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My Seks My Adventure (Remake) by aQuilla31
My Seks My Adventure (Remake)by Zua
. . "Zu, bayaran tumpangan ini, bayar sekarang aja ya." "Eh, gue bawa duit cuma dikit.... Kapan-kapan deh gue bayarin bensin lo" "Ga, ga perlu k...
Beneath After You | EXO FANFICTION | SUHO by amchayseyy
Beneath After You | EXO Mayvel
A guy offer her the job but as a 'Informant Buddy' to her friend, Nori. The payment is good enough to pay everything. She don't want to do it because Nori is her friend...
The Mafia's Child ✿ [EDITING/WRITING STILL] by kookiebleh15
The Mafia's Child ✿ [EDITING/ chicken nuggets
I'm y/n , I'm a normal teenager doing normal everyday things, like go to school, meet up with friends but... I'm the Mafias daughter. Note : There will be other people f...
•Chatting ; Dengan PAcar2 Ganteng by Rabble_Xo
•Chatting ; Dengan PAcar2 Gantengby Rabble Xo🌈
hanya kisah Chatting gila😂😂😂😂😂..... Ada bahasa DEWASA !!!!💮💮💮💮
Just A Blind Date by NightWinter_
Just A Blind Dateby NightWinter_
A Blind Date for a New game doesn't sound so Bad....
Change +Oh Sehun by shill1212
Change +Oh Sehunby shill1212
Bagaimana jika seorang gadis 'nerd' bernama Jung Mina,dan sahabatnya yang juga 'nerd' bernama Oh Sehun, mencintai orang yang famous di sekolah? Bagaimana jika mereka sa...
Finding Home by dani_it_is
Finding Homeby dani_it_is
Melinda a 23 year old girl, which searches her home. A place to stay. At first she makes friends with Donghae and Eunhyuk from Super Junior, but soon meets EXO. Funny t...
Love Shot: Bullet of Love (JENKAI) by BBeastly__
Love Shot: Bullet of Love (JENKAI)by Beauty&Beastly
"So you better choose another bride because I have no intention in marrying you."~Eden Rose Francisco Babae bang walang kinatatakutan? Matapang? May sariling p...
The Convenant by Shuu_07
The Convenantby Shuu
Seorang lelaki yang merupakan anak dari rekan bisnis orang tua Krystal secara mengejutkan mengajaknya bertemu. Bukan itu saja yang membuat Krystal terkejut, lelaki itu d...
Kyungsoo, thanks! by sidiahayu
Kyungsoo, thanks!by sunday
Cast: Do Kyungsoo x Lee Jieun with their family and friends. Genre: Romance • Friendship • School Life • Family • Company's gag Length: Multi-chaptered Summary: Apa yang...
The Bright Flowering and Beautiful River by TheNBF12
The Bright Flowering and TheCha12
It's a story on how two people meets. Like an old folks says, what happen when the bright flowering and beautiful river meets? It will creates a peaceful and satisfyin...
TOO BUSY - OSH by SweetenedChocolate
TOO BUSY - OSHby Choco
"Sangat disayangkan, masih muda sudah jadi sasaeng." "Aku bukan-" "Sudah, ya. Aku sibuk." . . "Aku sibuk. Tidak ada waktu untuk mengur...
delicate// kim jongin by roses-on-the-moon
delicate// kim jonginby serendipity
"Everything is difficult with him, one wrong move and what we have breaks like glass." (this might get mature as the story progresses, just a lil warning)
instagram | pcy by cafesyeol
instagram | pcyby jana
started: july | 21 | 17 ended: - | - | - ----------------- INSTAGRAM A story where park chanyeol is a globally known kpop star while Kim Hyein a fan of MBJ the group...
The Barista (Xuimin ff) by wheiensldbakdbwksn
The Barista (Xuimin ff)by wheiensldbakdbwksn
Ugh.. I'm so tired. This is my first day in Seoul, South Korea. I moved here to study abroad. I heard there is this really good coffee place near by. Y/n: Can I please...
$Lotto$ by SehunsoBae
$Lotto$by Seoulbangtan
Who knew that they would choose a random girl like me, But of all people they had to choose me Kelly is just a regular college student but one afternoon when she's on he...
Scarlet Red (A Vampire  Park Chanyeol Fan Fiction) ON-GOING by i__m_aria
Scarlet Red (A Vampire Park Maria sherlenn
Highest Ranking achieved #8 in Vampire love story Currently #345 ranking on Vampire She thought running away is her best option but turned to be her worst option. Dro...
Our Dream by Gangster230
Our Dreamby Good_Gangster
Just read it. Tenkue❤️
My Ex-Flower by Hiuneeeesss_
My Ex-Flowerby Dzee'Aunt
Ketika kau diposisikan pada situasi kesalahpahaman, dan bahkan kau pun tak bisa menyelesaikannya, apa yang akan kau perbuat jika itu terjadi?? Akankah semua kembali sep...