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oc precure season dance dance precure by japgal94
oc precure season dance dance japgal94
My oc season off precure dance dance precure this book will have all the information on this fan-made series I have made I own nothing except the idea and my OCS except...
Time of Past by SilverDraconequus
Time of Pastby Golden Honey
There is a woman, who's claimed as a goddess under her husband's name. Kronos. Even though in great myth, that her husband should of been the time keeper. But fate has o...
Ninjago: A Malicious Lullaby by _GalactixMay_
Ninjago: A Malicious Lullabyby May! :)
They had hopes and dreams. When triplets Medine, Harper, and Barrett docked in Ninjago for the first time, the possibilities were endless... until a group of certain he...
Ninjago - The Golden Ninja by LaxFam_16
Ninjago - The Golden Ninjaby LAX_16
A familiar darkness has come back to Ninjago. The ninja must find the other ten elements of the Main Four Elementals, the two other Green Ninjas, and the Golden Ninja be...
Avian City [Ninjago Oc Fanseason] by SilverDraconequus
Avian City [Ninjago Oc Fanseason]by Golden Honey
Long ago, those of ancient built a city in the sky. Later turned to a kingdom that thrived. A city filled with sky people, a Kingdom ran with royalty, and a temple worsh...
Firescape:Ninjago Fan Season by blitzsoulz
Firescape:Ninjago Fan Seasonby Blitz
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Possibly starvation, torture,blood mentions,violence,ect. (some of these are for the future chapters of the Fan Season.) This Fan Season is focused on...
Blue Angel (Mystreet Fanfic) by The_Amber_Fist
Blue Angel (Mystreet Fanfic)by The_Amber_Fist
After Katelyn is killed during the battle against Michael, it seems things will never be the same. But when she's found and healed by Elizabeth, it turns out she's not a...
Into The Depths by OnyxHarmony
Into The Depthsby Archer
Taking a walk can clear your head. Or it might just cause a tidal wave that washes over everyone you care about. Deity often found comfort in the ocean, but the innocen...
Not So Total Drama by ben314
Not So Total Dramaby Benny
Welcome to Total Drama Another Episode . A fan season created by, yours truly, Ben314. Featuring 21 of my own original characters, the notorious Chris McLean, and everyo...
total drama:revenge of the race by CodyTotalDrama
total drama:revenge of the raceby Cody Anderson
Welcome to a new season of total drama and we have 48 contestants competing around the world for a million dollars. I couldn't find a better cover though. And if you hat...
Ninjago - War with the Oni by LaxFam_16
Ninjago - War with the Oniby LAX_16
Following the events of the Golden Ninja and the Very First Realm, the ninja face a war that they must win in order to protect the light side of Ninjago.
Total drama resurrected by Saturn_tdf
Total drama resurrectedby Saturninspace
A brand new season of total drama has started on an abandoned island where some weird stuff is going on Paranormal stuff
MCKS2 (Rise of the Guardians)-Episode 2: Road Trip Hijinks by TruffulaFairy1
MCKS2 (Rise of the Guardians) Megan Ryan
After discovering her destiny as the Guardian of Light, Diamond with her rag-tag team of friends begin their journey forth to Solaria's Temple where her mother awaits. Y...
MCKS2Ep3: Solaria by TruffulaFairy1
MCKS2Ep3: Solariaby Megan Ryan
The gang travels to the Dune Desert in hopes of reaching Solaria's temple, but they'll have to face harsh weather, a vengeful rival and a fateful encounter with familiar...
Total drama:Revenge of the Action  by CodyTotalDrama
Total drama:Revenge of the Action by Cody Anderson
8 old contestants and 8 new contestants competing for the million dollars
Insecurities by Fluff-Fan-Girl
Insecuritiesby Fluff-Fan-Girl
The master of animal spirituality has had enough of her drama filled life with the ninja. Once simple and happy times turned to ash as the fights and missions get more i...