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"He Just Appeared" - Technoblade x Reader by ghoulwtv
"He Just Appeared" - Technoblade ghoulwtv
Y/n L/n, a famous racer, a legend. Although quite lonely, she had a good life. She was the top racer, had lots of money and was known by billions. Until that all changed...
Queen of Krampus by JCharm4
Queen of Krampusby Charmed Witch
Eira Engel may have the looks of a goddess, a brilliant mind, and an unnatural soul of pure innocence. All but a man that truly loves her. After a crazy fight happened d...
Kiss Him, Not Me! | Genshin Impact x Reader : Crossover! by _jul13_
Kiss Him, Not Me! | Genshin
Y/n L/n, a high schooler at Teyvat High! I'm secretly a Fujoshi, and the only person who fully understand me is my best friend! However, after a tragic event that happen...
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Bite Me ✔️[#Wattys 2019]  by DestinyJ2006
Bite Me ✔️[#Wattys 2019] by Destiny Jones
Highest rankings: #1 in life or death. #3 in vampirexhuman. "Oh come on rose stop being a goody two-shoes. Live a little." Anna said in a teasing voice causing...
sexual daydream by imagine_64
sexual daydreamby Trinity
sexual stuff Take you time Read at your own pace
Billy idol x reader  by evieunholy
Billy idol x reader by Slut4emoboys
Billy idol x reader This is very sexual or at lest it get very sexual and if your innocence or don't like it rough, leave ;)
Royal Bride by heyim008
Royal Brideby kali
A baker's daughter with a mouth-- not interested in marrying anyone after the royal heir announces he will choose a common girl to marry. Cassandra is annoyed, she wishe...
Don't Say A Word [Book 5] by Alexander226
Don't Say A Word [Book 5]by C. M. Alexander
Amy Foster was a normal girl living a normal life until everything changed overnight. Both her parents were killed by vampires and her older brother is missing. Now all...
The Story of Brief Kiko and Son Gomon by MightyBrewbre69
The Story of Brief Kiko and Son The Knight of Ryn
Kiko Brief and Son Gomon were only 12 years old when their life changed.....Kiko and Gomon must step up to the mantle aside, they will take on any threat in the world in...
3:16 a.m. [RocxPrince] by Blvck_Pwer
3:16 a.m. [RocxPrince]by ヽ(´ー`)人(´∇`)人(`Д´)ノ
Stereotype, You know how in stories how Prince is always the shy-like, bullied, or recessive one because he would seem like that type of person in a situation. Then you...
The Forgotten story by missweebgal
The Forgotten storyby Jaspers Wife
mark on too a advente of the ifetime 6 women fine out that they are the last of there kind with powers and save the world from going back to the olden days where races...
Many Roleplays. by AndrewArmy
Many Andrew Kailani Anderson
Please fill out your form if you can. Update: I'm just changing title and form.
The Unfortunate Fates by TaniaTrevino4
The Unfortunate Fatesby LonelySinglePringle
Five kids have been destined with unfortunate fates, but all have a chance to change, when each are part of class at the Willow Shallow Academy. But, the school has dark...
A Hint Of Magic by Saiki_Kusou420
A Hint Of Magicby Saiki kusuo
Tori is your average girl going to an average school, or so she thought. Tori learns that everything she knows is a lie and that her own mother has been feeding her lies...
life after death by kiryuyuki19
life after deathby Rean
curious about what happens after you die ill tell you . Your force to live on this earth even after you die to watch time pass by right before your eyes to see those lov...
Organic Material Volume 1  by candyj888
Organic Material Volume 1 by candyj888
This story is about Emily and her first time with a Man named Alex. Alex is 6'9 tall and the leader of the New York mafia. Alex is 24 with a huge... Emily 4'8 And barely...
Wanted By The Warlock by Hotlip
Wanted By The Warlockby Hotlip
Megan Connley is a soon to be 21 year old women, who doesn't know that she comes from a long line of witches. How will Megan react to her new powers and how will she r...
A Mermaid Tale by layla24788
A Mermaid Taleby Aliayah Lawrence
She been a normal child until one day she went to swimming class and finds out that she a mermaid What will she do? Who is her real parents? Who is this lady chasing af...