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Green Knight of Kuoh (Izuku x Highschool DxD) by GamerGG7267
Green Knight of Kuoh (Izuku x High...by GamerGG7267
Everything Izuku Midoriya loved had been taken from him. His friends were dead, his school was destroyed. But suddenly a portal opens in front of Midoriya leading to a n...
A new Start (Highschool Dxd x Naruto ( Itachi Uchiha ) by legeeee
A new Start (Highschool Dxd x Naru...by LegeNDDD
What if ... after he died for his brother and the village . Itachi Uchiha would be reincarnated in Highschool DxD ?
The Avenger by Izuna_Lucifer
The Avengerby Devilish_Izuna
Trust and Betrayal, Such a frivolous thing. What happens when certain events are set in motion that will ultimately decide the fate of the world. Will hatred be it's dow...
High School dxd | Infinite Blade Dragon God | fanfic by JeyaRTi
High School dxd | Infinite Blade D...by J@K€r.JeyaRTi.Genn
Luke Smith is a 27 years police his rank is lieutenant, he achieved many medals about saving a child inside the burning truck, tracking some drug users, arresting some t...
The Last King of Curses by Hs_JoKerPT
The Last King of Cursesby CoochieMan
Y/n L/n was a Rook of Rias Gremory for a long time but after a while, he is called to the ORC where Rias and her peerage are with Sirzechs and Serafall, after being told...
Highschool DXD The Lightning Dragon God(Male Reader)  by PrimordialSensei
Highschool DXD The Lightning Drago...by Rodaani Stone
What if after Issie got turned into a devil, a new Dragon God came to Kuoh seeking entertainment. A Lightning Dragon God second only to Great Red himself and stronger th...
Highschool DxD: The Reincarnated Heir To The Devil King by StarWaver
Highschool DxD: The Reincarnated H...by Seven Hearts of Light
Eugene Kaizenix, Heir to the 73rd Pillar Kaizenix and fiance of Rias Gremory. At his young age he can't control his demonic powers for how powerful it is to recoil and b...
The Guardians of Humanity  by GuardianLugia8
The Guardians of Humanity by GuardianLugia8
Humans. The ones known as the weakest race in the world. They worshipped beings stronger than themselves and depended on them for strength and protection. As such, they...
Male Chainsaw Man Reader x Highschool DXD by GoldExperienceAct2
Male Chainsaw Man Reader x Highsch...by Twisting Waifu
Y/n L/n is a guy living in poverty, who barely managed to get into Kuoh Academy. Sadly, he dies.
(On Hold) Timeless (Highschool dxd x male reader) by RedEyedDemonPrincess
(On Hold) Timeless (Highschool dxd...by DemonPrincess
The factions are trying to catch a dangerous individual But what happens when this individual is right under there noses High class want his power Strays fear him Falle...
Deals with the Fallen: Alastor x fallen fem!Angel!reader by 221b_blogger101
Deals with the Fallen: Alastor x f...by Anna Watson
Being a fallen angel has its perks especially in hell. It gets better with connections to the royal family. No, not as an overlord, but as the personal bodyguard to the...
DxD The innocent gamer by JamesHall137
DxD The innocent gamerby James Hall
ok so you know the drill a kid dies but a god takes pity on our cinnamon roll and puts him in to another world but with more abilities. This is a remake of my be DxD x s...
The Devourer (A Highschool DxD Fanfic) by Ast0ne
The Devourer (A Highschool DxD Fan...by Ast0ne
With the impossible size of the universe, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that there is life beyond just humans out there. Countless things have lived and died y...
The sitri's gaming lion by JamesHall137
The sitri's gaming lionby James Hall
What if issei didn't exist what if the boosted gear went to someone else someone who had already a sacred gear what if it went to a lion yokai this yokai was only half h...
The Fallen Dragon King. by ZBX6779
The Fallen Dragon King.by ZX
Issei has been suffering for 19 years straight until he snaps. From weakest to badass. this is my first fanfic and you guys already know what the characters look like.
The Unmatched Wolf Gamer (High School DxD x OC Gamer) by DarkNarukami112
The Unmatched Wolf Gamer (High Sch...by Dark Narukami
Ash was letting his mom kill the campers that came to their lake. A few minutes after Ash's mom went out... one of the campers came in and shoved Ash into the lake letti...
My Falling Wife by dianalovesdiane
My Falling Wifeby Diana Ara Ybalez
Gabriel is a combination of sexy, handsome and rich but a total womanizer. He's never been into relationship before and would never want one. He is the kind of guy "...
Broken Promises || Tommyinnit by mxmxkxwx
Broken Promises || Tommyinnitby -⋆✯ mimii ✯⋆-
*** In an Alternate Universe to the Dream SMP, with demons, angels, and mystical creatures. *** Tommy was a child. But his mental age was far from it. His entire life...
[REWRITING] The Strongest Human - High School Dxd x One Punch Man Reader by Cosmic_Entity
[REWRITING] The Strongest Human...by ◇ - Error - ◇
I High School Dxd x One Punch Man Reader I Your name is (Y/N) (L/N), you're 19 years old and the strongest human in the world. When you were 16 years old, you saved a ki...
[ON HOLD] Betrayed OP MaleReader! X Highschool Dxd by Royal-Gil
[ON HOLD] Betrayed OP MaleReader...by Caster-Gil
Y/N betrayed by Rias and her peerage but how will they react if they find out that the presumed to be dead Y/N is alive and stronger than before planning for his revenge...