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Pretty Boy by IBellaBanana
Pretty Boyby Bella Banana
NCT Taeyong ff As if trainee life wasn't complicated enough, y/n's twin is pretty boy Jaehyun and his best friend is pretty boy Taeyong. Pretty boys have never really at...
kai dan kyung soo saling mencintai, begitupun chanyeol yang sangat mencintai do kyung. kembar cantik ini terpisah sejak mereka di lahirkan karena suatu alasan keluarga...
Rewind ~ Lee Felix- Stray Kids by reun148
Rewind ~ Lee Felix- Stray Kidsby R
Sun-hi has never been the type to believe in superstitions or second chances but when she wakes up in the previous day, she's suddenly given a chance to correct her bigg...
way back into love » yulyen ✅ by sci-set
way back into love » yulyen ✅by hey
"all i wanna do is find a way back into love" -wherein jo yuri wants to find a way back into love. -short story-
You Are My Lover // JK x reader by farahyasmin296
You Are My Lover // JK x readerby Miyawaki Tsumiere
An Agent who secretly become a con-artist. A man who is more than just a playboy in his own . "I can't fall for him,he's powerful" "She's precious than an...
Sunghoon ff x by HajrahYousaf
Sunghoon ff xby Hajrah Yousaf
Saucy fan fiction filled with 🍵 x
Camera Roll 📸 | TAENNIE ✔ by NaSoTi
Camera Roll 📸 | TAENNIE ✔by Sof💕
In which Jennie and Taehyung meet once again after their breakup at a photoshoot. Will they get back together, or will this be a one-time project? Taennie AU #taennie #...
BENEFIT SHIT by hoseokhipthrust
BENEFIT SHITby °¬Epiphany
-You know, it can seem weird to you, but i'm all new to that and i know you Jungkook. -What do you know baby? -You fuck and go, but what if i catch feelings for you as w...
hater by mybananamilk13
haterby emem
where your hater turns into your lover.
Sold (SENSITIVE CONTENT)  JHS ✨ by myluvintae
You've been going through a lot since your parents passed away is hoseok going to help you escape from the bad reality?
As long as I don't loose myself | Ni-ki FF by nikibbun
As long as I don't loose myself | <3
y/n, a 15 year old girl passed the HYBE Labels audition for a professional dance cover group. Will her dream really begin here? If she'd only knew what she was going to...
Stay Forever. by TheUnbreakable1234
Stay TheUnbreakable1234
This is a Jinji(Jinyoung and Jisoo) fanfiction. 1. I'm not a hardcore shipper of Jinji. I usually ship the members of the same group but I thought for this story,Jinji...
#TheSchool's Season 2  by indriafiana97
#TheSchool's Season 2 by Starkyu
Sampai kapan pun kita mencoba menutupi kehidupan masalalu kita pasti akan tercium juga. Kunci dalam suatu hubungan agar berjalan bahkan bertahan lama adalah kepercayaan...
My Last Hope (Suga Fanfiction) by HztLinda
My Last Hope (Suga Fanfiction)by Linda Vo
Mira and Yoongi are both senior high school students. At first, Mira and Yoongi left a bad impression on each other, making them develope a hate-love relationship.Throug...
suga // invisible brother [END] by CheonJJu
suga // invisible brother [END]by 𝐉 𝐈 𝐍 𝐉 𝐔
Hi. My name is (Y/L/N). and I have some questions for you.. What if you can't see someone that really exist?? I mean he/she is still alive?? and only you that can't see...
《Past is Past》 by btspinkie
《Past is Past》by btsbluey
This story is about a girl name Bae Irene . Wanted to find her own real sister and brother. She always got a weird dream and always crying in that dream and WHAT WILL HA...
The Bad Girl and The Bad Boy by JeonBunneu
The Bad Girl and The Bad Boyby JeonBunneu
Y/n the Girl Who gets kicked out of every school she goes to The Bad Girl. Jimin The Bad Boy Who Is Trying to Use Y/n when something terrible happens to her and the. The...
Ephemeral/ Min Yoongi x Female Reader by angelsnamseok
Ephemeral/ Min Yoongi x Female Mari ⁷
What can solitude really do to people? Is it easier to solve your problems alone or with help? Is it possible to fall in love despite being on your lowest?
⭐️ Love Story ⭐️ by _Baekhyunee__
⭐️ Love Story ⭐️by ♡ Baekhyunee ♡
Baekhyun, Chanyeol et Taeyong sont tous les 3 de la même agence, SM TOWN. Taehyung et Jimin, eux sont chez BigHit. Mais personne ne se connaissent vraiment, Baekhyun et...
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