Elf Bites                  ❄  l.s. AU by simmerupt
Elf Bites ❄ l.s... by simmerup
"Deck the halls with balls of toenails, fa-la-la-la-la, I hate your beard." "I don't have a beard." "I know. It's pathetic." A jolly AU where Harry is an elf-in-traini...
like a boomerang | l.s. by youwilllt
like a boomerang | l.s. by youwilll
A Larry Stylinson AU in which Harry gets trapped in a lift, Louis gets stuck in a Wednesday, and it's always February 2nd. Until it isn't.
Of Slytherin Pride & Gryffindor Prejudice by Thoronrist
Of Slytherin Pride & Gryffindor Pr... by Thoronris
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single boy of Slytherin must not be in love with a girl of Gryffindor. So what does one Blaise Zabini do when he falls madl...
Budapest » [Clintasha] by professional_dreamert
Budapest » [Clintasha] by professional_dreamer
~ W A T T P A D F E A T U R E D ~ A Natasha Romanoff & Clint Barton origin story. ❝My name is Natalia Alianovna Romanova and I work for the KGB. But my life is some...
Hello Again (a Tom Hiddleston fanfic) by circa1927t
Hello Again (a Tom Hiddleston fanf... by circa1927
Two people meet under the conditions of a one night stand. The only thing they didn't realize, was that their lives would be intertwined, their relationship changed by f...
Body Rock | Justin Bieber by doeneseyat
Body Rock | Justin Bieber by doeneseya
Body Rock is a six book, Justin Bieber, fan fiction on Wattpad, but in the series, he plays more of a secondary character. Body Rock is about a Chicago-born dancer nam...
The Starlit Sky by ineldamart
The Starlit Sky by ineldamar
Elrond's account of his childhood with the Fëanorians. Featured story.
[Sterek] Cupboard Love (boyxboy) by mklutzt
[Sterek] Cupboard Love (boyxboy) by mklutz
He’s carefully balancing the sandwiches and the two biggest tupperware containers he could find that both had functioning lids when the front door opens and he almost dr...
STAR WARS: HERALD OF FURY by starwarsanvt
STAR WARS: HERALD OF FURY by starwarsanv
Anakin and Owen are the proud heirs of Skywalker Enterprises, the leading corporation on planet Rodia. When traitors attack their family's corporation, the Skywalkers fi...
Heat by MadameTangot
Heat by MadameTango
Not every part of the world celebrates a cold Christmas - in the southern hemisphere things are hot and steamy. And this Christmas they could end up being hotter and mo...
Weasley Boys // Fin by Plintht
Weasley Boys // Fin by Plinth
{listed on Wattpad's Official Fanfic profile} {Undergoing editing} The Weasley twins; a comedic duo with dreams of opening up a joke shop. Lana Finchley know this. She...
overdrive • bellamy blake by dxltast
overdrive • bellamy blake by dxltas
❝give me faith and i won't leave❞ We were born in space. We were expendables, none of us really mattered; not to anyone anymore. Our home wasn't home, it was a ship of...
Coming Home (A Klaus Mikaelson Story) by Jennifer_Birdt
Coming Home (A Klaus Mikaelson Sto... by Jennifer_Bird
When Jennifer Fell gets the worst news of her life, she is faced with a decision. Can she stay in Mystic Falls and take over her father's position on the Town Council, o...
Chrissy Teigen's Culinary School for Wayward Models (Cravings fic) by kfxinfinityt
Chrissy Teigen's Culinary School f... by kfxinfinity
Chrissy Teigen successfully transitioned from world-famous model to world-renown chef and cookbook author. Other models are not always so lucky. When their modeling care...
Confessions of a Gay Disney Prince ♛ l.s. by JeddieJayt
Confessions of a Gay Disney Prince... by JeddieJay
[COMPLETE] "You're way off here, darling, because there is no gay in dis-nay, nor will there ever be. You're not a damsel. You're just in distress but I won't be saving...
He Dreams Of Flying by MysticMonarcht
He Dreams Of Flying by MysticMonarch
Castiel is a boy trying to make it on his own, a boy no different from the rest. Except, of course, for the pair of ocean blue wings he's hiding underneath baggy T-shirt...
Recompense [Fólkvangr End, Book 1] [Loki Fanfiction] by kearabeet
Recompense [Fólkvangr End, Book 1]... by kearabee
A Loki Fanfiction A looming darkness has gathered, and the storm is headed for Asgard. Thor needs help, and more than that, he needs the shamed girl. The shamed girl, an...
Guns, Games, and Mutual Appreciation ~ A BBC Sherlock Fanfiction {Book I} by Shememmyt
Guns, Games, and Mutual Appreciati... by Shememmy
"My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people do not know." ~Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle. Sherlock Holmes is a man o...