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The great dane by canderson2001
The great daneby Andersclai1066
Sara Evans is a normal 19 year old girl after she gets a birthday present of a trip to Toronto the person who she meets on the plane there changes her life
D E V O U R || HANNIGRAM // continuation by Spookey95
D E V O U R || HANNIGRAM // Hannisea
Following after the figurative: 'Cliff Hanger', on Hannibal NBC; the story evolves to express the turmoil, suspense and romance between Will and Hannibal and lastly- wha...
Friend Of A Cannibal by LostWitch
Friend Of A Cannibalby Lost Witch
Hannibal Lecter finds himself falling for his patient. He can't resist her and she can't resist him. But they're not so different. Maybe a little romance is what the doc...
The Ripper's Fair Maiden by missSigyn_14
The Ripper's Fair Maidenby Luchie Sigyn Laufeyson
Hannibal Lecter, a renowned psychiatrist and a culinarian. Lady Valeria De Lorienné, A successful woman but with a dark past. Two people living in different lives, but...
Hannigram  -Strictly Proffessional by mykiessoul
Hannigram -Strictly Proffessionalby 🧚🏻‍♀️
After being introduced by Jack Crawford, Will Graham is intrigued by Hannibal Lecter. He has the perfect excuse to see more of him when the Doctor calls by his class - a...
Alpha Female (Hannibal x Reader x Will)  by AnnieTheAlpha
Alpha Female (Hannibal x Reader AnnieTheAlpha
⚠️This is a second book in this series. The first one is named 'Wendigo'⚠️ Hannibal was about to ask (Y/N), but before he could, she raised her finger to silence them. T...
Vide Cor Meum // Hannibal X Reader by sips___tea
Vide Cor Meum // Hannibal X Readerby sips
Vide Cor Meum, a story about Dante and Beatrice. This story is about you and Hannibal, you, a pure soul and Hannibal, with a soul full of pain. You both meet in scholast...
❝What's For Dinner?❞ || My Hodgepodge Book by MurderDaddies
❝What's For Dinner?❞ || My The Chesapeake Shipper
❝Never ask. Spoils the surprise.❞ ~~~⊰♥⊱~~~ ~Random life things. ~Most likely a lot of Hannibal, Hannigram, Mads Mikkelsen, and Hugh Dancy spam for my fellow Fannibal Fa...
A HanniGrahm Fic by nailbunny94
A HanniGrahm Ficby nailbunny94
Hannibal and Will have survived the cliff, now there life can begin
❝It's fine to be weird.❞ || Info To Become A Member by FannibalFamily
❝It's fine to be weird.❞ || Info 𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓷𝓼
Hello fellow Fannibal Family members, I wanted to celebrate and show support of the masterpiece Hannibal. If you want to be a member; All the info you'll need will be l...
Hannibal fanfiction! by Squiddy12346
Hannibal fanfiction!by Team Hobbs
Is it insane to think you and Hannibal Lecter could meet by chance? A young woman is referred to Hannibal Lecter for treatment. This story is based off the Hannibal s...
We Will Survive by CyberVampFox
We Will Surviveby Sofiya
Original poem written by me from Hannibal's perspective.
Hannibal shiat by SugaShimo
Hannibal shiatby Cannigram
Just a big fat fan book where I can let out my SCREAMS and SQUEALS cuz heck I really need someone to talk to about it cuz my friends haven't watched it. Yet 🌚
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