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A Very English Necromancer - Volume 1 by CrispinOTooleBateman
A Very English Necromancer - Crispin O'Toole-Bateman
** Wattys 2018 Winner! The Wild Cards! ** Living in his mother's house, thirty-four year-old Hubert Grange has aspirations - beyond simply becoming the best FPS zombie...
The Villainess Will Be A GOOD Villain From Now On by X-YiOR
The Villainess Will Be A GOOD Zren
This is a story of a reincarnated Rain on Luqua's body. She was abandoned in a cottage. She awaken 2 gods and have Demon Lord friend. They travel alot to kill faeries as...
Fairy tail x konosuba "What is wrong with them?" by weeb_willow_
Fairy tail x konosuba "What is weeb_willow_
Aight so this is a comedy/fantasy where Kazumas party get transported to the fairy tail universe. And the some stuff happens. Yea so it's a crossover.
Midnight Heroes (Complete) by GavFlores06
Midnight Heroes (Complete)by Gav Flores
Four teens go on a mysterious quest in a kingdom in another dimension. But not before feeling like a Jumanji-esque adventure of fantasy, comedy & eventually, romance. (P...
The Glorious Tale of Sir Goldengale by WolvaraAsh
The Glorious Tale of Sir Goldengaleby Wolvara Ash
Sir Goldengale lives his life relatively the same way every single day. He loves it. However, when tragedy strikes one of his most beloved places, he must rise to the oc...
A Very Necromantic Christmas by CrispinOTooleBateman
A Very Necromantic Christmasby Crispin O'Toole-Bateman
** Christmas Special 2018 - bonus story to go alongside Watty 2018 award winning story A Very English Necromancer (which you should read first!) ** Hubert Grange, 34-yea...
Sovereignty by ChatotheRays
Sovereigntyby ChatotheRays
This about a life of a demi-goddess, Myrah, who have grown up from the deeps of the forest not knowing what happened in her past. She was raised by an old lady who does...
The Merry Band of Unfortunate Heroes  by JarrynPaige
The Merry Band of Unfortunate JarrynPaige
Nothing interesting happened. Nothing at all. Ever. That is until Elrey, a young nihilist outcast living with her adoptive mother outside the town of Carthissa, awakens...
Puteri Mutiara ditugaskan untuk turun ke bumi mencari rantai berlian kerajaan yang dicuri oleh manusia.Tanpa sengaja,ketika dia jatuh ke bumi,manusia tampan bernama Hens...
Uclea by Lopex1008
Ucleaby Lopex
Autumn Lightwood is a troubled teenager in the world of Uclea. The teenagers there aren't normal teenagers. No, everyone has amazing superpowers! Autumn has it different...
Reborn Broken Soul by Firefox686
Reborn Broken Soulby Firefly686
Wanna die? Sorry but you'll now be reborn and forced to live. Don't wanna attract attention? Sorry your super cute now. "Fu*k you life!" "Awww thanks we...