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Broken Strings (Wynter Wild #9) by SaraCreasy
Broken Strings (Wynter Wild #9)by Sara Creasy
#1 in #familysaga (Mar 2020) Wynter and her brothers have a challenging time ahead, and hopefully a rewarding one. Their music careers move to the next level and they'l...
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Minor Key (Wynter Wild #8) by SaraCreasy
Minor Key (Wynter Wild #8)by Sara Creasy
#1 in #familysaga (Feb 2020) Three years ago, Xay Morant left Wynter to face the nightmare alone. She's been searching for him ever since--and now he's found her first...
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Duet (Wynter Wild #7) by SaraCreasy
Duet (Wynter Wild #7)by Sara Creasy
#1 in #teenissues (Feb 2020) Jesse and Wynter set out on an adventure-filled road trip to San Francisco, to rescue Indio from drugs and despair. Back home, Caleb resolv...
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Gingerbread Bride by JudeKnight
Gingerbread Brideby Jude Knight
This novella is the first story in my series The Golden Redepennings. Lieutenant Rick Redepenning has been saving his admiral's intrepid daughter from danger since their...
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City of No Return by nolostcause
City of No Returnby jenna fernandez
Tasha Evans can't remember how she became a slave, or whether she committed the crime that threatens to cost her life. In order to survive her fate and protect her young...
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The Tortured Wind (The Galactic Pantheon #1) - EXTRACT ONLY by alycecaswell
The Tortured Wind (The Galactic Alyce Caswell
Sandsa, god of the deserts, abandons his duties to be with Callista, a mortal woman. But soon they discover that following your dreams - and your heart - has consequence...
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MAELSTROM: A Saga of Ancient Greece by RichardJoyce8
MAELSTROM: A Saga of Ancient Greeceby Richard Joyce
Less than a half century after their epic triumph over the Persian Empire, the Greek city-states find themselves careening toward open warfare with one another, threaten...
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The Sun Is Often Out by kukamukies
The Sun Is Often Outby M Lees
A family saga spanning seventy years and three continents - from 19th century colonial Australia to the Bloomsbury set in London, to tumultuous Hong Kong before WWII. Ac...
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Patterns of Our Lives - Chapters 1 to 5 by ceeceefrance
Patterns of Our Lives - Chapters Celia
Imagine one of those photograph albums full of little, square black and white prints. You can see pictures of people from your past posing for the camera. Do you know wh...
Christobel by JohnNeedham4
Christobelby John Needham
Chris is a male nurse who's perhaps a bit too compassionate for his own good, living and working in Germany in 2015. One day he faces a huge moral decision. The choice h...
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James: The Rollins Pack, Chapter 1: The Move by alexisdonkin
James: The Rollins Pack, Chapter alexisdonkin
After the bubble burst on his father's business, James and his alpha family find themselves in an old farmhouse in Vermont, fantasizing about the life they left behind i...
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Gods On Earth-When the Gods Came to Earth by JoshuaTetteh7
Gods On Earth-When the Gods Came Jared Grace
One day the gods got tired of observing the actions of humans from heaven. So they decided to descend to earth and live amongst them. The gods were never perfect. In fac...
Cry of the Peacock by VRChristensen
Cry of the Peacockby V.R. Christensen
An illustrious marriage, a fortune, a position of wealth and influence. These are the dreams and ambitions of any Victorian woman of sense. Or are they? Perhaps not for...
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The Closely Watched Heart by DavannaC
The Closely Watched Heartby Davanna Cimino
There are some quirky folks in Epiphany Springs, Florida. Relating all the goings on is a narrator who is a bit unreliable because he is dead. That's how he knows everyt...
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Hannah's Rainbow: Every Color Beautiful by CyndiHilston
Hannah's Rainbow: Every Color Cyndi Hilston
Hannah Rechthart is devoted to her family, but learns at an early age that family dynamics are complicated. Jealousy over losing Amy, her confidant and oldest sister, to...
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OZARK by ConanHighwoods
OZARKby Conan Highwoods
In 1989 a group of scientist make a large island called Ozark to see a new civilization form from scratch. A year later Ozark opens for pretecipents. join the Isoshima(E...
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A Wedding at Meadows Shore by EvaCharles7
A Wedding at Meadows Shoreby Eva Charles
Prepare to fall in love with the Claytons and Harringtons, a wealthy and powerful New England family with a rich Portuguese heritage. Visit their beloved Meadows Shore n...
Miller's Secret by tesswrites
Miller's Secretby Tess Thompson
While the rest of the world reels from World War II, Miller Dreeser remains focused on his obsession born of ambition, and sweet Caroline Bennett, whose heart is as big...
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Checkmate - Book One by nishantkumar490
Checkmate - Book Oneby Nishant Kumar
The Frank family is one of the most influential and powerful families in the world. But their seemingly perfect world comes crashing down, as their darkest passions, des...
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Till There Was You by marieforce
Till There Was Youby Marie Force
Being an adult has its advantages... Lucas Abbott and his identical twin grew up sharing everything-including a reputation for funny, idiotic behavior. But now that Luca...