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Glowing Sky: Part Two by CelinaFrenn
Glowing Sky: Part Twoby Celina Frenn
Adelaide has revealed her power and her past has paid her a visit. And just like that, Adelaide is stolen in the night. Now Lucas and Rachelle are off to find her and br...
  • romance
  • lovestory
  • love
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Dare To Dream by AceHeart555
Dare To Dreamby Ace Of Hearts
Regan and Lily were just walking home, like every single day. But then this strange creepy man appears and takes them to a far away, dangerous world. One he fully and en...
  • fiction
  • bff
  • paranormal
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Elfia Miłość by La_Lilie
Elfia Miłośćby La_Lilie
O zakazanej Elfickiej Miłości. Życie jej nie było usłane różami, miała tylko poślubić go i udawać szczęśliwą resztę życia. Dla jej Ojca miało to wielkie znaczenie bo...
  • elfy
  • epika
  • królowa
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Jestem zerem - Magia księżyca by Nimrell
Jestem zerem - Magia księżycaby Nimrell
Drugi tom trylogii '' Jestem zerem'' Xsavir musi znaleźć przeznaczoną i ukarać porywacza. Czy mu się to uda? Jaką cenę za to zapłaci? Czy Saratea jeszcze zobaczy siostrę...
  • alfa
  • owilkolakach
  • opowiadanie
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Please just say by _polkil9_
Please just sayby _polkil9_
Historia o pewnej zakazanej miłości, która trwała do samego końca w sercach zakochanych. Pomimo głębokiego uczucia, musieli pożegnać szczęście.
  • legolas
  • fanfiction
  • siostry
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Sirens in Salem by OnceUponABookcase
Sirens in Salemby savannah
"Witch!" Someone shouts from the crowd. Shouts of agreement echo back. "Look, she bears the mark of the devil!" Someone else shouts. She only laughs...
  • love
  • romance
  • adventure
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The Heir by bieberfever6336
The Heirby Kayla
(Sequel to The Alpha's Girl) When Jamie Hayes turned 18, she was to become the Alpha of the Black Wolves Pack. However, having a first born girl was rare. Jace, the fir...
  • mark
  • teenfiction
  • romance
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D-SWITCHED by Cryinqcotton
What happens when a Dork and the Devil switch bodies?
  • anime
  • girlxgirl
  • fantasty
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Highschool Wolves by alpha_wolf_knight
Highschool Wolvesby Rossy 🌹
"Your inner beast can show up whenever you're less expecting this to happen." -alpha_wolf_knight She's just a regular teenager in the daytime, but each time th...
  • regular
  • romance
  • wolf
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Noob to celebertey by UwUgachastory
Noob to celeberteyby UwUgachastory
This is a fake story But it's about How I was a noob on yt to A celebrity
  • noob
  • gachalifestoey
  • noobtocelberitystory
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Dzieci Podziemia  by An1881
Dzieci Podziemia by An1881
Jak ważne są strzały Erosa? Co będzie gdy je straci? Czy w nieotpowiednich rękach mogą stanowić niebezpieczeństwo? Nazywam się Raven, a to jest mój brat Scott. Jesteśmy...
  • mitologia
  • dlanastolatków
  • fantasty
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Thy Kingdom Come by Elias702
Thy Kingdom Comeby Elias
King Edward II has made a historic announcement for his kingdom of Highston. He would be relinquishing his crown to his eldest son, Prince Elliott. His second son, Prin...
  • gaymen
  • gayprince
  • boyxboy
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Meow-Another Underfell Story by Kakey_Marriontte
Meow-Another Underfell Storyby Kakey/Blueberry/Marionette
Ok guys this is meh first book so dont judge me too badly but you can tell me what I can tweak and fix. So basically this is a Fell Sans x Reader. Also the main characte...
  • underfell
  • fanfiction
  • maybexreader
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Burnt Trust by RavenlessWonders
Burnt Trustby RavenlessWonders
A young magician apprentice is on his way to the Wreving Trials, the trials every aspiring young magician must pass in order to become an magician. Rowan also wants to f...
  • redemption
  • arsonist
  • action
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  • romance
  • fantasty
  • school
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A MIRACLE IN DISGUISE, legolas greenleaf x reader by futuremcfly
A MIRACLE IN DISGUISE, legolas stevie
Did you ever just want to just disappear from this world and wake up in a different world? One called Middle Earth, perhaps. Sadly, you knew it could never happen becau...
  • fantasty
  • xreader
  • gandalf
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Revival of the Holy Trio  by RavensChild16
Revival of the Holy Trio by LittleNerdyMe
It starts with a war, and so it ends the same. ######## The world of magic and the supernatural beings of Araycien splits into six different clans. The Fairy clan, the L...
  • demons
  • magic
  • fantasywar
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Let Us Ride by ReelBitque
Let Us Rideby Reel Bitque
Chelsey Jahdaé Winston is the name, born into the life of a hard working father and an absent mother. Chelsey is born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia along with her older...
  • romantic
  • love
  • comedy
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The Slope by Sextilis
The Slopeby Sextilis
Penelope fell into Anami Lake and now all her memories are mixed. She's forced to relive the worst year of her life without even knowing she's doing so. Now it's up to h...
  • badlanguage
  • multiplepov
  • highschool
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Spiked by MaeveMcGarry
Spikedby Maeve McGarry
World of Warcraft friend fiction. This short story about a beach party bridges the gap for the gang of mercenaries between their adventures in Legion and Battle for Azer...
  • highfantasy
  • wow
  • world
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