WILD ! ⇉ Noah Centineo by blissfulcentineo
WILD ! ⇉ Noah Centineoby ⇏ SADIE ⇍
" Never knew loving could hurt This good , oh ". " And it drives me wild ". "...
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MINE ( TAEHYUNG FF ) BTS V 21+ by taeyooh56
Most of the chapter will be 16+ 18+ 21+
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BABY . PETER KAVINSKY by xokavinsky
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unwanted | ethan x emma | ethma by dolanxkw
unwanted | ethan x emma | ethmaby ⛅️💫
a story of two close friends who start to feel something else for each other. what obstacles and challenges will they have to overcome?
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Man's Best Friend | Taekook by Staerrykookah
Man's Best Friend | Taekookby B♡
Taehyung is a famous author who moves into a secluded cabin in the middle of the woods to escape society whilst searching for the inspiration to write his new book. He's...
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H.S. || The Long Way Round || Harry Styles by RubySlippers_
H.S. || The Long Way Round || Harr...by RubySlippers_
*MATURE WARNING* "Despite the humidity, neither of them attempt to move back from the other, Madi's hands clinging to Harry as he fills her up, making her forget in...
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Boys Online | Taekook by Staerrykookah
Boys Online | Taekookby B♡
Taehyung and Jungkook run a popular YouTube channel consisting of weekly vlogs and comedy sketches. They claim they're just best friends but their friends and fans can d...
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Should've Kept Quiet • NbaxYbn  by jasthecancer
Should've Kept Quiet • NbaxYbn by 🧡🧡🧡
This book is GAY as fuck. & I write what I want. Don't like it pleaseeee don't read It ✔️
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Jikook Smuts by _jimin_x_jungkook_
Jikook Smutsby Trash ✌️
Jikook smuts that aren't mine but I'll link them all in the chapter at the beginning
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Sleeping With The CEO by daddyonces
Sleeping With The CEOby juice box
Beyoncé Knowles, 26, is a young, successful entrepreneur and CEO of Knowles Corporations, which built rising brand 'Ivy Park'. With her brand becoming more and more main...
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the alpha's omega (l.s) (a/b/o) by larry_shiiper
the alpha's omega (l.s) (a/b/o)by [-kitten kim🐱]
The last chapter~
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20 days | Jenzie by zieglerskrt
20 days | Jenzieby n☾
"If you give me just twenty days.. can I change your mind?" "Fine."
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Bapak Ganteng -Oh Sehun- by Osskylark
Bapak Ganteng -Oh Sehun-by Mulgokizary
"gimana reaksi lo kalo guru sejarah lo ini mirip sama bias lo? plus ternyata lo deket sama orang nya (':" - Nancy
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Crimes | Jenzie by sam_mendes_
Crimes | Jenzieby last summer
Crime is like a drug. And once you're addicted to it, you can never resist it. Started: 30th August, 2018
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Runner {방탄소년단} by jiminsatoori
Runner {방탄소년단}by 민효린
started 15/08/2018 ended 01/09/2018 One had done it for the money. The other for the fame. Neither would have guessed that they'd fall for one another #68 in Mys...
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Don't Ask  by Yoka_payne
Don't Ask by آيـــة ✨
" لأخر مره أكرر سؤالي ، من انتِ ؟ " سأل زين مجدداً بنفاذ صبر وهو ينظر لها .. ذلك الصمت من جديد ، نظراتها له الثابته غير مهتزه بصراخه و لعنه ، وكأنها توقفت عن...
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fallen | peter kavinsky by coconutsuns
fallen | peter kavinskyby coconutsuns
"you know, i tried. i tried not to smile every time you did. i tried not to get nervous whenever i saw you. i tried to make my heart stop beating so quickly when we...
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Nanosuits and Soul Magic: A Crysis/RWBY crossover   by Monkeyman369
Nanosuits and Soul Magic: A Crysis...by Matthew Braden
title says it all I do not own this story I am just uploading it to wattpad so people and read it
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●Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenario● by Rita304
●Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenario●by Rita304
NEW BOOK!~? y/n is your name. f/n is your family name. The characters in the story are Pein - Hidan - Kakuzu - Deidara - Sasori -Kisame - Itachi - Zetsu - Tobi It will...
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Two hearts fighting like one.  by braveshirbert
Two hearts fighting like one. by Anne Blythe. ♥
"We will make it out of here together." said Gilbert. "Do you promise?" "I promise."
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