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Crazyfun_funassured द्वारा FADED RELATION
FADED RELATION Crazy Fun द्वारा
When communication starts to fade, everything else follows!! Love story of Gulki Joshi and Yukti Kapoor. Do read to find out how both the duo will fall in love with each...
Simantha31 द्वारा Gourimanoharam (A Vmin Love Story)
Gourimanoharam (A Vmin Love Story)Army Army द्वारा
Ith avarude kadhayaan... Gouriyudeyum Manuvinteyum kadha.. Avarde aathmartham aaya pranayathinu thadassam nikkunna enthineyum tharanam cheyyan avar thayaraan... ....
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MyloveJIMIN836 द्वारा اردو کہاں گئی؟
اردو کہاں گئی؟박하니 द्वारा
so many languages are there but personally I could die for Urdu. the world knows the legendary poet of the Urdu language. maybe the world doesn't really know the meaning...
multixcraze द्वारा PREMYATRA - waves of love in rishikesh
PREMYATRA - waves of love in rishi...shivangi ✨ द्वारा
Get ready to be swept away by the enchanting tale of PREMYATRA - waves of love in rishikesh. 💌 Brace yourself for a captivating story where destiny weaves its magic and...
kookiehavetaetae द्वारा possessive
possessive nazneen द्वारा
ഇത് വന്ത് oru കഠിന story😜 oru seriya valiya കഥ 🫣😌 taekook story aane തകിടം marinja twist പ്രതീക്ഷിക്കരുത് 🫣😁 കൊഞ്ചം prtheekshikkm enna nokki nikkuvaa keri vaayikkedi
mallutae द्वारा ALENCHERY THAMPANS
🐰🐯 " എന്നിലെ പ്രണയം അഴക്കടലിനെക്കാൾ മനോഹരമാണ് "🫧
abhishna द्वारा avneil-thru all odds
avneil-thru all oddsJeni Gada द्वारा
a story of an junior doctor Avni with other friends and a senior department head doctor Neil, hope they finally become one
preeran_pranbir_love द्वारा Love Birds
Love Birds preeran_pranbir_love द्वारा
The story begins when karan and mahira haldi ceremony was there and mahira blame preeta for fake attempt of murder on her.
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taareyff द्वारा Taarey - Dance To Your Heart's Rhythm
Taarey - Dance To Your Heart's Rhy...taareyff द्वारा
In the pulsating world of dance and romance, where the rhythm of life is set to the beat of passion, we meet Rey and Taani. This is a tale that swirls and twirls through...
KabirsAngel द्वारा Disguised Love: The Hiding Hearts
Disguised Love: The Hiding HeartsKabir'sAngel द्वारा
Have you ever seen the vintage classic film "Chupke Chupke," in which Parimal Tripathi is disguised as a driver before her wife's brother-in-law? The famous ta...
Evegine123 द्वारा 𝐌𝐲 𝐄𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠...💗
𝐌𝐲 𝐄𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠...💗ꫀꪜꫀ द्वारा
Angana parayaan prethekichu onnumilla... 😌 Oru bts family story... athre ullu... 😇
pattathilsudheesh द्वारा 💗MR & MRS UNIQUE 💕
💗MR & MRS UNIQUE 💕😊BaNgTaN_kOoK😊 द्वारा
two police officers love story ❤️ she is bold he is strong she is kind he is protective.. they have many good and bad things. they are opposite.. But they both are sa...
the_hopful_romantic द्वारा His Soul 💕  Her Solace 💝
His Soul 💕 Her Solace 💝the_hopful_romantic द्वारा
In my fiction world Anuj Anupama belongs together...All worlds issue can be there but no issue in between them. They together can and will face all the challenges as the...
samanvitha0kapu द्वारा Tera Mera Kissa Atrangi - A Moran Fantale
Tera Mera Kissa Atrangi - A Moran...Samanvitha Kapu द्वारा
Jab do alag alag mentalities ke log do alag tarike se sochne wali families mei do alag jagaon mei paida hokar ek unpredictable circumstance mei milte hai.. tab bawaal cr...
ancient_diaries द्वारा ©Aaryanagar...
©Aaryanagar...Samyukta Sinha द्वारा
Copyright Declaration- Text copyright © ancient_diaries 2019 The moral right of the author has been asserted. All rights reserved. These stories are published subject to...
btsyoonminlove09 द्वारा with me
with me btslove💞 द्वारा
age gap love story aanu 3 friendsum avarude souhradam pranayam ellavanu ee story #Taekook #yoonmin
_lovelykookie_ द्वारा sun of my heart
sun of my heartkookie_😜😜 द्वारा
love❤❤❤❤ kisi ke liye zindagi ka ek khel to kisi ke liye puri zindagi...... love❤❤❤❤ kisi ko jine ki wazha deta hai to koi ise hi jinhe ki wazha bana leta hai.... lo...
regularfanfiction306 द्वारा Plan Of Universe Part 211to 220 ( Ise Phle Ke Part YouTube Regular Fanfiction )
Plan Of Universe Part 211to 220 (...regularfanfiction306 द्वारा
This story is based on show zidi dil mane na This story start from Anish entry use pehle Jo show mai hua as it meri story mai bhi hua but Anish ki entry ke baad mane e...
Rmjinykhobijmvjk द्वारा Top Secret
Top Secret purple heart 💜💜 द्वारा
...." I just hate myself because I couldn't stop loving you 💔......" Opposite attracts and similar repel ennanalloo...pakshe oru pole ulla rand per orumikka...
Aliferous_24 द्वारा ANUSEENA-The Love We Share(Anuseena Shorts)✓
ANUSEENA-The Love We Share(Anuseen...Apricity द्वारा
This book will contain random one-shot or two-shots or Short series on Anuseena. . . . Peep in to know more.