Streaks | VKOOK FF  by StarlightNArmy
Streaks | VKOOK FF by StarlightNArmy
❝You lose this streak, you get punished. Deal?❞ Taehyung has a 'weird personality', Jungkook has a type, they both have snapchat. Cover by @sseoksual Completed: 22/2/18 ...
  • taehyung
  • bangtan
  • taekook
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RIVALRY [SWEET PEA] by cossmic
A tale of a continuous war between two opposing sides - The Northside, home to the Red Circle and The Southside, home to the Southside Serpents. But will the seams mend...
  • jordanconnor
  • southside
  • sweetpea
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fall | nathan chen by peachschnapple
fall | nathan chenby peachschnapple
"why'd you fall?" "I couldn't think straight." "you're at the olympics, what else could you have been thinking about?" "you."
  • olympics
  • figureskating
  • olympian
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Step Sister [ NBA youngboy] by fytbZiyah
Step Sister [ NBA youngboy]by fytbZiyah
RANK #30 IN FANFICTION " Shawty we ain't even blood " ©All rights Reserved to Fytbziyah © Don't copy 15 year old Kentrell is living life in the streets, messi...
  • nba
  • stepsister
  • kd
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박 지민 • Werewolf {✅} by little_jiminie95
박 지민 • Werewolf {✅}by little_jiminie95
" Never fall for a werewolf. " " They aren't real, eomma. " Started : 2/10/18 Ended : --- Highest in Fan-Fiction : #283 - 2/22/18 Translations : @P...
  • vampire
  • fanfic
  • werewolf
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★ Bunny. | Jjk&Kth ☆ by -irresistaeble
★ Bunny. | Jjk&Kth ☆by -irresistaeble
- "Jeon Jungkook? The most wanted mafia leader that ever lived?" "You found him." In which Taehyung gets kidnapped from his own gang into anothe...
  • yoongi
  • guyxguy
  • jimin
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thick || jjk  by taehyungnation
thick || jjk by taehyungnation
"I want to be able to grip on to thighs that have more meat." © taehyungnation 2018 ✔️ [Highest ranking: #238 in Fanfiction] 022318 - ongoing
  • btsjungkook
  • jungkook
  • kpopfanfic
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troublemaker || kth by taehyungnation
troublemaker || kthby taehyungnation
"detention with you? I wouldn't mind," he smirked. I furrowed my eyebrows, "boy, no." He was hot but I wasn't trying to do anything with him. I was a...
  • taehyung
  • fanfiction
  • school
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Orphaned Reader X RWBY by AgentKansas632
Orphaned Reader X RWBYby AgentKansas632
You were abandoned by your parents in the village of Menagerie and adopted by the Belladonna family after Kali found you after hearing your cries
  • rwby
  • belladonna
  • blake
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TEENAGE LOVE #ishqbaaz#  by diyaadhikary
TEENAGE LOVE #ishqbaaz# by diyaadhikary
A sweet teenage drama of shivika with no unnecessary marriage drama. Do give it a try if you are finding a cute romantic realistic story on shivika do give this book a t...
  • shivika
  • teenage
  • ff
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Medical Forth & Engineering Beam by jungjoonyoung5555
Medical Forth & Engineering Beamby jungjoonyoung5555
Someone said on one of the comment on my ADDICTED ff that they loved to see Medical Forth and Engineering Beam. Usually I didnt took any suggestion, because my weak brai...
  • bl
  • forth
  • beam
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Pyaar Ke Rishtey by Sparkler8
Pyaar Ke Rishteyby Sparkler8
A journey of two musical friends who turn out to be step sisters as they find love and family amidst multiple challenges Prequel to Tere Pyaar Mein:
  • swasan
  • movingonfromthepast
  • raglak
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Pregnant @ 16 by shivaayanika
Pregnant @ 16by shivaayanika
Pregnant at 16 will be the last thing that a girl will think at the age 16. Concept total different from ishqbaaz #988_ fan fiction (20 Feb 18) #917_ fan fiction (23 F...
  • teenage
  • pregnancy
  • 16
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Just Us  by Narhitya
Just Us by Narhitya
A fictional and completely imaginative story by a die hard adiza shipper ❤( I don't intend to offend anyone by my choice n description of characters)
  • aditi
  • adiza
  • avneil
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The Story Of Us by jassinski2505
The Story Of Usby jassinski2505
A requested Story of Zac and Zendaya during and after 'The Greatest Showman', this will go though their relationship on set and how it was developed. Once agin if their...
  • zac
  • hugh
  • happiness
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Hiding Jones by CaptRegina
Hiding Jonesby CaptRegina
When the Naval Officers Liam and Killian Jones arrive at the palace, they're introduced to the King. Before the King prepares to send them on a new mission, the young P...
  • youngregina
  • hookedqueen
  • killian
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perfect ➳ nathan chen by rileyshuckleberry
perfect ➳ nathan chenby rileyshuckleberry
"Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another." Mia Evans passion for figure skating went all crum...
  • ididntdoit
  • dreams
  • romance
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Unnoticed  by JerikaBitches
Unnoticed by JerikaBitches
Erika and Jake have gone to the same school for all of highschool but no one seems to notice her. (Literally) people bump into her in the halls and don't even say sorry...
  • erikacostell
  • fanfiction
  • jerika
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