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The Child by Athaja
The Childby Athaja
Cornered by Urko and his men, the fugitives have no choice but to hide inside a Forbidden Zone, where apes don't dare to follow. When they discover the ruins of yet anot...
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The Cure by Athaja
The Cureby Athaja
When a fever breaks out in a human village, the local prefect forces Galen to treat her workforce, before they are all killed by the advancing Urko. But after a promisin...
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The Hostage by Athaja
The Hostageby Athaja
Still on the run from General Urko, the fugitives hurry northward, brushing the edges of one of the mysterious 'Forbidden Zones' - areas that are so strongly taboo that...
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Planet of the Apes - Escape From Central City by Athaja
Planet of the Apes - Escape From Athaja
Astronauts Virdon and Burke have lost everything: their ship, their freedom, and, apparently, their sanity. Because their captors aren't humans. They aren't even aliens...
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The Trap by Athaja
The Trapby Athaja
When Virdon and Urko are trapped in an old subway station after an earthquake, they are forced to cooperate in order to survive, while above ground, Burke and Galen have...
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The Surgeon by Athaja
The Surgeonby Athaja
When Virdon is shot and needs medical help, Galen remembers an old flame who he is sure will put her Healer's Oath above the politics of the day. But when he meets up wi...
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