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SonAmy: Can I love again ? by BibleBubba20
SonAmy: Can I love again ?by Austin Tucker
Sonic is hearbroken about his past after finding out Sally was cheating on him.He runs away and meets Amy.He tries to run from his true feelings for her but ends up hurt...
★᭄ꦿ᭄ꦿ Eмoтιoɴʟᴇss ᴅoʟʟ ★᭄ꦿ᭄ꦿ ⫷ YA҉N҉D҉E҈R҉E҈ HA҉I҉K҉Y҉U҉U҉ X҉ ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀX҉ TBHK ⫸ by elvestoneanzelote1
★᭄ꦿ᭄ꦿ Eмoтιoɴʟᴇss ᴅoʟʟ ★᭄ꦿ᭄ꦿ ⫷ YA҉...by elvestoneanzelote1
"Her eyes shine more then anyone" [no more]. "she is Prodigy" [a monster] "she smile the brightest" [seems fake]. "She have to be mine...
The Two Sided Story [Completed] by izzywizzy1001
The Two Sided Story [Completed]by izzywizzy1001
Dream was the god of the server you could say, he created peace he hated it when people wanted to cause wars or fight... he wanted it to be peaceful but yet he is the on...
Invisible by BibleBubba20
Invisibleby Austin Tucker
Sonic is infatuated with Sally Acorn, the most popular, down to earth girl at school. His best friend, Amy, on the other hand is madly in love with Sonic, but he is comp...
Is this really Nisekoi? (RakuXChitoge) by ryoutas
Is this really Nisekoi? (RakuXChit...by Kise is my everything ♡
Raku has liked Onodera since Middle School, and the feelings are mutual. Raku has been : 'fake dating' Chitoge for a year, and all of a sudden, he starts to feel...nervo...
Nisekoi: Raku x Chitoge [One Shots] by Hazel_KYJ
Nisekoi: Raku x Chitoge [One Shots]by Zel_25
Since Nisekoi is upclose to it's end..I'll make some one shot moments of our beloved Couple Raku and Chitoge.. A/N: I do not own any of the characters, just making some...
SonAmy or ShadAmy: I'll fight for you by BibleBubba20
SonAmy or ShadAmy: I'll fight for...by Austin Tucker
Sonic and Amy were secretly dating. Then one day Sonic left to rid the world of evil so that he and Amy could have a future together, only to come back to see his girl w...
Chitoge x Raku by ayakaji
Chitoge x Rakuby a person
Chitoge Kirisaki always hated Raku Ichijou. Always called him "Bean Spout" and stuff like that. Then one day, her feelings started to change for Raku. Is she i...
In Love With the Enemies by catsRULEdogsDROOL
In Love With the Enemiesby Tempo
The only life under thinking, confused Maroon remembers, is her life with Viva. Maroon's life takes a dramatic turn when she wakes up to discover her vampire true love...
The Last Son Of Choas by daughterofchaos24
The Last Son Of Choasby Skye Jackson
What if chaos had a living son that nobody knew about. What if this child was a son of Posiedon. What if this son of Posiedon was abused to no end and was living on his...
We Don't Need Forever (Chitoge x Raku) by UtsukishiOjou-sama
We Don't Need Forever (Chitoge x R...by Bishōjo sakka
I don't believe in forever... You don't need it anyway. Why love someone for only as short as forever... When you could love them, Always?
SonAmy vs ShadAmy: Rescued or Kidnapped by BibleBubba20
SonAmy vs ShadAmy: Rescued or Kidn...by Austin Tucker
While being held hostage by Doctor Eggman, Amy is rescued-or kidnapped to Amy-by Shadow. What drew Shadow to taking her is the strange power that Eggman forced upon Amy...
hopeless romantic by beauteousalien
hopeless romanticby Jade
"I used to like losing myself in things, until I got lost in you and never came back home"
Paralysed | Chitoge X Raku fanfic  by superiorwomen
Paralysed | Chitoge X Raku fanfic by -PEACE-
Chitoge being the normal girl she is, comes to her surprise as she encounters a fateful accident. How will she live the life she desires? Is someone out to get her? Will...
Fake Love: True Feelings Unlocked by Hazel_KYJ
Fake Love: True Feelings Unlockedby Zel_25
Does the forgotten story of the past remain unknown? Can a false love story change upon knowing the past or can there be more to discover? A Story of a guy struggles on...
The Perfect Family by Xxstars_moonxX
The Perfect Familyby m a e g a n
((COMPLETED)) (Sequel to The Perfect Daughter) Two very long years of hiding and living under strict rules, Summer is finally allowed to live freely. And so are...
SonAmy or ShadAmy: All is fair in Love and War. by BibleBubba20
SonAmy or ShadAmy: All is fair in...by Austin Tucker
This story is the written version, prequel, and continuation of cardonanavas comic Shadamy deal ark.
Enchanted~ A Winterwatcher Fanfic by butterfly_skyrose78
Enchanted~ A Winterwatcher Fanficby me, myself, and i-
Moonwatcher and Winter are living happily together in Sanctuary, the town that Winter helped Riptide build and populate with his scavenger sanctuary. One day, Qibli make...
Straitjacket by themoons_trashbin
Straitjacketby Danie
A Short Story About A Man Put In A Mental Institution By His Boyfriend
Humans x Mobians ??????? by BibleBubba20
Humans x Mobians ???????by Austin Tucker
What do you think ? Ship it or what ?