┘ └|°ε°|┐
Kiera Archer has died. Her death leaves her younger sister Raine Archer with many questions unanswered. How did her sister die? Who was behind it? And most importantly...
  • equality
  • love
  • fighting
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Speak | Book One of the Gem Series by Ravenclaw-Lovegood
Speak | Book One of the Gem Seriesby Ravenclaw-Lovegood
A tale about a cursed princess, two paupers, and a witch. Princess Jenna is, well, a princess. But she's a cursed one. She's tired of being ignored, tired of being sile...
  • romance
  • lovable
  • yousavedme
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Wordsmith's Mêlée by TheFaeFolk
Wordsmith's Mêléeby The Fae Folk
Join us friends, in this epic battle of writing-- the Wordsmith's Mêlée! All are welcome here, but be warned, dear friends, the road ahead is not for the faint of heart...
  • fantasizing
  • fantasyadventure
  • fantasycreatures
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Alanis by BlueandBlurred
Alanisby BlueandBlurred
A tale of one of the world's most dangerous assassins and a the world's most powerful supernatural species. ----- A tale of a killer and a healer. ----
  • betrayal
  • fantasy-romance
  • clan
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Lucky Lad by MoneyMaker20008
Lucky Ladby MoneyMaker20008
This Boy just a year away of becoming a man must take responsibility early in life for he must protect a goddess of luck from the wrath of the gods in the sky and the pe...
  • romance
  • fantasy-romance
  • comedy-romance
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unORDINARY Me by fatmeat1
unORDINARY Meby Jesyca Watson
Christopher is very unordinary mostly because when he was born, he was born with a feature that most people would call UNORDINARY
  • unordinary
  • singleparent
  • sad
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I'm The One In Control This Time! by Leira_V
I'm The One In Control This Time!by Leira Velfera
A normal day, a normal night. The sun was shining, and the full moon is watching. The rarely seen stars are twinkling. But in one second, someone, seemingly a criminal...
  • transmigrate
  • transmigrated
  • fantasyworld
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The Court of the Willful Son by slyeagle
The Court of the Willful Sonby Naomi Craig
Sequel to The Chronicle of the Worthy Son, and therefore full of spoilers for that book. Lark was never going back to Larbantry. Washing ashore in Borealund had changed...
  • revenge
  • lgbtpride
  • politics
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Different World by DarksideAuthor
Different Worldby ♥Λтяσρα♥
"Sequel to Darkside" Astra and Aaron are taking the next step into their relationship after the horrific events of the War of Allea, but something cancels...
  • romance
  • pg13
  • action-romance
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His  by woania
His by Dania 🌸
Carrie (a young submissive ) living in an abusive relationship runs away to New York City and moves in with her bestfriend Agodess (another young submissive) who takes h...
  • newbie
  • club
  • bdsmrelationship
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Im not done yet by pleasedontleavemern
Im not done yetby True goddess spike
A suicidal girl discovers her want for life as she faces brutal challenges and meets encouraging friends and enemies she gives her all in a battle of the bravest along t...
  • innerbattle
  • truelove
  • girllove
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Lone Walkers by Jiminslefteyelash
Lone Walkersby Jimin's Mamacita
After the earth went to shit, Lexi was separated from her brother. Now on a quest to search for her last piece of reality, she bites off more than she can chew when she...
  • yoongi
  • romance
  • taehyung
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Moonlit by Walker_Lee
Moonlitby Runaja Walker and Samantha Lee
An enslaved pack ruled by a merciless dictator. A pack of assassins out for blood and revenge. A lone wolf who can't find his place among any of it. Through betrayal, b...
  • leader
  • love
  • fantasy-romance
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A Cry for Freedom by Delona20
A Cry for Freedomby Lona
Maesia Arcadia Aresian is the 10th daughter of the queen and king that rule over the Pegasus species. Creatures that are believed to have been born and loved by the gods...
  • pegasus
  • fantasy-romance
  • romance
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Zodiac Love by juliaxiangg
Zodiac Loveby julia 🌟
"my darling, you walk where angels drown." - book of each zodiac sign, and what they would be like in high school especially made for the zodiacs. (mostly r...
  • powers
  • highschool
  • zodiac
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The Princess Secret by sylviahartt
The Princess Secretby Sylvia Hart
Scarlett Everleigh is your average, well actually below average girl. She grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At just 16 she receives news that will change her life...
  • fantasyromance
  • mythicalcreatures
  • popular
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Love Sick || SCP 049 x READER by JKheadass
Love Sick || SCP 049 x READERby E
As a SCP you are, it wasn't so bad living in nothing but silence after you got caught by the SCP containment breach. Until you met death himself.
  • romance
  • scp-173
  • scpcontainmentbreach
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