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Endarken by smartdog142
Endarkenby Red
THERE IS PEACE, THERE IS WAR. ~~~~~~~ Our peace is Edom. We thrive under the protection of our empire, thrive with knowing that we are safe. Our war is the Me...
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Seeviz (En Pausa)  by Vivir-al101
Seeviz (En Pausa) by Vivir-al101
La vida de los 495.369 habitantes de la ciudad de Eih está bajo el dominio silente de un artefacto, El seeviz. Un objeto sabio que juzga lo bueno, lo malo y sentencia a...
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Azure Thoughts by Ristin_Yalc
Azure Thoughtsby Shawty
Once upon a clock, God tried to collect her thoughts In His own palms But never did He expect That those untold soliloquies would Create the enchanting azure s...
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The Soul Conflict by GobyKing
The Soul Conflictby GobyKing
It was supposed to be a relatively simple occasion. Nathan was to be a college graduate and the he would have headed out into the world to look for a job like anyone els...
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A Poetic Licence by blueinsummer
A Poetic Licenceby summer
▷happy◁ ◁sad▷ ▷angry◁ ◁empty▷ Goals: 10 reads: ✓ 50 reads: ✓ 100 reads: ✓ 200 reads: ✓ 500 reads: ✓ 750 reads: ✓ 1k reads: ✓ 10 votes: ✓ 50 votes: ✓ 100 votes: ✓ 200 vo...
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