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Rainbow Love with a Neko by Thirza-1984
Rainbow Love with a Nekoby Thirza
I don't own the characters of yu-gi-oh, but I do own the plot, please subscribe to feed the authors mind, enjoy. What if you work in the same Restaurant? What if your n...
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Steven Universe: Emerald's Zoo by Pandaclovers
Steven Universe: Emerald's Zooby Panda With a clover
This is a story where in a alternate universe.. Emerald kidnaps humans and Lars and the off colors ( Steven ) need to help and save the humans that are captured. WARNING...
PICK ME(ငါ့ကို​ေရြးပါ)/Hiatus/ by wangphoenix94
PICK ME(ငါ့ကို​ေရြးပါ)/Hiatus/by 20% discount
#OOCျဖစ္​ဖို႔ 10billions​ေသခ်ာပါတယ္​. က်န္​းခ်န္​💜​ေဝ့ဝူ႐ွန္​႔
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The Wolf Pack by MinCiel93
The Wolf Packby Min Ciel93
umm.....this is my first time making a story I might make the chapters short but I would also like it if anyone could give me advice or request something to me.....thank...
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Real love?♥️ by DiegoXAkira
Real love?♥️by DiegoXAkira
Just read it will plz ur life😌♥️
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My wuv of my life😍 by DiegoXAkira
My wuv of my life😍by DiegoXAkira
Just read it plz😌
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Young Hercules the Prize by PrincessCat2002
Young Hercules the Prizeby Princess Cat
the Prize a talent show that Hercules must win
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Young Hercules by PrincessCat2002
Young Herculesby Princess Cat
These short stories are based entirely on the TV Show Young Hercules directed by, Robert Tapert, Samuel Rami or "Sam Rami" Liz Friedman Liz FriedmaLiz Friedman...
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Diary that belongs to Trixie Gnomes (A Sherlock Gnomes Fanfiction) by Book_Lasso
Diary that belongs to Trixie Book_Lasso
Hello. This is my secret diary, so my brother can't read in it, or write in it. My brother doesn't have time for writing in diaries, anyways. Not when there's work to be...
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The Story Of Two Android Twins : 17 and 18 by SydneythefamousN
The Story Of Two Android Twins : SydneythefamousN
Have you ever wondered what Android 17 and Android 18 were like BEFORE they were turned into Androids.This story focuses on the childhood of the two androids, and what t...
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Holdgyermek by vadmacsa
Holdgyermekby Vadmacsa
Ez egy Narutós fanfiction, amit ugyan nem wattpadra írok, de kirakok ide egy ismertetőt, hátha olyanhoz is eljut, így akihez egyébként nem jutna el. A történet némiben e...
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Where the road takes us (A fantastic beasts fanfic) by Sweets-simmer
Where the road takes us (A Sweets-simmer
Katherina and her lil' bowtruckle, Treekey, adventures with Newt. - Treekey/Lindie and Jason Blackler are my chartaters Katherina Lestique is @_mak_tt 's character The s...
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my light by julie-ARMY13
my lightby julie brandt
Det er svært at leve når alt går galt men hvad hvis du møder en der føler det samme som dig. Rose er en pige på 17 som mister sin familie i en ildebrand. hun ender med a...
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Warrior Cats- The First Midnight  by RainbowDragon789
Warrior Cats- The First Midnight by MadzDee
"Rainpaw was looking into the silent blackness of the forest. Something was lurking in there. " Rainpaw is an apprentice, with her best friend, Nightpaw. Once...
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Demigod websites by FreereaderFunforever
Demigod websitesby FreereaderFunforever
Annabeth is not happy.
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Ropo X Reader by Alivia1234567891011
Ropo X Readerby LloydAndKai
Hey guys this was suggested story her name will be put in the intro please please go check them out.
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Hung up on the past by commanderclexa
Hung up on the pastby mercy✨
Story is being all re- written!
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Baldi meets Colin by ToonCloud
Baldi meets Colinby ToonCloud
the school gets a new computer lab but one of the computers are not what they seem...
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We Live,we Love,we Lie (Yan Blue X Reader) by jayciell
We Live,we Love,we Lie (Yan Blue moonchaser
You been In the underground for 2 year's but you meet asgor (ehem* you're goat dad) chara(your sisi ) Papyruse and blueberry You had been a huge crush on the cute blue...
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nightmare x reader (Love Story ) Rewrite by jayciell
nightmare x reader (Love Story ) moonchaser
hey guys I hope you all enjoy the story and pls in YouTube sub ink sans I really love her / his audio it supose to be nightmare x listener I just get the idea to conti...