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Solangelo One Shots by Alex_Romones
Solangelo One Shotsby Alex Romones
Where Solangelo shippers can come and fangirl over fluff and a bit of.....smut😈
Fangirl Problems Book 2 by ShadowEclipse12
Fangirl Problems Book 2by *Shadow*
The second book of things fanpeople can relate to.
Fangirl Problems by nishanywrites
Fangirl Problemsby *Nishany*
Are you a part of a fandom? Then you can definitely relate to these fangirl problems. New chapters being added. Cover by @infinitelyx
Fangirl Problems by ShadowEclipse12
Fangirl Problemsby *Shadow*
Here's a book that all fangirls can relate to. Some are taken from the internet, and others I came up with. *Warning* There are some sad ones
Prithvi by fuzzygnartz
Prithviby Sitara
*warning* It's a fangirl thing.. Only they can understand that. And it's all about one of the world's greatest creations - Prithvi ❤️ One and only by our cute @Vermillio...
🌗Kpop Fangirl Problems, Quotes, etc🌓 by Cute_Baby01
🌗Kpop Fangirl Problems, Quotes, ♪
Kpop Fangirl Scenarios. Crdts to the owners! Highest Rank: #374 in Fanfiction / #396 in Random ~Cute_Baby01
Hetalia Fangirl Problems / Cracks by AkikawaYayoi111
Hetalia Fangirl Problems / Cracksby AkikawaYayoi111
I do not own Hetalia in anyway. All rights reserved. Anyways, this is like a Hetalia Yaoi Fangirl life book.
Fangirl/Fanboy Problems, And Me Being A Weirdo #2 by FandomsUnited_Always
Fangirl/Fanboy Problems, And Me Analogical Ruler
Hello Fangirls and Fanboys! Maybe you've read my first book with fangirl problems. Or you just stumbled upon this. However you found it I hope you, if you decide to read...
my top ten people i fancy  by Mermaidprincess07
my top ten people i fancy by driftynifty97
yes I did just put Liam neeson as the front cover ;)
⌑ fangirl problems by icedcoffeeseokjin
⌑ fangirl problemsby h ✩
A funny and reletable compilation of problems every fangirl struggles with.
all you want by royalty_among_stars
all you wantby 《 S.D.》
A collection of memes, GIFs, tributes, and other stuff from multiple fandoms. Previously titled 'Fandoms'
Fangirl Problems 2 by super_awkward_girl
Fangirl Problems 2by Dria
A second look inside the life of a fangirl
100 Fangirl Problems by asukaluvbot
100 Fangirl Problemsby ayanon
Things you can probably relate to.
Better of alone by wety_boss_mali
Better of aloneby wety_boss_mali
the story is mainly about a girl who is always being bullied and found true love but not know there will be some twist and turns In the relationship
Broke. (Fangirl Diaries) by Shame2u
Broke. (Fangirl Diaries)by MHURDER
Hi, Call me shih! I am a fan of basically all of the fandoms which require no sleep, 500 pounds of food, tissues and a wild set of imaginations. In short, I am a KPOP, A...
Play it cool-MonstaX by hwanginyeopismine
Play it cool-MonstaXby حبا
Play it cool is a MonstaX fanfic. Playing it cooly, she came into my heart and took over it. And now my feelings and my heart feels foreign in my own body. Unable to sta...
Extracts (Collection Of Short Stories) by taebear_97
Extracts (Collection Of Short Kim Yo Na
Short stories that I randomly write. They say write what you know but I write what I dream of ie most of my best written stories are the Dreams I once had.