FAKE BRIDE               ⎾ MYG ⏌✔️ by MyKnight_V
FAKE BRIDE ⎾ MYG ⏌✔️by MyKnight_V
When you're working as a waiteress on a celebrity wedding only for a day just to gain money for your college ended up you being the bride. What will happen? Will the mar...
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Blush.  by yoonminlland
Blush. by yoonminlland
Two brothers are both diagnosed with Idiopathic craniofacial erythema, a rare blushing disease. Due to this disease, the two can never keep their feelings to themselves...
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PiggyBack | VKOOK FF by StarlightNArmy
PiggyBack | VKOOK FFby StarlightNArmy
❝Y-You're gonna be my Daddy ?❞ Taehyung, who is a little, hires out a temporary caregiver to give him a piggyback ride. Highest Rank: #4 in fanfiction Cover by: @HOPEWEE...
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FUCKBOY || Jungkook BTS by HoeForHobi-
FUCKBOY || Jungkook BTSby HoeForHobi-
❝You know Y/N, I would be more inclined to kiss you if you weren't such a pain in the ass❞ Sometimes there is more to a person than you think. We all put up fronts. We a...
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Friends with benefits?!//Hannie by user45848492
Friends with benefits?!//Hannieby user45848492
Annie and Hayden hook up with each other for the first time one night when they are at a party. What happens when they realize that they liked it and want to keep doing...
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What the Wolf Wants  (Teen Wolf AU, D. Hale) by presleysangel
What the Wolf Wants (Teen Wolf AU...by presleysangel
Beacon Hills, a place that draws the supernatural like a bee to honey. Derek Hale is trying his best to bring a group of teens together to become the new Hale Pack. He'...
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Never Cry Were-Wolf (SPN/Marvel, Castiel & Loki) by insaneredhead
Never Cry Were-Wolf (SPN/Marvel, C...by insaneredhead
Alex Winchester is the biological daughter of Red Skull, the adoptive daughter of John Winchester and a super soldier enhanced werewolf. After her younger brother's dec...
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My desperate husband # shivika  by aashnaababy
My desperate husband # shivika by aashnaababy
Shivaay Singh Oberoi ( the great business tycoon ) marries with Anika Verma ( p.a of shivaay ,very caring n loving) for lust hate to love
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Sang Insane by JadeQueen100
Sang Insaneby JadeQueen100
Sang's life has never been normal. From her abusive stepmother, cruel older sister, and neglectful father to two voices in her head and strange abilities. The Blackbourn...
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His Mystery Kisser | ShivIka SS by BlackManiacx
His Mystery Kisser | ShivIka SSby BlackManiacx
Shivaay is subconsciously aware of the woman he wants to marry. Unfortunately, it isn't the one he is marrying. Complicated yet? It is Shivaay Singh Oberoi's life whic...
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Complicated《Cesar Diaz》{ON MY BLOCK} by deadpoolxraven
Complicated《Cesar Diaz》{ON MY BLOC...by deadpoolxraven
《IN UNITY THERE IS STRENGTH》 Previously known as "Azul" ~~~~~ "Cesar why is keeping this relationship between us so hard?" "Because fat...
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Yandere!Joseph Seed x Reader [SINNER] by LittleKuriza
Yandere!Joseph Seed x Reader [SINN...by LittleKuriza
The Deputy (Y/n) meets Joseph Seed, who falls in love with her...but that love changes into obsession.
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Online Quickie | m.yg & k.th by gguktae_
Online Quickie | m.yg & k.thby gguktae_
A small chatroom causes a FLIRT that breaks good friendships. || sexual talk and lots of swearing || main characters; min yoongi, and kim taehyung. || texts + few chaps.
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Augst D | YoonMin by PizzaKings
Augst D | YoonMinby PizzaKings
"I'm about to make your bedroom into my fan club." "What?" Jimin chokes, on his water, titling his head. "Because your gonna be screaming my nam...
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THEIR LIVES AFTER THE STORM 💗 by Phoenixwriter99
That fateful day the oberois get separated. But this time not only the younger set but also the elder set of oberois. Pinky and shakti accompanied their son and daughter...
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Manan : Friendship  to Love by salonisai
Manan : Friendship to Loveby salonisai
A Manan ff How two Strangers meet and how they journey of friendship and love start .... To know u have to peep inside the book ..... Hope u like it
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Háblame De Ti // Ruby Martinez by Down_Low
Háblame De Ti // Ruby Martinezby Down_Low
Mylene, the girl he has always wanted. She was out of his league and quite frankly a cool ass bitch who has no time for anybody, but when he catches her eye. It becomes...
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The Beautiful & Damned by UnAmericanTeen
The Beautiful & Damnedby UnAmericanTeen
I lied to her. She fucked the shit out of me for it too. - Camila is assigned to a drug cartels case. Collect as much information on the main man, D.B, then turn him in...
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