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My husband, My bully (Complete√) by snowflake-in-summer
My husband, My bully (Complete√)by Rabee Luqman
Anisa Malik. The famous confident hijabi in class 11-A. She's headstrong and beautiful but could be a short tempered kid when provoked. She's got her hands full and the...
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Thirsty by KamronWooten
Thirstyby Kamron Wooten
Cordelia Wright Is a 19 year old college freshman. she moved in with her daddy to make a better start. She Hears So many stories about Baldwin university Located in Rich...
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Family Affair  by TashaMacc4
Family Affair by Return of the Mac
Check For all Signs Even When There are none
The Accidental Mishap by llLeelall
The Accidental Mishapby Leela
How did one accidental mishap turn around the lives of two people?
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MOTHERS PRIDE by JoyceUhunmwangho1
Who has ever seen a prowress teen that can risk her life for her family? I don't think I have seen any other than Miss Noredia Osayande. An excerpt "Daddy who is go...
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Need love in the game by JiyaKaee
Need love in the gameby Jiya Kaee
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Past The Past by AestheticChibbiChan
Past The Pastby C-h-i-b-b-i
A gifted young mind reading teenage girl was settled into one of Washington's most cherished school by the secret services. Her mission is to find the most wanted hacke...
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All In The Family by an_archy3
All In The Familyby an_archy3
Sloane Correia spent the majority of her life in the background of her wealthy, dysfunctional family. The divorce of her parents, being in the limelight, and her stepmot...
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Be Original by uniquelyloved23
Be Originalby uniquelyloved23
Ashley Pickett is a small town country girl with hopes and dreams. She has many down falls though. Her mother is sick and may be dying. Ashley grew up rough but her olde...
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Twisted Tribute Story by Twisted_Tribute
Twisted Tribute Storyby Twisted_Tribute
The beginning to my story of a man trying to hunt down his brother for killing his father. There is a war that the two brothers start and this war will end this feud wit...
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SHALLOW | YUSOL ✔by summer daze₊˚.༄
hansol and yuta have loved much too carelessly, and left each other with scars only they can fix; GANGLIFE!AU ©FAIRYLUST 2018
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Roses by RGwenella
Rosesby Strawberriella Anderson
"Every rose has its thorn." You may think of me as the princess of Rose Village, but no. At first things seemed to be perfect, but things changed when Clark ca...
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Sweet Sacrifice (BWWM) by ThatUrbanGirl1
Sweet Sacrifice (BWWM)by 🌫️
Raven N'yonga is born in the bittersweet town of Louisville,KY and although she's been through the ropes when dealing with life and everyone she is surrounded with. What...
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Dear Family,  by TaehyungsPinkBeanie3
Dear Family, by Taehyung's Pink Beanie
Just a small poem I wrote on my spare time Credits the owners of the picture
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Everything Falls Apart by ThatAOTSoulEaterFan
Everything Falls Apartby Brick x Fiona
A boy named Andy and his little sister suffer bad memories from their parents suppose affair and are just scarred by their ruined childhood. Andy tries to keep his siste...
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Salty kisses by hlali_dee
Salty kissesby hlali_dee
Esparenza White is an irresponsible person working as a maid at the royal castle. The Prince (Aaron) is then in need of her help to pretend she is his wife while the ki...
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CRUSH by halenmay
CRUSHby May John
Emma Emma is a normal senior teen at high school. She is not girly much . Emma loves riding bike and rainy days .Obviously ,Emm is crushing on a guy who has been clas...
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Seductively Driven by KrayZee_Kreationz
Seductively Drivenby KrayZee_Kreationz
To have a normal being, attracted to ones soul, is dandy enough. But to be captivated in lust by a wooing colt, is unnormal yet satisfyingly refreshing.
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The undead by hlali_dee
The undeadby hlali_dee
Crystal Thompson is the rebellious girl from high school and college right after. She just graduated from her dreadful college while dating her boyfriend Marcus Stones...
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