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I Am Alpha by LostArrow
I Am Alphaby Mindy Arroyo
Alpha Winters is a formidable force. He took over the pack when he was 16, and if that wasn't enough he has fought and defeated 3 separate packs, taking over their wolv...
  • fantasy
  • omega
  • mates
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The Centaur and Me by Madarii
The Centaur and Meby Madarii
Sayuri is a human in a centaur's world. Her over-protective father is the leader of their heard and doesn't approve of any of his daughter's ideas. He especially isn't t...
  • fantasy
  • centaurlovestory
  • fantasy-romance
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All Who Wander |Fates of Perdia 1|  #wattys2019 by Amarch93
All Who Wander |Fates of Perdia 1| Anne March
Drafted as a child into a secret, elite, and brutal branch of the army known as the Night's Legion, 19-year-old water wielder Elena Mirance is no stranger to fighting fo...
  • fantasyadventure
  • fairytaleretelling
  • feminist
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Unspoken ( A Legolas Love Story ) by DormantAuthor
Unspoken ( A Legolas Love Story )by DormantAuthor
AFTER the Battle of Five Armies, an elf prince journeys North in search of the mysterious Strider, but primarily to escape the grief of a 'love unspoken' as well as the...
  • legolasfanfiction
  • romance
  • fantasy
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Blood Rider by NumberFourTheNumber
Blood Riderby NumberFourTheNumber
In a world ravaged by war, the only hope of humans and elves ever reaching peace is ruined after strange things begin happening in the neutral land between two kingdoms...
  • sword
  • adventure
  • fantasyadventure
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The Overlord by Nekoime8671
The Overlordby Nekoime
A 16 year old boy named Valin Rakt goes to magical school called Flaron High School. Everyone else in the school has magical abilities, but not Valin. When the teacher t...
  • swordandsorcery
  • fantasyadventure
  • overlord
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How to: Build Your Fantasy World by amayhh
How to: Build Your Fantasy Worldby Alecs
Do you want to give fantasy writing a go; but you're not quite sure where to start? Or Are you a fantasy writer with so many world ideas, you're not quite sure how to pi...
  • fantasyfiction
  • descriptive
  • worldbuilding
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Reincarnated as a Dragon - A New life by CaseDescarazo
Reincarnated as a Dragon - A New CaseDescarazo
I believe my name was Iriko. I was twenty years old. My life used to be normal, getting teased by my sisters, becoming their work-slave, that type of thing. But while I...
  • monster
  • reincarnation
  • reincarnated
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Eliza Angelo and the Misfit Stag.  by SarahTheRock
Eliza Angelo and the Misfit Stag. by SarahTheRock
Just moving to Oregon, Eliza Angelo wasn't looking for trouble. It wasn't until she stared at her own face in a strange mirror that she realizes that her new house has s...
  • deer
  • scifi-romance
  • antibull
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Steam Powered Giraffe: My Blue Heaven.  by SarahTheRock
Steam Powered Giraffe: My Blue SarahTheRock
When the band comes to take a rest-in a nearby town, they meet a young blue haired woman with a chilling past. Rabbit decides to reach out and protect her no matter what...
  • fantasy-romance
  • clockwork
  • robots
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Wordsmith's Mêlée by TheFaeFolk
Wordsmith's Mêléeby The Fae Folk
Join us friends, in this epic battle of writing-- the Wordsmith's Mêlée! All are welcome here, but be warned, dear friends, the road ahead is not for the faint of heart...
  • fantasywriting
  • melee
  • tff
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Hall of Games [The Celestial Chronicles #1] by seventhstar
Hall of Games [The Celestial Stef
*completed* *Wattpad featured story [ 17/3/16]* *2015 WATTY AWARD WINNER* *#3 in Fantasy (5/3/16)* A chance encounter with a mysterious wizard at a magic show spells mo...
  • love
  • epicfantasy
  • fantasy-adventure
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The Witch and the Dragon - Beta by lemedlock
The Witch and the Dragon - Betaby lemedlock
Dragons like princesses. Everyone knows that. But the kingdom of Teana is pretty lacking in maids of the royal variety - which must be why Alannah finds herself tied to...
  • fantasyadventure
  • teen
  • witch
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Prodigal - Book III by azimodo
Prodigal - Book IIIby Azi
*Weekly updates* Fire. Ash. Darkness. Foes rise up on either side of the Paragon as it all comes to an end. This is a sequel to Paragon + Partisan, it's my very, very...
  • dreams
  • thieves
  • telepathy
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Seeds of the White Tree by GreenScholarTales
Seeds of the White Treeby GreenScholar Tales
A story of the Fourth Age of Middle-Earth, told primarily from Prince Eldarion (Aragorn and Arwen's son) of Gondor's perspective. Sauron is defeated and the West is at p...
  • elboron
  • aragorn
  • majesticincuniversalawards2019
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The Lost Queen (Book 1 of The Lost Queen Trilogy) by ssmith314
The Lost Queen (Book 1 of The Stephanie Smith
A human seer and an Elven Prince have one thing in common: a missing sister. Seraiah's dreams have a habit of coming true, but when all her dreams turn into nightmares...
  • kingdom
  • queen
  • princess
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Seven Devils and a Rose: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Fantasy (Seven Devils, #1) by AlexiaPraks
Seven Devils and a Rose: A Alexia Praks
One girl. Transported to a realm full of magic and paranormal creatures. Seven hunky men. A fairy tale with a twist. My name is Alfie. A university student. I'm nothing...
  • otherworld
  • genderbender
  • magicalworld
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THE GENERAL'S MATE by spinyturtles
she thrown into different world where all the weird things can happened. strange creatures that she never know before was there to eat her. Freya Ayudya Faranisa Winata...
  • chinese
  • josei
  • historical
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Hall of Shadows [The Celestial Chronicles #2] by seventhstar
Hall of Shadows [The Celestial Stef
*Sequel to the Watty Award Winner--Hall of Games* *#7 in Fantasy (12/5/16)* The relic of Yana, the Fifth Founder is stolen. It is a relic so powerful, it can raise an ar...
  • action
  • shadows
  • fantasy-adventure
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Becoming the Cheetah by Werecat
Becoming the Cheetahby Werecat
A world on the verge of a vampire apocalypse and a new werecat has been remembered. All of this is unknown to Victoria, a girl mercilessly bullied for her purple eyes, b...
  • werewolfxvampire
  • cheetah
  • greekgods
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