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YAKANAH....!!? by Mai_Dambu
YAKANAH....!!?by Ramlat A Manga
YAKANA!!! Ya kunshi hakuri, kawaici, sadaukarwa! Duk wanda ya Sami wannan yanayin a rayuwar shi, dole ya zubda hawayen Soyayya....
Gingerbread Bride by JudeKnight
Gingerbread Brideby Jude Knight
This novella is the first story in my series The Golden Redepennings. Lieutenant Rick Redepenning has been saving his admiral's intrepid daughter from danger since their...
On The Other Side by Spitfiregal
On The Other Sideby Erica Stephens
Immigrating from Scotland, her husband passing away suddenly on their crossing to America, a pregnant Claire Birrell and her daughter Aggie try to carve out a life for t...
The Truth About Life by Spitfiregal
The Truth About Lifeby Erica Stephens
Chase and Audrey's lives are turned upside down by their parents' divorce. Chase turns to drugs, Audrey feels like there's no one to turn to, until a new boy moves in ne...
Minor Key (Wynter Wild #8) by SaraCreasy
Minor Key (Wynter Wild #8)by Sara Creasy
*1 in familysaga (Feb 2020) Three years ago, Xay Morant left Wynter to face the nightmare alone. She's been searching for him ever since--and now he's found her first. ...
RANAR WANKA by Ummusubaya
RANAR WANKAby Suwaibatul Aslameeyat
family Saga and romantic
Coming Home: Sequel to The Truth About Life by Spitfiregal
Coming Home: Sequel to The Truth Erica Stephens
The continuing story to The Truth About Life..... Chase, landing in Quincy, California, discovers a love for horses on the Lovendaal Ranch. Can the ranchers daughter, Mi...
Behind Closed Doors  by KingsleyAdrianBanks
Behind Closed Doors by Kingsley Adrian Banks
What would you do if you were a homosexual in a country where being gay is severely frowned upon and considered a taboo? What is the ultimate price to pay if you were di...
Locking the Cage from the Inside by KhurmanAarish
Locking the Cage from the Insideby Khurman Aaarish
Story of a girl who wanted to be trusted by an important person in her life. Story of her emotional struggle and how she forgot how to trust because she was not trusted...
The Tortured Wind (The Galactic Pantheon #1) - EXTRACT ONLY by alycecaswell
The Tortured Wind (The Galactic Alyce Caswell
Sandsa, god of the deserts, abandons his duties to be with Callista, a mortal woman. But soon they discover that following your dreams - and your heart - has consequence...
Tainted Love (Paused Until Sins Lust A Vampire is finished) by ArielNoel18
Tainted Love (Paused Until Sins Ariel Noel
Love is like a psychopath's mind, it makes people hurt you without a reason behind it. Love get mood swings now and then, you even wanna kill anyone that tries to take a...
Your Man by siaknicathy
Your Manby Cathy Cruz
"Ited ko amin nga kabaelak kanyam ta kayat ko naragsak ka."
MAELSTROM: A Saga of Ancient Greece by RichardJoyce8
MAELSTROM: A Saga of Ancient Greeceby Richard Joyce
Less than a half century after their epic triumph over the Persian Empire, the Greek city-states find themselves careening toward open warfare with one another, threaten...
Order of Battle by Shadow2Serenity
Order of Battleby Shadow2Serenity
From the Hudson Valley to the depths of the Pacific Ocean, a working family - amongst them a submarine officer, a locomotive fireman, and a civil defender with an unusua...
Cursed Love by RkingWrites
Cursed Loveby Rachel King
Torn between duty and love, Nadir is set to marry Serilda Ryn. Cate is trying to figure out how to live without her one true love. A group of lifelong friends, struggle...
"Someday this will be in a Museum" 1st Chapter by alexiswriting
"Someday this will be in a Museum" Alex
It has been over a year since her family’s heartbreaking move from their beachfront hometown, and 11-year-old Melody McDougal is still struggling to make sense of the ab...
The 28 Mansions of the Moon by motaz-matar
The 28 Mansions of the Moonby Motaz Matar
Self-published author of two novels "28 Mansions of the Moon" and "Tunnel Twelve". MFA and MA holder. Educator. Working on my third Novel #Pigeonwhis...
Alaska (State Family, #1) by TiffanyRansier
Alaska (State Family, #1)by Tiffany Ransier
Alaska It's been five years since I left home. Five years of living alone, until my twin sister convinces me to move in with her. I know she's worried like the rest of m...
Workhouse Waif by LizKeysian1
Workhouse Waifby Elizabeth Keysian
Only courage and spirit can help Bella survive life in a Victorian workhouse. Fleeing the abuse that she suffered there, the beautiful outcast hopes her new life in a fa...
The Sun Is Often Out by kukamukies
The Sun Is Often Outby M Lees
A family saga spanning seventy years and three continents - from 19th century colonial Australia to the Bloomsbury set in London, to tumultuous Hong Kong before WWII. Ac...